Day 225, Rockin’ to the Tuna..

Tonight’s blog is brought you courtesy of a fine Dominican Rum and the music provided by the video feed from the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in Key West, Fl.  Speaking of smoking, did you have lottery tickets for the drawing last night? The prize was over 250 million. Nobody won so Saturday night’s price is over 310 million. The cash prize for Saturday night is 195 million (before taxes). I am not shilling for the lottery, just adding the historical setting for the future when I look back on this blog. And, for last night’s lottery I had five tickets.  I checked my numbers at work today. I had no numbers, not one. What does that guy say in the tv commercial when his ticket is a looser, frank!

On the list of things that aren’t right and annoy me, the company that makes the Tom Tom GPS have been added. Early in January I bought a GPS from Amazon which was delivered while I was in Florida. When I came home I opened the box and plugged the brand new unit into my computer to update the map. The unit comes with lifetime maps. The unit wanted to update the software first. The process was fraught with errors. After three hours of web searching and trying everything I could find on the web, I put the unit down for the night. The next day I called their customer support and the bottom line was that the unit was defective, right, out of the box.

I sent the unit back to them for replacement. I asked the person on the phone if they were going to replace with a refurbished unit or a new one. A new one was promised since mine was new out of the box. Well, the replacement unit came in the mail today. Two guesses, new or refurbished? Refurbished.  Do I send it back, do I complain or do I just get on with my life. At this point I am on the just get on with your life. I could have returned it to Amazon, but what assurance did I have that a replacement from them would work any better? Why would I think that? I read on one of the Tom Tom forums that Tom Tom shipped a batch of bad units to Amazon around Christmas time. There was a problem with the image written to the units.    This the fourth Tom Tom GPS that I have owned, but the first one to be a problem.

Enough ranting for one evening.  I was busy at work today. For a few hours (3 or 4) the company phones were down, again. I have said it before and it is still true, I am glad I am not responsible for the company phone system.  My DW worked some of the day. She finished early and had some time to relax this afternoon. Tonight she continued doing homework after dinner. DS1 is helping a friend move in Philadelphia. DS2 was sick today. Hopefully he will be back to class tomorrow. DS3, he has escaped detection today. I will make an effort to catch up with him on Friday.  Tomorrow my DW and I are going for massages after work. We bought Groupons that were about 70 % off the cost of a massage.  Tomorrow we are redeeming them. We are both looking forward to our massage.

Tonight’s picture is of the three Pete’s. When I was in Florida playing lacrosse there were three defensive players named Pete. My DW thought it would be a cute to get a picture of the three of us. Enjoy!


Three Pete's