Looking forward..

What is that old saying? Tell God your plans and watch him laugh? Or something like that.  With reservations, here are a few upcoming things in the Lime Guy universe.

  • June 15 – Mac Mcanally will be playing a free concert on the beach in Atlantic City at 4 pm. There is a “special guest” listed on the website that the various Jimmy Buffett websites say might be Jimmy.
  • June 21 – my DW and I will be in Time Square to do yoga during the summer solstice.  We will be part of the 7:45 – 9 pm class. Afterwards, not really sure. A light bite and a beer and then back home to the Jersey shore
  • June 27 – Lime Guy turns 52 years old!
  • July 7 – Tour De Queens bike ride
  • July 28 – DS1 turns 25 years old!
  • July 30 – Scott Kirby will be performing at the Tuckahoe Inn in Beasleys Point, NJ
  • August 8 to August 12 – Lake Placid, New York for the Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament
  • August 25?-  DS2 returns to Marywood for his senior year
  • August 25? – DS3 returns to the University of Scranton for his Junior year

Come September 1 we could revisit this blog and see how the summer really went!

Yesterday my mini van turned 260,000 miles. The bottom of the doors are showing some rust and corrosion. But, it starts and stops (or it did this morning).

Last night my DW and I went to a new (to me) yoga studio. Our Tuesday night adult school yoga is done until October so we are looking for a yoga class on Tuesday nights for the summer. The studio is called Hot or Not Yoga. The concept being that they have a room for hot yoga and a room for not hot yoga. The opposite of hot yoga might (you would think) be cool yoga. The room was 82 degrees last night.  That is almost hot yoga in my mind. The class was free with passes that we got at the Founder’s Day parade. My DW wants to go back.  I am undecided. The studio is expensive. Maybe she can go and I will walk or practice lacrosse with whichever of my lacrosse children that is available.

Sunday, DS3 got up early and took the train to NYC to spend the day with his girlfriend. She lives quite a way out on Long Island, so meeting in the city is a halfway point.  He shared a few of the details from the day. It seems like they had a good time. DS2 is traveling to Copenhagen, NY today to visit his girlfriend for a few days.  I’m glad my girlfriend is right her in town.

Here are a few pictures with captions, enjoy!

Thanks for reading and welcome aboard to the new people following this blog!


Day 345, A crab in every pot..

 Today was crab day here in New Jersey. I did not go crabbing in the sense of getting in a boat, I went crabbing at my local fish market. In the sink you will six #1 male crabs and the Old Bay that I used to season them.  This style of cooking and eating crabs could be refered to as “Maryland Style”.  The crabs were steamed in beer and Old Bay.  After cooking, more Old Bay or Baltimore Spice if you prefer, can be added to the cooked crabs. Then as you clean and pick the crab meat, the crab seasoning gets on your hands, the crab meat and in your mouth. I have had crabs where they are cooked with a black pepper seasoning.  They were ok, not my style.  (Click on the pictures!)

On the right is the finished product, ready to eat. I should have taken a picture after the crabs were all picked and eaten.  That can be quite the mess.  I washed the crabs down with a few Coors Lite beers and enjoyed my lunch immensely.  For diner we had a surf and turf paella.  This week the Shop Rite has beef tenderloin on sale. As I trimmed ours up to make filet mignon steaks, I took the odd sized pieces and set them aside.  Usually these pieces wind up in a stew. I added fresh local sea scallops to the meal. The recipe can be found here , I substituted the beef for the sausage and scallops for the shrimp. The rest pretty much went as the recipe was written.  The meal turned out good.  We (DS3 and I) added some Frank’s Hot Sauce to ours.

DS1 is back in Philadelphia tonight. He will return home tomorrow after work. His friend lives closer to his work than we do, so it makes sense for him to spend the night in Philadelphia.  DS2 worked in the deli today. It was not that busy. He was not interested in the dinner that I made. Lucky for him, chicken nuggets are on sale at the Shop Rite this week. That is what he had for dinner.  DS3 was off. He went for a mile run this morning before breakfast. He and I threw the lacrosse ball around this afternoon. We were running around on the grass field with our bare feet and I stepped on some kind of bee. That pretty much ended my afternoon. There was not too much swelling, but it hurt quite a bit.

