Mid-Atlantic sunburn..

My nose is peeling tonight.  It does not really bother me, just sometimes when I am concentrating on some thing at work, I will see those little dry skin cells looking back at me. Not ewww.  But, Yea!  Saturday my DW and I went down to Annapolis to watch the Navy vs. Army college lacrosse game. We sat on the sunny side of the street (stadium). That side just happened to be the Army side as well.  We got free tickets when as we were walking up to the ticket booth a women with a fist full of tickets asked us if we needed tickets. I replied yes, and she gave me two and said to enjoy the game!  Her group bought tickets in bulk since it was cheaper to buy too many, than just enough. And, she had some people cancel out and not show up for the game.  Army won 14 to 7. We sat in the front row near the 50 yard line. Excellent seats!

Saturday night we stayed over in Baltimore and stayed at the Baltimore Hilton.  We got a decent deal on Hotwire for the hotel. We ate at a restaurant called Jimmy’s Famous Seafood.  I wanted crabs, my DW was happy for a crab cake.  We had a great dinner. The restaurant is a little bit of a hike from downtown, but worth the trip. Just yesterday, the restaurant won the Restaurant of the Year in Maryland.  The crabs were good. Small, but good. I really enjoyed them.

Sunday we traveled to Scranton to see DS2 and DS3. DS2 was performing in a concert Sunday afternoon. While he was getting ready for his concert, DS3 and I went to the turf field at Marywood and practiced lacrosse for an hour. I really enjoyed throwing the ball around with my youngest son.  Here are You Tube links to several videos I shot at the concert Sunday:

After the concert we went to Coopers Seafood House to celebrate DS3’s 20 th birthday which is coming up on April 24. DS2’s GF joined us as well. She is not as shy around us as she has been in the past. I guess she is getting used to our crazy family.  Sunday night we stayed over in Scranton traveling home Monday morning.

Monday was lacrosse, no goals for me. I walked the Allaire Trail Tuesday at lunch time. Here is a video from this Tuesday and video from the same area on January 29, 2013. There has been some, small progress getting the trail cleared after Sandy. Tuesday night was adult school yoga, always a good time.

Below are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!



Life is just a tire swing…

Wednesday night here in New Jersey. DS2 just go home from work. He was supposed to be off today but they called him in when someone else called out sick. He has succeeded turning his scheduled 27 hour week into a 36 hour week once again.  Good for him.  DS1 worked a full day at the tree farm. He sent a picture of the truck he is learning to drive. He posted this on Face Book today. I will repost at the bottom of the blog. My DW worked a full a day. Tonight she went to yoga after dinner. The class is in the summer doldrums, or everyone might be on vacation. There were only six women in the class tonight.  I did not go because my leg still hurts.

I worked today as well. Another busy, post vacation day for me.  I have an MRI scheduled for 7:30 am Friday morning. I had several choices of times and figured that the first appointment might, might be on time since there would be no patients ahead of me.  I sprayed the wasp nest today with a can of bee and wasp killer. I hosed their front door for about 45 seconds before they started to come out looking for trouble. I’m going to chop away a little each day. I’m not running too fast these days.

Life is just a tire swing is from a Jimmy Buffett song  of the same name.  Here is the pertinent set of lyrics for tonight:

Then the other morning on some Illinois road
I fell asleep at the wheel,
But was quickly wakened up by a ‘Ma Bell’
telephone pole, and a bunch of Grant Wood
Faces screaming, ‘Is he still alive?’
But through the window could see
it hangin’ from a tree, and I knew
I had survived.

No, not me. The child whose story de’ jour has not yet written been about today day owns this one. DS3 went to Morey’s Pier in Wildwood to celebrate a friends birthday today. He fell asleep driving on the GSP on the ride home this evening. Fortunately for him, not the car next to him, there was a car next to him. He bounced off that car and woke up before he could leave the roadway.  The Mustang has minor damage to the passenger side.  He received a ticket for careless driving for his effort. But, he is still alive and learning from each experience that he encounters.

Tonight’s picture is of the truck that DS1 is learning to drive. Tomorrow I may post pictures of the Mustang. When he got home tonight it was too dark to take decent pictures.  Enjoy!


A brave new world, same as the old world..

Should have been the title of a Who song.  It took me a year to add a picture to the header of the blog. Just think where I will be after another year of learning how this blog software works. Maybe this year I will take their class when it is offered. I signed up last year but circumstances prevented me from attending.

