Passing the time..

Life seems to have settled down during the last two weeks from the go – go -go last few months.  Vacation season for us is mostly over and the spring gardening season is trying it’s best to not arrive.  Last weekend it rained for three days with our northern neighbors getting snow. Maybe we can ship some of this excess water to California.  They have quite the drought going on out there.

I have been back to playing lacrosse on Monday and some Wednesday nights. Monday nights are far more competitive than Wednesday nights. The real attraction to playing on Wednesday is that DS1 also plays. Sometimes we are on the same team, some times not. Playing against him makes my game better.  This past Monday night I scored three goals in the last fifteen minutes of the game. I spent the first 45 minutes trying to catch the ball and not succeeding. Something clicked during the last fifteen minutes and I caught the ball and scored three times. The rest of the “older crowd” was excited for my success.

I have been visiting my deceased MIL’s house about once a week for the last few months.  I start her car, walk around the house making sure that the doors and windows are all intact.  So far so good.  Visiting there is like living through a post apocalyptic movie. By that I mean on December 23, the world stopped at her house. The calendars all say December. The towels in the bathroom are of the Christmas motif. The decorations, such that they are, Christmas. On her dresser is a birthday card for one of her grandsons. He would have received that card on Christmas.   Next to that card are several cards that the daughters would have received at Christmas.  The car sits in the driveway. It has not been off the street where she lived since at least December 3. The clocks are all on Eastern Standard time, Daylight Savings time never arrived.   The whole scene is just plain eerie.

This weekend we are on the road again. DS2 has his last Wind Ensemble concert as a Marywood University undergraduate.  Graduation is on Mothers Day. It is hard to believe how fast time passed since I took him to the university to audition for a spot at the school.

Pictures, I have a few.. (sung to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody)..



LimeGuy birthday morning..

Reading the title you can figure that today is my birthday. As such, I took the day off as a personal day. I get five sick/personal days a year. Today I took one of them.  I was up at 7 am, my usual work day time. DS3 asked me why if I had the day off was I awake at 7 am?  I told him I could not sleep. The adventures of the day beckoned. (Sounds like a good answer anyway).

I decided laying in bed this morning that I would ride my bike to the Barnegat Lighthouse and back today. The round trip distance is 35 plus miles. The two biggest challenges of the ride (other than the actual distance) are crossing the Manahawkin Bay Bridge on a bicycle and the inevitable winds on Long Beach Island.  The bridge is not bike friendly as you will see in the pictures I took from the top. The winds, I hoped to get my ride in before the wind picked up.

Thursday roll call here at the house found only DS2 and I not working. Everybody was out of the house by 7:15.  I was dressed and out of the house on my bike by 8 am. The ride onto Long Beach Island of the bridge was not too bad. What the two children that regularly travel onto LBI failed to share was that the inbound lanes and the outbound lanes had been compressed around the bridges. This left absolutely no room for a bike and two cars. I got through that section but was none to pleased to have traversed it.

The trip up (north) the island was uneventful. I sopped at the Barnegat Lighthouse and had a drink and a snack. I took some pictures and started heading home. About a mile from the light house I ran over an industrial staple and promptly had a flat tire. Guess which tire? If you guessed the back tire, you would be correct. I got off the bike on the bay front of Barnegat Light and sat on a park bench and changed tubes removing the staple from the tire. I took pictures if the view that I had while working on my bike. At least it was not raining and I was on the side of a busy highway. After the tire issue I stopped at a gas station and completed inflating the tire and rode home. The wind was in my face and was building the entire way as I rode south.

Up and over the bridges, no problems. The inbound side was scarier. DS2 and I went out for lunch (2 beers and a cheeseburger) after I had cooled down and had showered.  The beers were to hydrate and replace the carbs that I expended this morning. The burger, why that was the protein of the meal!

Pictures and such.  Several pictures with captions are below. Here is a link to the entire group of pictures from today’s ride. Here  and here are links to the Map My Ride APP that recorded the ride.  Enjoy!



Vacation Day Five…

Today is Thursday, January 17, 2013. When I last posted we had arrived in Weston, Florida after trashing my min van driving to the airport. Today I got the estimate for the repair, 1500.00. I guess I need to add the cost of the tow to that number. And in response to my brother’s comment that we should invest in a tow truck, I’ve been giving that some serious thought. The car will be repaired and back on the road by the time I return from Florida (I hope).