Tonight’s last picture is of the field where we played lacrosse this afternoon. Enjoy!


Day 337, That does not taste like Coors Lite..

That is an easy opening statement. Most things do not taste like Coors Lite.  My DW made this comment this afternoon. As you may remember earlier in the week I bought a 30 pack of Coors Lite and DS1 was unhappy with my choice. Tonight I bought a six-pack of Victory Summer Love. Yep, in your deepest Barry White voice say it with me, Summer Love. No problem with that.  The Victory Summer Love is a really great, expensive (9.00 a six-pack) Ale.  Does you budget include beer in this price range? If so, get some today!  Crisp, clean, hoppy. Not heavy, a good, summer, hot weather beer.

Dinner tonight was homemade Jumbo Lump crab cakes. COSTCO seems to have a contract with a crab meat company in North Carolina. Each Friday (it seems), a new batch of fresh jumbo lump crab meat arrives at our local COSTCO. Except for the second week of this “contract”, the crab meat has been fresh and excellent. The crab meat is so good I would almost rather eat the meat fresh and not make crab cakes with it. Tonight I made crab cakes. DS3 helped with the cooking. He volunteered. I think he is trying to learn how to cook some of the meals that he enjoys.

Along with our crab cakes we had fresh mozzarella from the local italian grocer. They make the mozzarella on site. The mozzarella sits on the counter waiting to be purchased. If you bring it home and do not refrigerate the cheese before serving it, the cheese will release some liquid, but, it tastes sweet like candy. Yum and yum.

Children, DS1 worked a 13 hour day. He is wandering around the house in a daze. He needs to go to bed. DS2 worked in the deli today. He said things were slow in the store today.  DS3 worked for the first time this summer. As a prank I emailed my family ( I am one of 10 children) and asked those that wanted, to text DS3 with “Arf, Arf, Arf”. His working in the dog pound. Not really, Lucky’s Bed and Biscuit is a four star pet lodging and spa. Some of  my siblings or their spouses sent pictures. DS3 came out of work and turned on his phone and was buried by the texts and pictures. After the first few messages he figured that I was behind the messages. He was right. Thank you to my family for playing along. It was a flash text, like a  flash mob, just via text.

We had a fun day, the weather was perfect. I could take this weather every day, year round. Tonight we (DW and I) did the hot tub hop. The water was nice. Tonight’s other picture is of the crab meat before I picked the shells out of it. Enjoy!




Day 310, The pressure is on..

Is it really? Or am I crazy? Maybe if I have to ask, it is too late for a clinical assessment.  Tonight a childhood friend stopped by for a visit. We went to high school and Boy Scouts together back in the dark ages (really the 1970’s).  He currently lives near Charleston, SC with his wife and three children. I don’t think we have seen each other in person in 10 or 12 years.  I forgot how tall he was.. Funny how your memory forgets things.  Maybe there is a scientific study in this. Food for thought.

We had a nice dinner of crab cakes, shrimp, corn on the cob, watermelon and blueberry fruit salad and fresh mozzarella. The meal was ment to be a play on summer time meals. Light, tasty and flavor full. I think I hit the mark on this. The crab meat came from COSTCO again this week. Last week the crabmeat from COSTCO was pasteurized re-packs. Meaning that the company that sold the crabmeat emptied pasteurized foreign crabmeat into the containers to fulfill the supply contract. This week the crabmeat was local crabs, picked and packed in North Carolina. How do I know this? I spent 20 + years in the seafood business. The fresh crabmeat alway tastes better.

We had dinner with DS1. He was going to duck dinner until I told him the menu. We talked a lot about out current lives and a few stories out of our past came to light. I was no saint when I was a kid. When my friend went to tell a story that was particularly reveling, I changed the subject. Not that I was embarrassed by my behavior as an adolescent, I just did not want to give  DS1 ant ideas.

It was a fun night. I can’t believe how late the time has gotten. Tonight’s picture is from June 2008 on my birthday. Enjoy!


Day 254, I almost cut my hair tonight..

What a great song if you are a fan of David Crosby. Or a Crosby, Stills and Nash fan. I understand that some of my readers are probably not old enough to know who David Crosby is. Do a Google search.  Not a life style to be emulated or celebrated but, like Keith Richards, the question is , how are they still alive?  They must either be very lucky or have really good doctors. The song can be found here.   As long time readers, a few of you are probably scratching your heads and saying “Ok, where is he going tonight?”

