Figured I would stop by..

Heck, it’s my blog, I better stop by! I am the victim of one thing leading to another this week.  Here’s a quick run down (not excuses)!

  • Friday – worked from home,  went to Buckalew’s on LBI for dinner. St. Patrick’s Day nonsense. Food was ok. This was our first time on LBI since Sandy.  The island seemed quieter than normal.
  • Saturday – worked on FAFSA’s for the two college children, completed them.  Crappy weather. Made home-made fish n chips after my DW told me to stop looking for a restaurant that would cook them since I like mine the best.
  • Sunday – groceries, cooked mussels with white wine sauce for lunch and Guinness Irish stew for dinner. My family are not big corned beef eaters. Sunday was St. patrick’s Day.
  • Monday – worked, played lacrosse. I did not score any goals. The goalie had my number that night. He stopped three-point blank shots of mine.
  • Tuesday – worked, adult school yoga. We had our first Rita’s of the season.
  • Wednesday – dinner with DS1 since my DW was working at the Men’s Health Night at her hospital. We stopped by on our way home form the bar (restaurant) to say hello. First day of Spring.
  • Thursday – today, worked and cooked dinner. My DW had a union meeting at 5 pm today.  Today would have been my mothers birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Kids, hmmm…  DS1 worked. DS2 and DS3 continue to pursue their educations (right boys?).  Nothing really special this week. DS2 won some cologne in a raffle at his school. He bought tickets thinking it was perfume for his girlfriend.  I guess it is, in a way…

Pictures,  click here to see pictures from Men’s Health Night. Click here to see pictures from my trip to Pt. Pleasant Beach today.  There will be a few from each set below.  Enjoy!


Four days off..

I took four days off from writing my blog. I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about writing, not much time actually doing, the writing.  We left off on  Wednesday night talking about my DW’s birthday and working on Election Day.  Today is Sunday, November 11, 2012. Each November 11 is also known in the US as Veterans Day. This day is dedicated to those men and women who served (serve) their country, some giving the ultimate sacrifice. Today is also the anniversary of my mother passing away from pancreatic cancer in 1999.

Friday I went to what was the St. Mary’s Parish Center to see a man about a horse.  Not really. The county bought the parish center when the parish built a new church and parish center up the road. The plan at the time was to move the county library down the street and expand it. Due to budget issues, this has not happened. What has happened is that the NJ National Guard has taken over the building and grounds and set up a staging area for the troops that are helping out to secure LBI.  My DW was down there the other day and got a list of items that the troops needed to make their mission more successful. Not trucks, or bathing suits (joke!), but fruit, some office supplies, pillows, and other stuff.

I used to work in the Food Distribution Center in Philadelphia. I still have lots of contacts in the seafood and produce business. I figured I would get more fruit for my money if I bought it wholesale instead of going to the Shop Rite. I dropped off several boxes of fruit and talked with one of the sergeants for about 15 minutes about who they were and what their mission is.

The guard units that were mobilized to work in “Task Force South” are my neighbors.  The sergeant was from Toms River, the sergeant replacing him after his two-week tour was from the NJ Air Force National Guard and he lives in Little Egg Harbor. Both of these towns are within 20 minutes of where we were standing and talking that day.  Their mission was originally search and rescue. Now two weeks post Sandy, their mission is more about keeping the area secure from looters.

Ok, I read the paper everyday. I feel that I am reasonably informed about my community, but looters? I had not heard a thing about that! It seems that the Army gave them night vision “sets” and part of their mission is sit on the bridge between the mainland and LBI and watch for boats. If they spot a boat, they contact the coast guard who handles stopping the boat. Not homeowners trying to get back on the island, looters. Yuck!  As the sergeant told me this story he had a smile on his face. He was excited to be using the night vision equipment that they had trained on.

Further conversation briefly touched on the fact that many of the guys detached to Manahawkin had been deployed previously to the Middle East. They were excited and happy to be helping out in their community.  It must be better to be helping out your neighbors than somebody you don’t know in a land where you are not exactly welcome.  You might see the trucks and such here by the beach and not give it a second thought. These guys are hero’s for sure.  If you see them, say hello and thank you, I did!

A picture from the weekend. Here is my DW sitting in the stands at the high school football game Saturday. I was on the sidelines taking pictures. She was in the stands cheering for the band (and the football team)



Funny how quick a good day at work can turn..

A good day at work? Is that an oxymoron?  Some days it may seem like 5 words that can’t possibly go together. Today was a good day at work until about 3 pm. One of the guys had his birthday last week and he was on vacation. This week, each time that “they” got a cake, he was out. It was getting comical. Finally, he was in the office today and they had the cake.  At each person’s birthday at work, we gather (whomever is there and not hiding on the phone) and we sing to this person. The singing is awful. The cake, usually ok. Today one of the women brought in a card which when opened is a cat(s) meowing happy birthday. Yikes! At least we got out of singing.

This whole scene started as I was trying to get my afternoon project started. I never got back to that project. After the cake, waiting for someone else to finish working on the customer (after they hung out and talked for 30 minutes after the cake), it was time to call it a day and go home.  While I waited patiently, a few more problems popped up that also got ignored for the day. Frustrating is the word for the day again.  But, I am better now…

At lunch time I went down to the Manasquan Inlet to shoot pictures of boats and such. In thirty minutes I shot 345 pictures. Maybe I should not use the multiple picture feature.  While I was killing time, I made a quick and easy slide show video with the pictures and some Pink Floyd music that I happened to have in my Drop Box. I uploaded the video to You Tube. They aren’t too keen about the use of the Pink Floyd, but the video stands published, for now. The link to see it is here. Ten minutes of Pink Floyd, boats and birds.  Maybe you might need a short “time out”. This might help.

My DW worked a full day. They were getting ready to leave early and a doctor found a patient that needed something. So they stayed another 2 hours. DS1 returned home tonight after work. Last night he slept at a friend’s house in Philadelphia. He looked pretty tired when he walked in the door. Maybe not too tired, he had a bite to eat and went out to the gym. My DW is at the same gym (different cars) for her Wednesday night yoga class.

Tonight’s picture is from my lunch time photo shoot. Enjoy!