Your birthday (if you are a Facebook person) is a very busy day. People seem to come out of the woodwork to wish you Happy Birthday. I’m not complaining, I enjoyed the notoriety of the day.  The day started out pretty good. When I got to work there was a box from a customer waiting for me. The customer had a request in for some data mining and the company could not seem to get it done for him. I taught this owner how to use the software before they opened the store about 8 years ago. So we have a common bond.  We talked for some time  and I found a slower, but accurate way to get him the information out of his database. He sent me a bottle of Don Q Gran Anejo Rum for my efforts. I wanted to try it this morning, but 8:30 am was a little early to have a taste. I stuck my finger in the bottle and got my taste that way. Tonight when I came home from work I had a real taste. Yum!

At lunch time I went to the Windmill for hot dogs with chile and cheese. I have two for one coupons that I use there. I took my dogs to go and drove the 5 minutes to the boardwalk in Belmar. I ate my dogs and people watched. Are you over 40 years old? Do you want to really feel old? Probably not, but if you are in for a reality shock, go to the boardwalk around 1 pm during the week in the summer time. The average age is probably 16 years old. The average amount of skin showing, probably 80 + %.  I tell myself that the people walking around are really all over 18 years old, making them adults.  Yikes!   Enough said. Do their parents know that they are dressed/undressed like that?

For dinner we (DW, DS2 and I) went to L.A.’s for $1.50 mugs and bar pies. We hit the happy hour and saved some money. The restaurant did not have the a/c on so being there was uncomfortable. I asked our friend the bartender about this. She turned one unit on, but it really did not help. I was glad to go outside where it was nicer. This evening when everyone was home, I opened my presents and we sang and had cake. I had a fun time singing with my DW and children.  They also sang for me at work. Not quite the melodious group at work.

Pictures tonight come from todays’ events. The captions will explain what they are of.  Enjoy!


Day 338, Easy Sunday..

How can you go wrong with a Sunday that starts with breakfast and a nap?  Unless you have more pressing things to do, they were good choices today.  Breakfast was breakfast potatoes (slice potatoes, onion, olive oil, paprika, Cajun seasoning to taste, cook over medium heat until potatoes are soft enough to eat.), dipping eggs, pork roll and coffee from New Orleans.  DS2 gave me the evil eye when I offered him some potatoes to go with his cheese omelet. I told him that I did not use any hot sauce today. I like to add hot sauce to my breakfast potatoes. Only DS3 and I like them that way and he was already at work when I made breakfast. 

DS3 had his second day at the bark and biscuit today. He came home smiling today. Yesterday, he was a little out of sorts after work. Today he was happier. He likes dogs and this is a perfect way for him to get his dog fix, get paid and not have to take care of your own pet. Tonight he went to the birthday party for one of his high school friends. DS2 worked the afternoon shift at the deli. He said it was slooow today. He is off until Thursday.  Being that the store is in a summer resort area, this early in the season Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be slow. Once we get closer to the Fourth of July, they will be busy everyday.

DS1 had the day off. He magically disappeared for a few hours in the middle of the day to go to the gym. It just so happens that his gym time was at the same time that his parents brought home groceries from the store and were looking for help carrying the food in and putting it away. They certainly know how to show up for meals. I’m just saying.  He has to call his boss at 6 am to see if he is working tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was flounder francese, mako bites, fresh mozzarella, shrimp cocktail and steamed clams. The mako bites were a single mako shark steak with the skin taken off, cut into bite sized pieces.  I marinated the shark in olive oil, lemon juice and greek seasoning. Then they were pan-fried in the marinade. I liked them. The family thought that there may have been too much greek seasoning on the bites.  I did not add any hot sauce, come on people!

Tonight’s picture comes from August 2008. We had a hailstorm that covered the ground and wrecked the garden pretty bad. Here are some flamingo lights attached to the back deck gazebo still working after the storm. Behind the lights you can see the top is pretty messed up from the hail.  Enjoy!





Day 321, Countdown day..

Get it? 3… 2….1 Happy (New Years, Birthday, something). Tonight will be light-hearted and short. I worked from home today. I had a busy morning and a boring afternoon. I have started reading The Innocent by David Baldacci.  I finished The Girl Who Plays With Fire the other day. Now I am looking for the third book.  I liked the second one. My DW worked a full day. She is enjoying her Kindle Fire. She is looking for the free books and stuff. She did buy her first book the other day.  The Kindle Fire is the right size to fit in her purse. She seems to be enjoying her Mother’s Day present. 

