Day 265, Happy Spring!..

Why isn’t the first day of spring a holiday? Here in the USA we celebrate Cinco De Mayo. All that holiday is for selling Mexican beer and Mexican food. They don’t even celebrate it in Mexico. Maybe what we need is one of the national “beverage” companies to sponsor Happy Spring 20XX. Each year they can change the year in the promotion. Outdoor activities would be featured. Maybe drinks with a summer twist could be the focus. Are there any marking majors out there that want to start the next great American holiday?  Don’t forget to mention my name.. Limeguy.

Today, as you may have figured out, was the first day of Spring here in the northern hemisphere. It is an up day for us since we are moving away from the cold of the winter season. I wonder if the people that live in the southern hemisphere are melancholy about the arrival of fall in there world. I certainly am melancholy about the arrival of fall when September comes around.

Work was busy for me today. I like days where I have scheduled work and I can get that work done with the minimum of interruptions. My DW had a better day today. She got home at a decent hour. DS1 worked a slow 4 hour shift delivering pizza. The two college boys were quiet today. I poked DS3 since I had not had any contact since Sunday when I dropped him off. He is busy with classes. He does seem to have time to post “stuff” on Facebook.

I walked my three miles during lunch today at Allaire Park. It is a good thing that I don’t punch a time card. The drive over to the park takes ten minutes. The walk takes 53 minutes and the ride back takes 10 minutes. If you get an hour for lunch, this schedule leaves you short by quite a few minutes. But,it works for me.

Tonight’s pictures come from my walk today. The captions will explain (if an explanation is necessary) what the pictures are of.  Oh, yoga tonight. I could do a second night a week.  Yoga nights are good for me.  Enjoy!




Some beach, some where (country song refrain) or post 77..

DW on the beach

Here is a picture taken this evening in Ship Bottom, NJ. My DW and I went for a walk after dinner on the beach. The water was warm and the breeze was not so bad. And, the beach was pretty empty.  That is the usual deal when the kids have gone back to school in September. I would expect that if the weather cooperates this weekend, that the crowds will return.  On the way home from the beach we made a stop at one of my companies local customers and solved his database problems in person.  
Home life is settling down into a routine  now that there are just two people living in the house.  We are missing the boys, and not just when there are chores to do, really!  We both worked today. She had a three case day that took up most of her day. My big goal at work today was to take my lunch and walk for an hour in the local park. Two bites into my sandwich and  a customer that I had been chasing called me back and wanted to get his upgrades done as soon as possible.  I finished my lunch and went back to work. Failed on that goal.  Maybe tomorrow I will accomplish it. In the end, the customer is happy, we get paid and the world goes around.
DS2 was turned down for donating blood today. He was told that he was bleeding too slowly. My DW was surprised that they tried at all in light of his recent surgeries. He had his first clinical session today as a sophomore Music Therapy student. He said that the session went well. He assisted and it felt like he had never left.  That certainly made me smile.   DS3 had Introduction to Theatre, chemistry lecture and chemistry lab. He was texting this evening so I guess chemistry lab went well.  Tomorrow is his early day with 6:30 am ROTC PT.
That’s it, no real excitement.  Time for some rum (it’s medicinal) and tv then bed. Good night.
But wait there’s more. Today’s bonus picture comes from DS2’s beach collection, shot June 2, 2011. Enjoy!



Obvious Dirty Harry reference needed, .44 (post) magnum..

Could not resist. This entry should start out with Dammit!, followed by an apology. I went to bed last night and suddenly had an idea for today’s blog. A really good idea. Such that I started to write the blog in my mind. Then, I shut the brain down so I could get some sleep. Ding, dong, guess what I forgot this morning? Right, what I was thinking about last night.  This is frustrating.  Now, the future game plan might be to write down on some paper near the bed the topic and hope that I can rebuild the thoughts in the morning. Or, just get out of bed and let the muse motivate me into writing.  I’m not really sure which choice I will make.  I would certainly hope that if I had written down the subject last night, that the inspiration would have returned in the morning.

For lunch today since it was not too hot or humid I took my sandwich and bottle of water over to Allaire State park in Wall, NJ.  The park is about 5 minutes from my office. Usually I have my iPod or Oakley mp3 sunglasses to provide the music for my walk. Both of these items are still in my camera bag from the trip to Lake Placid. I guess I did not do quite as good a job putting my things away as I thought. So, without music to distract me, I walked 1.5 miles each way trying to remember last nights topic. Frustrating. But on the bright side, today is National S’mores Day. There truly is a day for everything and everybody. At the Allaire State Park they have a railroad that goes around the park. The trains whistle blows and you can ride the circuit if you so choose. Click here to see a video of the train as it passes by. I shot this while walking back to my car.

So, I wrote the above part of the blog while waiting for the work day to end.  I got in the car to drive home, still thinking, thinking. I put Radio Margarittaville on, it’s always on in my car. And drove south on the GSP. Third or fourth song is Tree Top Flyer, the “hidden track” from the Barometer Soup album. And bamm, just like that, I had the blog topic from last night. This time I wrote the subject down. See, I can learn a new trick. I will work that subject, maybe publish Saturday or Sunday. I’m excited, I hope the end result meets my expectations.  Then, I head towards home, and instead of getting off at my exit I go to the next exit which is for Route 72. This is where all the stores are. Driving to work this morning I got the idea in my head that my DW had not had flowers on the table in a few weeks. I thought, self, she needs flowers. Not necessarily roses or anything fancy, just something pretty. So I am walking around the grocery store and I call her on my cell. She had a tough day and could I please stop somewhere for wine. Ok, I said, I’m downtown in the grocery store and will get wine when I’m done.

Flowers, wine, makings for S’mores. I am king (at least for today). Dinner was good, mosquitos chased us in early. I picked  half of a five gallon bucket of tomatoes. Some will go to work, the rest will go to the freezer. Tonight’s picture was sent to me by DS2 this afternoon while he was walking on the south jetty in Barnegat Light. He was working on his next song. Writing music near the ocean.  Enjoy the video and the picture.


Barnegat Inlet, Barnegat Light, NJ