Today DS3 and I stopped in Key Largo and visited Kiffney’s Firearms to shoot pistols in their indoor pistol range. Neither DS3 or I have ever shot a pistol before. We shot 100 rounds each. We shot the following pistols, .45 Glock, .40 Glock, 9 mm Glock and a 9 mm Smith and Wesson.  Bam and bam until there was nothing but spent shells on the floor. We traded off pistols to have the chance to load and fire all the different weapons. We had fun. My DW watched through the window while we were shooting. She did not want to shoot the pistols. I shot zombies and DS3 shot a terrorist target.

After we returned from Keys (we went to the Keys on Monday, more about that later this week), we had our lacrosse team’s first and only practice. The tournament starts tomorrow. Our first game is at 8 am tomorrow morning. Yikes!

Here are a few pictures from today. There will be many more pictures as the week goes on. Enjoy!



2012 in review or Happy New Years!

First off, to those that have read and visited my blog, THANK YOU!  Yes, I’m shouting. 

Below is the end of the year report that detail where you are all from, how many times you visited, or if you have been naughty or nice.


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

More Christmas time pictures..

In keeping with the holiday theme from yesterday, I went out in search of holiday decorations today. After I had my chicken parmigina and manicotti lunch at Tony’s in Farmingdale, I drove around Farmingdale looking for inflatable decorations. I found a few that were inflated in the middle of the day. Most of the inflatable decorations were lying on the ground, like discarded zombies waiting for night fall to rise up and haunt the neighborhood. Yes, I know that zombies don’t sleep during the day. In my world, they might.

After dinner, my DW and I walked around our neighborhood to see the various decorations and shoot some more pictures for tonight’s blog.  We had a nice walk. The loop around the neighborhood is about one mile. Easy to do. 

Here, without any further nonsense from me, are the pictures.  If you click here you can see them via Drop Box. 



Judgemental Tuesday..

Yesterday was Non – Judgemental Monday in my life. What a struggle. I decided when I woke up that I would not judge anyone for an entire day. Did I really think of this first thing when I was getting out of bed? Yea, actually, I did.  We all judge others by whatever criteria that we feel that we have mastered. At least that is how it works for me.  I did not judge the other people driving to and from work (help me!), nor did I judge my co-workers (struggle) or even the telemarketer that called during dinner.

Today, being Judgmental Tuesday, I was released from my vows of non-judgement. And, if I say so myself, I made up for yesterday!  It’s a good thing that I drive to work alone and have my own office.  I will leave it at that.  Yesterday was also a red-letter day in my coffee world. I took a coffee bath first thing in the morning at work when I dumped my 20 oz latte (home-made) on my desk, lap, chair and floor.  My office smelled like coffee for the rest of the day.  We also received our monthly shipment of fresh roasted coffee from the Orleans Coffee Exchange.  I had some of the new coffee this morning. I like to try the various Central American coffees that they offer.

It snowed in Scranton, PA today. DS2 sent a picture (down below) of the campus with snow on the ground. Here in New Jersey it only rained. DS2 also sent pictures of the new Marywood Wind Ensemble shirts that were delivered today as well. Those pictures are below.  DS3 has not yet forwarded me the pictures he took at Thanksgiving, they are NOT below (hint, hint).

Work for me was busy, somewhat stressful.  My DW worked a full day. There is some silliness going on in her department and she is trying her best to stay out of the conflict. Yea, mom!  DS1 was home early today. He walked in from the gym as I was getting home from work.  I watched the current episode of The Walking Dead at lunch time. It was a disturbing episode. Kind of like watching NASCAR for the wrecks. 

My DW and I went to adult school yoga tonight and are “re-centered” once again. I really enjoy that class.

So, the pictures are already described, so here they are without captions. Enjoy!


Day 279, love them or hate them..

Computers, that is.  I have spent the last two hours working on my laptop and it not much better than it was. I will solve the problem, hopefully before I loose my cool. This is one of those things that are better left to another day. Which is wheat I will do.

Sorry for the short ride tonight. Type, wait, type wait, is no way to write.

Maybe a picture, my computer lost in the fog.



Day 228, I like prime rib…


There is no doubt about it. I really enjoy a rib roast for dinner on a Sunday night. The only thing that would have improved the meal would have been having the two Scranton boys home for dinner.  I was looking for a prime rib dinner in Florida and did not find the meal I was looking for.  I decided that I would make my own tonight. We usually will save the rib roast for a special occasion, or a Sunday night when the family is all home. I felt the need for beef, and so that is what we had. In addition to the beef the Shop Rite was selling loose fingerling potatoes. Some were the normal color, some were a dark color. When I bought them (the dark ones) I thought they were black or brown. When they were cooked the insides were purple. Pretty interesting. They tasted fine.

