LimeGuy birthday morning..

Reading the title you can figure that today is my birthday. As such, I took the day off as a personal day. I get five sick/personal days a year. Today I took one of them.  I was up at 7 am, my usual work day time. DS3 asked me why if I had the day off was I awake at 7 am?  I told him I could not sleep. The adventures of the day beckoned. (Sounds like a good answer anyway).

I decided laying in bed this morning that I would ride my bike to the Barnegat Lighthouse and back today. The round trip distance is 35 plus miles. The two biggest challenges of the ride (other than the actual distance) are crossing the Manahawkin Bay Bridge on a bicycle and the inevitable winds on Long Beach Island.  The bridge is not bike friendly as you will see in the pictures I took from the top. The winds, I hoped to get my ride in before the wind picked up.

Thursday roll call here at the house found only DS2 and I not working. Everybody was out of the house by 7:15.  I was dressed and out of the house on my bike by 8 am. The ride onto Long Beach Island of the bridge was not too bad. What the two children that regularly travel onto LBI failed to share was that the inbound lanes and the outbound lanes had been compressed around the bridges. This left absolutely no room for a bike and two cars. I got through that section but was none to pleased to have traversed it.

The trip up (north) the island was uneventful. I sopped at the Barnegat Lighthouse and had a drink and a snack. I took some pictures and started heading home. About a mile from the light house I ran over an industrial staple and promptly had a flat tire. Guess which tire? If you guessed the back tire, you would be correct. I got off the bike on the bay front of Barnegat Light and sat on a park bench and changed tubes removing the staple from the tire. I took pictures if the view that I had while working on my bike. At least it was not raining and I was on the side of a busy highway. After the tire issue I stopped at a gas station and completed inflating the tire and rode home. The wind was in my face and was building the entire way as I rode south.

Up and over the bridges, no problems. The inbound side was scarier. DS2 and I went out for lunch (2 beers and a cheeseburger) after I had cooled down and had showered.  The beers were to hydrate and replace the carbs that I expended this morning. The burger, why that was the protein of the meal!

Pictures and such.  Several pictures with captions are below. Here is a link to the entire group of pictures from today’s ride. Here  and here are links to the Map My Ride APP that recorded the ride.  Enjoy!



Off the couch (chair) once again..

My DW and I went out after dinner tonight.  Like last night, we went searching for pictures. Or more correctly, pictures waiting to be taken. I shot quite a few pictures again tonight. I have, in less than a week, shot almost 1000 pictures. It’s a good thing they are free to see, save or delete.

Tonight’s location was Barnegat Light. We were on LBI in time to see the boats go out fishing for the night trips.  We also saw an awesome sunset.  Work, whatever..  Kids, DS1 had the big truck tonight. He was home before either of his parents. He made deliveries locally then called it a day parking the farmer truck in the driveway. DS2 and DS3 continue to enjoy their classes. I spoke with both of them today. Each sounded like they had a smile on their face. That’s good..

Picture time..  Captions tell the story. Enjoy!

Doris Mae heads out for a night of Bluefishing

Sunset, notice the detail of the waves

Barnegat Light House

Route 72 Causeway in the background

Day 321, Countdown day..

Get it? 3… 2….1 Happy (New Years, Birthday, something). Tonight will be light-hearted and short. I worked from home today. I had a busy morning and a boring afternoon. I have started reading The Innocent by David Baldacci.  I finished The Girl Who Plays With Fire the other day. Now I am looking for the third book.  I liked the second one. My DW worked a full day. She is enjoying her Kindle Fire. She is looking for the free books and stuff. She did buy her first book the other day.  The Kindle Fire is the right size to fit in her purse. She seems to be enjoying her Mother’s Day present. 

DS1 had the day off. He went to the beach fishing and caught seaweed. DS2 went to Barnegat Light to walk around and work on the songs that he is writing. DS3 has one more final to go and he is done for the year. He will stay in Scranton until Memorial Day. He is singing at commencement on Memorial Day. The rest of tonight will be pictures. Some are from the beach and jetty in Barnegat Light. Others are from last night’s birthday celebration.  Enjoy!



Obvious Dirty Harry reference needed, .44 (post) magnum..

Could not resist. This entry should start out with Dammit!, followed by an apology. I went to bed last night and suddenly had an idea for today’s blog. A really good idea. Such that I started to write the blog in my mind. Then, I shut the brain down so I could get some sleep. Ding, dong, guess what I forgot this morning? Right, what I was thinking about last night.  This is frustrating.  Now, the future game plan might be to write down on some paper near the bed the topic and hope that I can rebuild the thoughts in the morning. Or, just get out of bed and let the muse motivate me into writing.  I’m not really sure which choice I will make.  I would certainly hope that if I had written down the subject last night, that the inspiration would have returned in the morning.

For lunch today since it was not too hot or humid I took my sandwich and bottle of water over to Allaire State park in Wall, NJ.  The park is about 5 minutes from my office. Usually I have my iPod or Oakley mp3 sunglasses to provide the music for my walk. Both of these items are still in my camera bag from the trip to Lake Placid. I guess I did not do quite as good a job putting my things away as I thought. So, without music to distract me, I walked 1.5 miles each way trying to remember last nights topic. Frustrating. But on the bright side, today is National S’mores Day. There truly is a day for everything and everybody. At the Allaire State Park they have a railroad that goes around the park. The trains whistle blows and you can ride the circuit if you so choose. Click here to see a video of the train as it passes by. I shot this while walking back to my car.

So, I wrote the above part of the blog while waiting for the work day to end.  I got in the car to drive home, still thinking, thinking. I put Radio Margarittaville on, it’s always on in my car. And drove south on the GSP. Third or fourth song is Tree Top Flyer, the “hidden track” from the Barometer Soup album. And bamm, just like that, I had the blog topic from last night. This time I wrote the subject down. See, I can learn a new trick. I will work that subject, maybe publish Saturday or Sunday. I’m excited, I hope the end result meets my expectations.  Then, I head towards home, and instead of getting off at my exit I go to the next exit which is for Route 72. This is where all the stores are. Driving to work this morning I got the idea in my head that my DW had not had flowers on the table in a few weeks. I thought, self, she needs flowers. Not necessarily roses or anything fancy, just something pretty. So I am walking around the grocery store and I call her on my cell. She had a tough day and could I please stop somewhere for wine. Ok, I said, I’m downtown in the grocery store and will get wine when I’m done.

Flowers, wine, makings for S’mores. I am king (at least for today). Dinner was good, mosquitos chased us in early. I picked  half of a five gallon bucket of tomatoes. Some will go to work, the rest will go to the freezer. Tonight’s picture was sent to me by DS2 this afternoon while he was walking on the south jetty in Barnegat Light. He was working on his next song. Writing music near the ocean.  Enjoy the video and the picture.


Barnegat Inlet, Barnegat Light, NJ