Not 24 anymore..

My age, not the show. But then, neither is anymore!  Both have been relegated to memories and DVD’s.  Yesterday we got a letter from the Code Enforcement Officer in town. That’s a first for us. We have lived in the same house since 1987. We were formally given notice of a “violation” on our property. The part of the form letter that was highlighted was dead and dying tress and dead branches.  Hmm, maybe they got the address wrong. Our neighbor across the street and up two houses had a tree come down during Sandy in their front yard. Nothing has been done with that in the last month.

I called the office Friday afternoon to try to find out what the problem is. You can easily guess that there was no answer and the message left was not returned.  The letter mentions a 10 day window to resolve the problem from the date the letter is received.  Or, you can/will be required to go to court. Fun, fun. Some tin hat dictator has my life in his vise.  I went out Saturday morning to walk the property so see if I could figure out what “might” be the problem.

During Sandy the top of a pine tree (not my pine tree) fell into my back yard along the property line landing on my neighbors old fence damaging it.  How would the code office know about that? You can not see that part of my backyard from the street.  Unless, the neighbor called the town.  Who knows, I will hopefully find out on Monday.  Since there was a mess in the back, I rented a chainsaw and cut up and cleaned up the fallen tree top. I also removed another tree that fell in their yard and put the fence back together. I spoke with the 80-year-old women that lives in the house. She made no mention of calling the town.  She thanked me for cutting up the trees and fixing her fence.

My back and shoulders are sore from running a chainsaw for a few hours and dragging the branches and trees out of the woods behind the house.  DS1 showed up for the last hour of work. It was nice to have someone hold the trees while I was cutting them up.

Other than that, the only other excitement (besides driving around town today and almost getting hit walking in a cross walk) was making a Forrest Gump meal for dinner. We had shrimp cooked five different ways. The shrimp scampi and the beer battered shrimp were the top choices.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today.  Enjoy!