DS1 had the day off. He went to the beach fishing and caught seaweed. DS2 went to Barnegat Light to walk around and work on the songs that he is writing. DS3 has one more final to go and he is done for the year. He will stay in Scranton until Memorial Day. He is singing at commencement on Memorial Day. The rest of tonight will be pictures. Some are from the beach and jetty in Barnegat Light. Others are from last night’s birthday celebration.  Enjoy!



Day 320, Happy Birthday, Dude..

It is a funny relationship. The relationship between myself and my three children. Each one is different, the relationships. As is each child different from each other. My parenting skills (as they are) are a direct result of the way I was brought up minus the parts that I disagreed with plus my desire to do a better job than my parents. Is it time for that sit down and judge my parenting skills, nah, not today.

My middle son turned 21 today. He is the musician in the family. As you may remember, he is a student at Marywood University.  We are at our best in this relationship when he is at school and we (the parents) are 200 miles away.  When he is home on vacation he reminds me of myself in that I used to chafe at my parents being involved in my life.  It is a challenge for me to accept that he is an adult and able to make his own decisions. My DW has become the referee that makes sure that we both communicate effectively. I’m not sure she enjoys that role.

How’s that for some introspection?  On to lighter moments. Tonight we went to the Makoto Hibachi and Sushi restaurant here in town. DS2 invited one of his high school buddies along to celebrate with us.  We had a good time at dinner. Ds2 got to catch up with his friend who will be a junior at Rutgers next year. They both are going through a change of major time at their universities. We (the parents) got to talk to DS1 about his day. He drove DS2 to the BYOB restaurant and sent him (DS2) into the liquor store to get a 12 pack of beer and a bottle of wine. He said the lady at the counter told him that she could not wait to ask for his id. She wished him a Happy Birthday. I know that cashier, her husband attended the University of Scranton many years ago.

After we had dinner we returned home for cake and presents. DS2 got a baritone ukelele from his parents. He tuned it up and played some for us. That was really cool to see. He also got clothes and cash from his grandma. On the computer battle front, I was able to get his old hard drive to respond. I am copying off the files that he wants.  We bought a 1 terabyte hard drive today and are installing Windows on that.  He will have more than enough room for his music and games.  DS3 has been studying and taking finals all week. I hope to speak with him tomorrow to see how things are going. Work, yes we both worked. Life is about family (most of the time).

Pictures and videos tonight.

The videos will be via links  here and here

Pictures are from tonight’s birthday dinner. Enjoy!


No coupon needed for 53 (post)..

Greetings, Happy Friday!  Today was the second day in a row where I worked from home. I had a busy morning at work and a quiet work afternoon. Today’s monkey wrench, don’t make plans (or be flexible) is courtesy of the local eye doctor. It seems that when DS2 went in for has annual exam she dilated his eyes and saw “something” in his right eye. She has recommended that he see a retina specialist as soon as possible. She also done not want him carrying or listing heavy things or jumping around. So, Sunday was supposed to be his move in day at college. Tuesday morning he has an appointment with the retina specialist here in New Jersey. School is in Scranton, PA. He will stay home Sunday and miss classes Monday and Tuesday. When everything goes ok Tuesday morning, he will be able to drive late Tuesday afternoon and move in Tuesday evening. Hopefully, fingers crossed.  He is very disappointed. He has been looking forward to going back to school ever since he got home. He has emailed his teachers and advisor so that they know what is going on.  Crap..

Here’s another minor curve ball. Just last week after spending part of a month researching laptop computers, different memory, different brands, different processors, I came up with a set of requirements for the laptop for DS3 for college. Not even a week after we proudly purchased “the right stuff” from HP, the news wires are carrying a story that HP is getting out of the consumer computer business. Dude!  I killed the consumer computer business for HP! I am a giant killer! I figured to stay away from the small, no name brands and choose a large company, a reliable company, a company that is running away from the consumer computer industry.  I hope this does not have a negative impact on our purchase. After the first year, I am the tech support person anyway.

