Merry Christmas..

If you celebrate, that is. If not, I hope you enjoy this holiday time of year.  Today is December 25, 2012. Today Jimmy Buffett turned 66 years old.  I wonder what he got for his birthday?  What do you get for someone who can purchase anything for themselves?  

But first, we will briefly discuss Sunday and Monday.

Sunday was the usual chores for us. We went to the fish market for clams and crabmeat.  Since Sunday was Christmas Eve – Eve, the fish market was slammed busy. My buddy owns the business and he was in the parking lot directing traffic. That is a first. We also went to the Shop Rite to do our weekly food shopping. The cost of the weekly grocery bill is about 30 % more with the additional two children home from college.  The grocery store was slammed busy. I know that Tuesday was/is Christmas, but we have never saw either business this busy. Good for them.

Dinner Sunday night included a friend of DS1. We had steamed little neck clams and steamed lobsters (on sale). Both were served with copious amounts of butter. DS3 had filet mignon since he does not like lobster. After dinner DS1, DS3 and the friend went outside and burned some of the Sandy branches that we collected in the backyard. They apparently also enjoyed a cigar (each). That’s not for me.

Monday was Christmas Eve. I went to work with a 8 foot table, two pounds of shrimp and cocktail sauce. We had a minor Christmas party at work. The main course for the day was pizza that everybody chipped in for. We closed the office around 3:30 and headed home. Traffic was pretty light in both directions Monday. I had DS3 meet me at Best Buy to advise on a replacement X Box as a Christmas present for the three boys. On the drive home I had two support calls come in. I am on overnight support this week. Both of the calls decided to wait until Wednesday since the stores were so busy.

Dinner Monday night was a prime rib roast. This is our family’s tradition for Christmas Eve.  We had salt potatoes as our side. Do a Google search if you don’t know what they are. Or click here.  For our appraiser we had fresh mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, skewers of jumbo lump crabmeat, shrimp cocktail and lobster meat served on a bed of jumbo lump. Dinner was perfect. One of my fellow employees gave me a bottle of red wine which we enjoyed with our dinner. 

Today, Tuesday, we exchanged gifts around 10 am when the boys were all finally awake. Breakfast was pancakes. Banana or blueberry. DS2 got some real maple syrup from Lowville, NY. That really made the pancakes taste excellent. At lunch time we went to my DW’s moms house for dinner and gifts. Dinner was lasagna, ham and lots of side dishes. The desert selections was pretty crazy as well.  After dinner, well, we cleaned up, exchanged gifts and went home.

Here are a few pictures from the last three days.  Enjoy!