Here is where I am going. I almost got a new phone today. You could have said the old one (current one,) got in my way. To paraphrase some of that song. A cooler head prevailed after I smacked it against the steering wheel. The steering wheel is padded, maybe that is why the phone survived. I took the back off the phone and pulled the battery and threw the mess in the basket between the seats. I took one breath, and then another, I went back to driving.

How did I get to this point?  Through the magic of the written word, we can go back to earlier in the day when our hero was chugging along, doing his parental duties…  I was driving to Scranton today to pick up DS3, his spring break was about to start. One of my main customers called me on my personal cell (only one of two that have that number) and told me about a problem at one of his stores. He has twenty-five stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts . I started to explain to him how to resolve the problem since I was driving and not working. I figured I would be better off just using DS3’s computer at school and fixing the problem.

I got to Scranton and went to visit my parents. I sang Happy Birthday to my mom since she has a March birthday. Then I went over to the University of Scranton to meet up with DS3. He and I had lunch at school. Since he has unlimited meals he can swipe me in and I can eat for free. I had white pizza, perogies and square fish for lunch. The fish was a skip next time. The pizza and the perogies were good. The perogies were cooked the way we had them growing up. Boiled, then pan-fried with butter and onions. The only thing missing was the sour cream. They were delicious. Both of us had the some.

After lunch, we went downstairs so I could use his laptop to solve my problem while he was in his last class of the day. I could not get the software to run on the network at his school. So I took his laptop over to Northern Lights Espresso Bar and used their wi-fi. I got the problem solved in about 45 minutes and a 7 dollar large latte. After I was done I took all my toys across the street to my van. There on the window was a parking ticket.

Damm, I put money in the meter when I parked. I put enough quarters in to last for two hours. The meter had plenty of time left. I looked at the ticket. parked in a handicapped metered space. Huh? Me? No way. I looked around and I saw no signs. The road was not painted blue. I looked at the meter. The meter was blue. Hmmm. Half the meter was covered with a sign saying NO Parking March 10. Police tow away starting at 4 am of March 10. Tomorrow is the St. Patrick’s Parade in Scranton. This road was part of the parade route. When I looked closer at the meter, it appears that is was a handicapped meter. I could not tell from the meter, the lack of signage, the partially obscured meter. I would not have parked there had I know. The cost of the ticket, 50 dollars.

I got in my car, kind of pissed off. Actually, really pissed off. Then I had to coordinate with DS3 since he was already out of class. I had to go get hot dogs from Coney Island and pick DS3 up.  At this point the phone decided to be stupid. In my frustration about the ticket, the phone not working correctly and sitting in traffic, I smashed the phone against the steering wheel. Then I took the phone apart and breathed..

Am I silly? No. Human, yes. I will call the city on Monday and bitch. I’m sure they don’t care. Just pay the ticket and shut up will be the answer.  If you are ever in Scranton, PA and you park in a metered space, look at the color of the meter, it is important. I guess I got a lesson in colors today.

The drive home was fine. I made crab cakes from scratch for dinner. A couple of beers and I am all right again. I am beat from driving 400 miles today. Tomorrow I will be back to painting. Tonight’s picture comes from May 2009. I rode in the Bike NY, 42 mile bike ride. In this picture it is 6:30 am and we are on the Staten island Ferry heading towards Manhattan. Once we got to Manhattan we got to stand around for almost two hours before the ride started (in the rain)  Enjoy!


Staten Island Ferry, May 2009

Saturday happenings (with pictures) while visiting post 81..

Bridge walk 2011

Today is Saturday here in NJ. The weather was sunny with scattered clouds. The overnight temps went down into the 50’s for the second night in a row. The cool air makes for good sleeping weather.  This morning my DW and I walked across the causeway that connects the mainland to LBI. The walk was a fundraiser for the local schools. I have ridden my bike many times in both directions on the causeway, but with very limited shoulders and speeding traffic, I have never stopped to sight see. The walk today made up for that. I brought my camera along to take some pictures. The pictures were uploaded to www.snapfish.com.  If you would like to see the pictures from today’s walk, click here.