On the plus side I still have a smile on my face. I get to enjoy the company of my children for a few extra days. Everybody was home today, except for the eye doctor visits and the trip to the gym. Not me, DS1 went. I like the outdoors. There looked like we were going to have a huge thunderstorm, but the storm seemed to get within ten miles of the coast and just made a left and slid off to the north. I guess I will have to water the garden tomorrow.  Maybe in the morning I will wake DS3 up and go down to the local lacrosse field and throw around for an hour. I can always use the practice. Pizza for dinner, we had two, two dollar off coupons for the local pizzeria. One pie with chicken parmigiana, the other a plain cheese pie. Yum. It is still too hot to make homemade pizza. I need to run the oven at 500 degrees for 45 minutes so the pizza stones are good and hot. That is great in the winter time, but just too damn hot in the summer time.

Another bonus in our lives arrived on the UPS truck yesterday. No, not the parts to fix my laptop, the are in shipping somewhere. But a set of seventeen Cuisinart pots and pans. Why so excited you ask? Well, they are new and they were free!  My DW has been at the hospital for twenty-five years and when you hit a certain milestone of years, they provide a “gift” to the employee. So she got her plaque and a pin number to the gift fulfilment website. She and I looked at the pages of items at her level and she decided that the pots and pans would be the best choice. So she did her thing on the website and the brown truck delivered. Most of the posts and pans in the house are over fifteen years old, still useable, but certainly well-loved. We put them in the cellar for the first child that will move out and need pots and pans. I used the  six-inch frying pan this morning to make crepes for the boys. I filled the crepes with bananas. The bananas were cooked similar to a bananas foster, without the rum. They turned out good.

Picture time, picture time. Tonight’s picture come from DS2’s twentieth birthday. Enjoy!

DS2 on his 20 th Birthday 2011

The Origin of the Species or day 36..

Time for the deep discussion about the origin of the species. Tough topic to discuss, you never quite know who might read your blog. Just the other day somebody from Perth, Australia “liked” my blog! Wow, so much for writing for me, an audience as it were. DW upon hearing that I dreamed up tonights blog while driving to work, said I was deep. Hmm, good thing, I asked? She said that I was me. Ok, I can roll with that. Enough fluff, on with the words..

The origin of the Lime Guy species. You did not think I had insight into where mankind came from, did you? Please, there are a dozen people on the street corners in all the major city’s willing to tell you that. No, this is the where, did the Lime Guy moniker come from. Well boys and girls, everybody get comfortable around the glowing computer screen, Uncle Lime Guy is going to tell you a story.

The story takes place in a small, slightly rural (at the time) town in Southern New Jersey, not far from Long Beach Island. There in this small town live many hard-working families. Some, found work in the local business, some, like our hero, traveled great distances each day in the dark of night for their employment. Shhh, quiet down, you won’t be able to hear the story.  As I was saying, our hero was a daily traveler to a distant land know as Philadelphia. This great city was actually in a different state, across a great river that could only be crossed by paying the trolls three dollars each day.   Our hero worked in the Philadelphia Fish market each day from three am to noon time. Then he would travel back across the big bridge (for free when leaving Philadelphia) and travel through the woods back to his small home and family near the ocean.

As was tradition in this town, and many other towns, Friday was the day to travel to the local beer, wine and spirits store. This local merchant started selling a fine imported beer from Mexico called Corona, yes the one in the clear bottle. It has been around for quite some time.  Each bottle of Corona was destined to have a slice of lime (yes, the green-skinned, slightly sour fruit) inserted into it before our hero would consume it. Now the local merchant had no idea where to procure the special limes needed for this beverage. This is where the Lime Guy got his name.

Our hero suggested that he bring limes back each week from the big city and sell them to the merchant, ensuring that all the customers could have limes in their Corona.  Hands were shaken and commerce commenced. As the children of the Lime Guy got older, they would occasionally travel to the merchant and help their father deliver the limes. As each child was introduced to the staff they were also given names like Junior Lime Guy, Mini Lime Guy and Junior Lemon. By this time the Lime Guy had added lemons to the items he delivered. Now and then the wife of the Lime Guy would need to make the delivery due to sickness or other reasons. She became know as Mrs. Lime Guy.

So that boys and girls, is the Origin of the Species. 

I hoped you like the story, embellished, but every word is true.   Oh, and the car is dead. Transmission needs rebuilding. Between 1500 – 1800 dollars. The car only cost 800.00. Off to the junkyard tomorrow.

Today’s picture is from our party last night for DS1. He was twenty-three on July 28. Enjoy!

DS1 birthday, 23 years old