Forecast low of 59 degrees tonight..

Wow, that was some cold front Saturday night. The air conditioning is off and the window fans are running. It should be a good night sleeping weather wise. Tonight’s dinner was Sunday chicken parmigiana. I’m not Italian, but I can conjure up some Italian when I am cooking in the kitchen.  One of my fondest memories of the kids growing up was cooking Sunday night dinner. We would usually start around 5 o’clock. Feats at Five would be playing on the radio. I would have one or two of the children helping me cook. 

One of the children’s favorite meals to cook was chicken parmigiana. I would let the hammer the chicken cutlets until they were paper-thin. Then they would make the egg wash and fill a bowl with bread crumbs. I would heat the oil until the correct temperature was achieved then they would dip the chicken in the bread crumbs, then the egg wash, the back into the bread crumbs finally placing the breaded cutlet into the hot oil. They got better at the last part pretty quickly! When the chicken was cooked we would put cheese and sauce on top and place them in the oven to melt the cheese.  We always made enough for two meals. The kids would eat the leftovers after school or some night when dinner was every man for themselves.

No helpers tonight. I did get some help from DS1 this afternoon. Today I started the waterproofing project in basement. There are a few steps (as I see it). The first step is to clean the cinder blocks that are to be painted with the waterproof paint. The next step is clean out and patch any and all cracks. The final step would be two or three coats of waterproof paint. DS1 used a power drill and an attachment that is like a wire brush, but circular. He ran this over the blocks to be painted removing the loose paint and other junk. I worked along the base where the wall meets the floor. This is where we saw water seeping in.

I use a chisel to remove the paint, the loose cement and other junk. I have about 20 feet of the wall base cleared. I have another 20 or so feet to go. There are pictures at the bottom.  I’m glad I don’t do this for a living.

DS2 worked on homework today. One of his classes is music history. This class required him to listen to three hours of chants today. Better him than me. DS3 worked on school work as well. He is fighting a cold. He sounded better tonight than Friday night.  Tomorrow everybody is back to work.  We grew pumpkins last year. After they finally rotted, we threw them in the compost pile. This year those seeds grew a new pumpking plant. We got three decent sized pumpkins this year. In the picture below, they are on the kitchen table.

Tonight’s pictures have captions. Enjoy!