Day 246, who is that old guy?

Depending on how old you are, this blog may or may not make sense to you. It makes sense to me (good thing, huh?). When I was younger, I would be “carded”, asked my age when I went to bars or clubs. As I have gotten older, the being carded has happened less. And that makes sense. I look at people in their early twenties and I really have trouble judging their age. Maybe if I worked in a liquor store, I would have  a better sense of someones age. Sometimes I will be in line behind other patrons (in the liquor store) and wonder how they could possibly be old enough to purchase beer.  There are times you will get carded no matter how old you are. Lots of sports venues will ask to see your driver’s license, no matter what.

Yesterday I went to the Windmill in Belmar. The Windmill is locally well know for their hotdogs. I get emails from them now and then with a buy one, get one offer. They also have coupons each week in the Wednesday paper.  The Windmill that I frequent (maybe three times a month) is about 15 minutes from my job.  Same job for nine + years. Math time (12 months x 9 years x 3 times a month= too many hotdogs).  Anyway, I went in yesterday with my coupon and gave it to the women cashier. She is either older than me or she had a really rough paper route growing up. She looked at the coupon and then at me and back at the coupon and asked me if I was a senior citizen since Wednesday is half price for seniors day. Umm, I’m fifty years old I told her. I doubt that makes me an eligible for the senior discount.

She got really quiet and just finished up my order without much more chatter. Maybe I looked really old yesterday. I did not feel any older. It might be time to ask Alice about darkening my hair. Alice is the lady that has cut my hair for the last 15 years.  The episode really did not bother me, I think the lady behind the counter was bothered more than me.  I just rolled my eyes and enjoyed my hot dogs.

Work, work and work.  The company made money on me today. I was able to sneak out for lunch but other than that I was zoom, zoom and zoom. My DW had a steady day.  DS1 is off for the next two days. He went to visit his (she is not my girlfriend) friend from college. I expect him home sometime Saturday. The Scranton boys have been quiet today. DS2 should he heading home tomorrow. I hope he brings me a couple of dogs from Coney Island Lunch. Dude, this is more than a hint. I will pay you back.

Tonight’s picture is from May 2011. DS3 had received his ROTC awards. This is “us” after the awards ceremony.  Enjoy!


DW, DS3, Lime Guy ROTC Award May 2011


Old man river rounding the post 76 bend..

I was thinking of using the 76 trombones theme for tonight. From our dear friends at Wikipedia (the website that made encyclopedias obsolete) comes this about 76 trombones…

“Seventy-six Trombones is the signature song from the musical play The Music Man (1957), which was written by Meredith Willson. This song also appeared in the film The Music Man (1962), and in the made-for-TV movie adaptation in 2003. It is also a piece commonly played by marching and military bands.”  I spent some time in the band during my middle and high school years. I played trumpet. We sat in front of those trombones.  I never went as far as DS2 has gone on his trumpet. Some of the stuff that he plays just astounds me.

Tonight’s sound track for blogging is courtesy of Roomie.  Roomie is our Roomba floor cleaning robot. My DW got him for our anniversary last year.  Ok, enough of the wise cracks about getting your wife a vacuum cleaner for your anniversary. Roomie does a good job. He is pretty simple to operate. You need to empty the dirt and stuff he vacuums up  and then push the start button and off he goes. He runs for about 45 minutes. Up and down, here and there. They say that there is a program and a memory so it knows where it cleaned last.  Most times that he gets to run is in the morning. You push the button and head out the door and Roomie cleans while you are gone. Occasionally, he will get tangled in some wires and can not get untangled. Usually the programming allows it to escape the tangles. He has been referenced to as DS4. Just kidding..

Tonight was yoga night with my DW. Monday night lacrosse is on hiatus for a few (hopefully only a few) weeks. It is fun to get out and stretch.  DS2 had a full day of classes today. His scheduling issues from last week are resolved. DS3 had 6:30 am ROTC PT this morning followed by math. It is a good thing that he is a morning person. DS1, not really sure. He sent me a word in word feud yesterday. This is a good thing. He said we could sleep on the pull out couch in his house when we come out to visit in mid October. We have to see about that. 

My DW has a speaking gig every so many weeks at a the local health club. The health club is owned by the hospital system where she works. She speaks on coael rectal cancer. They people who attend get to learn about screening and treatments. When they are done they get some test kit thing for free. Usually the group is made up of locals. Today’s harvest moon edition had three attendees. One from our town, one from Brick (30 miles north) and one from Red Bank (50 miles north).  I’m guessing that the word about her speaking prowess has spread from our county into the next!   I hope that I got the details about wheat she teaches correct. If not, there will be a correction in tomorrow’s edition.

Picture time at the OK corral. Tonight’s picture is of DS3 eating a texas wiener from Coney Island Lunch in Scranton, PA.  The picture was taken on August 27, move in day. Mere hours before Hurricane Irene came to town.  If you go to Scranton, make sure you get a dog!  Here is the link to the Real Coney Island Lunch, accept no imitations (closed on Sundays).  Enjoy..

Damm good dogs!