DW on the bridge

Here is a picture of my DW taken near the top of the bridge with the bay in the background. It was quite breezy on the bridge, but not too cold. The total length of the walk was around three miles. As you can see in the picture above, there were many families and groups doing the walk.  After the walk was over we rode a school bus back to our car on the mainland. My knees rubbed up against the seat in front of me. And another thing I noticed was that the names of the kids that sat in each seat were taped to the wall above the window. I guess they have assigned seats.
On the way home from the walk we stopped at the crab man and bought a dozen live blue crabs. We took them home and tried to get them in the pot.

This picture is of most of the crabs trying to escape the pot and winding up in the sink. 

Live crabs in the sink

Cooked crabs

After their trip through the hot tub the looked like this! They were quite enjoyable. My DW does not like to pick them, but she does enjoy the meat and the claws.  We shared the crabs until she had eaten enough. 
The rest of the afternoon was anti climatic.  I heard from the two younger children via text during the afternoon.  DS2’s university had an Autism Awareness walk and informational fair this morning. He walked and then worked the Music Therapy booth for a few hours. This evening he is working on homework. DS3 had choir at 7:30 tonight. He hopes to spend some time with Catherine after choir.  He met her yesterday at Mass.  I guess when you show up in a tux to sing in the choir the girls notice.  Good for him.  DS1 texted that he worked two soccer and one volleyball games today. While he is getting college credit for the time, it makes me wonder if there should be a limit to the number of events that you are expected to work.  In addition to the games he has pre game and post game responsibilities.  I guess he will figure it out one way or the other.
One final picture for the blog tonight. This is an arms length self portrait that I shot on the bridge this morning. My DW is starting to miss the children since she keeps having her picture taken.  🙂   Enjoy!

Limeguy and Mrs. Limeguy


Seafood festival during a lightning 75 (post) storm..

It is Sunday here in New Jersey.  The tropical assault continues. We have an indoor – outdoor – humidity thermometer hanging in our kitchen. Today was a dreaded 777 day.  70 degrees pus inside, outside and humidity.  My DW continued to be on call today. Her call week ends early Monday morning. She was called in again this morning to do a procedure. This left me home to play Mr.Mom.  I was tasked with cleaning up the kitchen (I made the mess at breakfast), changing the sheets on the bed (boys, this appears to happen each week, make a note) and go grocery shopping.

The shopping list was already written, and since the call from the hospital was not anticipated, there were no coupons ready to go with the list. I usually go shopping with my DW each week. We divide and conquer in the store. When we get to the check out I bag the groceries into our canvas bags.  This week the young kid running the check out seeing me alone asked if I needed help with bagging the groceries. I told thanks, but no. I do this every week. In my mind there is a method to the madness. Question, when you put things on the belt at the check out, do you put the cold things together and the non cold things together. This way when the cashier has scanned them, all the like items come down to the bagger together. I mean you put your cold things all in the same bags, don’t you?  Maybe I am thinking this through too hard.

I stopped in the local fish market on the way to the grocery store since we wanted seafood for dinner and I wanted to see what the choices were this week. After hitting the grocery store (where I bought three cooked blue crabs, don’t tell the fish market), I went back to the fish market and purchased fresh mussels and fresh stone carb claws from South Carolina. I did not know nor have I ever purchased stone crab claws from South Carolina. The usual place they come from is Florida and the Florida stone crab season runs from October to May. The claws were good. I did some internet research and the stone cards are a by-product of the blue crab fishery. Hmm, you learn something everyday.

Lunch was blue crabs with Old Bay seasoning. Yum, I was surprised. If I knew they were that good I would have bought more. Snack time was toll house cookies with peanut butter chips. Dinner was the stone crab claws  and the mussels. Food, food and food. Here are some pictures. 

Fresh Stone Crab claws from South Carolina


Fresh Mussels

Not dinner, just the Tea Party

I tossed the last picture in just for the heck of it. It is neither and endorsement nor a detraction of the movement. I saw them on the side of the road while I was waiting for the traffic light to change. My blog is ment to chronicle my trip around the sun for my fiftieth year. So, an observer (and participant for sure) I am. 

The name for this post is because there was a thunderstorm during dinner. The lights browned out two or three times. We did not lose power. Now the storm has passed.
Good night all!