Friday night lights..

Living the tv show. I never watched the show, so I’m not sure if I am living it.  I was however at the local high school that our children attended for the Friday night football game. In many of the past years I was part of a group of parents (usually men) who shot still and video pictures of the game. The still pictures would be made available to the parents and players during the week after the game. The video would be edited and turned into a game film for the entire season. Usually this would be shown at the year-end banquet.

I took last year off from being involved with the high school. We (my DW) were involved for eight years in everything that our children were interested in. Last year was our year off.  I eased back into the photographer’s group at a scrimmage two weeks ago. Tonight was both feet in, as it were. I shot 900 pictures tonight between the ROTC, the band and the football team. I edited them hard. I think I kept 600 of the pictures. This camera makes me look good.  We stayed for the first half and the band’s halftime show. The halftime score was 19 to 0, in favor of the home team. The final was 19 to o, in favor of the home team. I guess I did not miss much in the second half.  Yes, 900 pictures in only half of a football game.

Thursday was a lacrosse Thursday.  My brother the weatherman joined us in Manalpan for the game. Neither of us had a goal. I feel that I am playing better. I am making better decisions when I have the ball. Now if I could catch a few more of the passes thrown at me. I hit the goalie twice shooting and missed the goal four times. That is a pretty active night for me.

Thursday afternoon I went to the Shark River Inlet to take pictures. Different inlet, different day. The video is below. A few notes about the video: the cormorant (?) in the water has a fish in its mouth. In the pictures it is trying  to get a fish down its throat. The huge seagull has a hook in the right side of its mouth. I guess this has not impeded its eating. The red boat coming in the inlet is a lobster boat returning from checking traps in the Atlantic Ocean.  The two pictures at the end of the flowers and the railing are an artistic attempt on focus. In the first picture the focus is on the railing and the town name “Avon by the Sea”. In the second picture the focus is on the flowers..

The Shark River Inlet video can be found here. The pictures below will have captions were needed. Thanks for reading and ..




What storm?..

 When I left work this evening the sky to the north looked ominous. It has been 90 to 100 degrees and humid for the last three days.  The skies lighted as I drove south. We never had any thunder or rain this evening. Maybe later tonight will be our turn. One of the two customers that have my personal cell phone number called after dinner in a panic since his credit card software was not working. I needed information from the office so I got connected to my computer at work. Almost immediately I was disconnected and could not get reconnected.

I brought up the regional radar and there was a huge red and purple blob over my office. I tried several other machines at work and eventually they all dropped off when their battery backups failed.  Tomorrow should be a joy as people get to work and find out that nothing is working. Me, I have a 7:30 am appointment with a customer working from the kitchen table. I may work from home after that. 

Tonight DS3’s car came home from the shop. The mechanic said that their was no damage to the suspension and such of his car. The car did need tires, we knew that when we bought it. We put four new tires on the car. They also put a few screws into the plastic part of the bumper so that it would not hang down. Our next project (DS3 and I) is to figure out if we can replace the plastic bumper cover.  It would appear from doing web research that the part is available for 50 dollars new and the old one should un-bolt and the new one should bolt back on. I hope the damage is just cosmetic.

It seems that DS3 (according to Facebook) is back in a relationship. It’s tough to keep track.  Back on Sunday when we had not heard her name for a few days we asked and were told that it was over. I guess not.  DS1 worked today. He spent a few minutes after he came home telling me stories about work. That was kind of neat. DS2 worked the evening shift. He came home a few minutes ago. He is battling with his employer to get more hours. They want to keep everyone under 30 hours. It’s tough to pay bills and set money aside during the summer when you work less than 30 hours a week.  DS3 was off today. He hung out with one of his high school ROTC friends.

I ate lunch in Belmar at the boardwalk. It was nice to breathe the salt air and eat my sandwich. It really was not very cool at the beach. Maybe next to the water it was cooler, but back on the boardwalk it was as warm as back at the office (10 miles away). My DW worked a full day. She went to yoga tonight while I worked tech support. I was going to go with her. I need centering..

My pictures tonight come from my visit to the boardwalk. Enjoy!


A brave new world, same as the old world..

Should have been the title of a Who song.  It took me a year to add a picture to the header of the blog. Just think where I will be after another year of learning how this blog software works. Maybe this year I will take their class when it is offered. I signed up last year but circumstances prevented me from attending.

Your birthday (if you are a Facebook person) is a very busy day. People seem to come out of the woodwork to wish you Happy Birthday. I’m not complaining, I enjoyed the notoriety of the day.  The day started out pretty good. When I got to work there was a box from a customer waiting for me. The customer had a request in for some data mining and the company could not seem to get it done for him. I taught this owner how to use the software before they opened the store about 8 years ago. So we have a common bond.  We talked for some time  and I found a slower, but accurate way to get him the information out of his database. He sent me a bottle of Don Q Gran Anejo Rum for my efforts. I wanted to try it this morning, but 8:30 am was a little early to have a taste. I stuck my finger in the bottle and got my taste that way. Tonight when I came home from work I had a real taste. Yum!

At lunch time I went to the Windmill for hot dogs with chile and cheese. I have two for one coupons that I use there. I took my dogs to go and drove the 5 minutes to the boardwalk in Belmar. I ate my dogs and people watched. Are you over 40 years old? Do you want to really feel old? Probably not, but if you are in for a reality shock, go to the boardwalk around 1 pm during the week in the summer time. The average age is probably 16 years old. The average amount of skin showing, probably 80 + %.  I tell myself that the people walking around are really all over 18 years old, making them adults.  Yikes!   Enough said. Do their parents know that they are dressed/undressed like that?

For dinner we (DW, DS2 and I) went to L.A.’s for $1.50 mugs and bar pies. We hit the happy hour and saved some money. The restaurant did not have the a/c on so being there was uncomfortable. I asked our friend the bartender about this. She turned one unit on, but it really did not help. I was glad to go outside where it was nicer. This evening when everyone was home, I opened my presents and we sang and had cake. I had a fun time singing with my DW and children.  They also sang for me at work. Not quite the melodious group at work.

Pictures tonight come from todays’ events. The captions will explain what they are of.  Enjoy!


Day 321, Countdown day..

Get it? 3… 2….1 Happy (New Years, Birthday, something). Tonight will be light-hearted and short. I worked from home today. I had a busy morning and a boring afternoon. I have started reading The Innocent by David Baldacci.  I finished The Girl Who Plays With Fire the other day. Now I am looking for the third book.  I liked the second one. My DW worked a full day. She is enjoying her Kindle Fire. She is looking for the free books and stuff. She did buy her first book the other day.  The Kindle Fire is the right size to fit in her purse. She seems to be enjoying her Mother’s Day present. 

DS1 had the day off. He went to the beach fishing and caught seaweed. DS2 went to Barnegat Light to walk around and work on the songs that he is writing. DS3 has one more final to go and he is done for the year. He will stay in Scranton until Memorial Day. He is singing at commencement on Memorial Day. The rest of tonight will be pictures. Some are from the beach and jetty in Barnegat Light. Others are from last night’s birthday celebration.  Enjoy!