I worked this afternoon for five hours from home. I have a customer that is in Connecticut with two stores that needed to be worked on. In Connecticut the liquor stores are closed on Sunday. I probably could have gotten my work done during the week, but doing my work when the store is closed is so much more efficient. I get paid for the extra time, so the money helps as well. This morning we (DW and I) went grocery shopping, as per Sunday usual. It seemed like everybody was in a trance, just stopping in the middle of the isle, starting off into space. Maybe that qualifies as grocery shopping.  We did escape the store but not before almost leaving our extra cloth bags behind. It could have been an airborne zombie gas or something. Brain dead in the grocery store, film at Eleven.

DS2 had a Jazz performance today at school. He is jazz tolerant. He was part of the jazz bands in high school and took his college freshmen year off from jazz. The jazz conductor informed him that he would be part of the group this year. He tweeted that he had one more hour of jazz then he would be finished for the day.  DS3 has a high school student staying with him for the next two nights. He and his roommate are hosts to this student.  I hope they have a good experience (both my son and the high school student.)

I was able to finally resolve my internet issues today. Or, Comcast resolved them for me without telling me. Either way my upload speed has returned. This morning my download speed was 5 megs a sec and my upload speed as 31 k a second.  Something is really wrong with that . 31 k is like the old days when you had a phone modem.

Tonight’s pictures are the pictures that were promised from yesterday. Yesterday we (my brother, his son and I) had fun throwing lacrosse balls around at Brookdale Park, Bloomfield, NJ. Enjoy!



Here goes my third attempt to blog tonight. This effort is an improvement because I can see the actual letters that I am typing. The two previous attempts were not as successful. You know the old windows adage, when in doubt, reboot.  But then again, this seems to be the recurring theme for the day.

I went to go out to lunch today with a friend from my childhood and I realised that I had left the keys to my car still inside of it when I got out of it this morning. I always lock the car at work. We went to lunch and got caught up on families and such. He obviously drove. And on the plus side, his company’s credit card covered lunch. That was sweet. Maybe we should have eaten a little more upscale than a dinner.  After lunch I called the Allstate Roadside people and they had somebody out in 30 minutes to open the door and get me my keys. It certainly made me feel silly.

After work I drove home to find I left my wallet in my desk at work. Scatter brained or what?  Hopefully I won’t need my wallet before I get to the office in the morning.  I was able to take some time today and decorate my new office space. I still need a few things, like some more indoor plants and somewhere to hang my coat. I may work on those problems tomorrow during my lunch hour.

That’s all for tonight. I am getting while the getting is good.  Tuesday yoga is done until February. This picture is from June of 2004 when one of my brothers took his two dogs out for a drive.  Enjoy!


Two dogs

Post 127 Halloween sugar rush..

It is Wednesday night here in New Jersey.  We were reflecting at dinner tonight about the lack of trick o’ treater’s again this year. Each year we scale back the amount of candy we purchase since we always seem to have leftovers. With no kids at home to help with the leftovers, their consumption falls on us old folks. And, you can rightly guess, we don’t need to be eating candy. We purchased three snack bags of candy with a coupon at the grocery store. We opened two of the bags, Kit Kats and Hershey’s Bars, leaving the Reeses unopened. Of the 28 or so available candies, we gave away about 15 – 18. There was an early rush of small children, but then the older children, say 11 – 15 never came by. Granted we left the house at 7:15 to go to yoga, but we left the candy on the porch. None of the candy we left out was taken.

Story Alert: Back in the old days when we had Halloween age children, we used to create a huge Halloween display on the front lawn. Compete with tunnels, fog, strobe lights, creatures, you name it, we had something like it. Our children, especially the youngest would work very hard with me for during the two weeks that it took to set up the display. This picture is from 2004, our last year.

Halloween 2004

Why did we stop? I’m not really sure. Things must have gotten busy or something during the fall of 2005. After that, the spell was broken, never to be reinvented. In this picture you can see my DW standing in the fog next to the altar. This was supposed to be similar to a scene from one of the Indiana Jones movies.  In the foreground you can barely see the graveyard that was constructed in the front yard. The county has a recycling area where you can get mulch and compost. We made the grave yard out of compost. After Halloween, the compost got moved into the garden for the next growing season.

Work was busy for me. Filled with the usual poor decisions that turn into emergencies. I’m sure you know the type. My DW had a full day of work as well. She survived the doctor-less month of October. Now I think the doctors that were on vacation will be busy to pay for their vacations. Children, not much happening here. I had little or no contact today so far with them. That is ok, I will get some face time Saturday and Sunday.  And, that damm song is still stuck in my head.

Another picture from Halloween 2004.

Halloween 2004

This was the view down the tunnel to the room pictured above. Notice the walls and other spooky effects..Enjoy!


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