Thanksgiving 2013..

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 to all. Yes, I am a little late posting.  We spent Thanksgiving Day at my wife’s mothers house again this year. Dinner was homemade manicotti, deep-fried turkey and many desserts. There also was the usual stuffing, sweat potatoes, salad and such.  I fried two turkeys Thanksgiving week.  One at the MIL’s house and one at work.

Wednesday at work my job was to cook the turkey. I did a little actual work related work, but cooking the turkey was certainly job one. I will add a few pictures of the finished turkey at the bottom of this page.  All three of the boys were in attendance at dinner. Saturday DS1 went back to his apartment and DS3 drove out to LI to visit his girlfriend. DS2 went back to Scranton Sunday morning.

The college boys have about two more weeks and then the fall semester is over.

We did reach a milestone this past weekend. I wrote my second of three (possible) graduation expense checks. DS1 did not attend graduation, but we had to pay the fee in order for him to get his diploma. DS2 is scheduled to graduate on Mother Day 2014.   There is one more possible graduation fee check to written next December. How the time flies!



Funeral Saturday..

That title should discourage just about everyone from reading.  Saturday morning was the funeral for the Wheeling Jesuit University lacrosse player that was murdered in a fight after a night at the local bar near the college campus. Some of the details were discussed in the prior blog posting entitled Death of a Lacrosse Player.  As simple Google search will provide more information.

To say the morning was emotional would be an understatement. I took away a few lasting memories from the funeral and the repast. The president of the university said the funeral mass. He knew the player that had died and had spent most of the previous week with the family. He was very distressed by the events of the last week. Not as an educator and the president of the university, but as a human being that had lived through the tragedy.

The lacrosse community is a family. A small family with egos and such. Saturday was about celebrating the life of one of our own.  I hope to never be the parent at one of these services. 

The night before (Friday night) four of DS1’s college teammates came to our house for the night. They traveled from Ohio, Pittsburgh and Boston. These young men enjoyed an evening of a roaring fire, some beer and whisky and fellowship.  Saturday morning they were all up, showered and dressed and at the funeral (two hours away) on time. 

One picture tonight. This was sent to me by DS1. It was taken towards the end to the repast.



Death of a lacrosse player..

Saturday morning, like the 1:30 am last call from Friday night, Saturday morning, one of the player’s from DS1 college lacrosse team was attacked and killed. As the weekend and now this week have passed, reading the news reports, that local police along with other law enforcement officers arrested two young men and have charged them with the murder. The current newspaper story says that the suspects admitted to the fight and kicking one of the players while he was on the ground.  It would appear from reading the news accounts that words were exchanged and alcohol was involved.

What a shame. We (my DW and I) know the player’s parents. We will be traveling to the wake and funeral on Saturday.

Here are some links to the story in the local media. I can say that my oldest child (DS1) made that walk home from the bar many a night. We feel quite fortunate that we never got that late night phone call..

Click here for newspaper story


Click here of funeral notice and information


Middle of the day post..

Work is slow today, both of my scheduled jobs cancelled out. One with a death in the family the other with a dead computer. I see a theme here, time to run faster, I guess.  Today is May 1, 2013. May Day as it were.  We had our first decent rain on Monday in quite awhile. I heard quite a bit of complaining in my travels about the one day of rain. My garden and lawn were quite happy for the soaking. Speaking of the lawn, I rented a tiller from Home Depot and tilled a third of the lawn. Last year I did a different third. Well, it would not make sense to keep tilling the same area, right?  I am halfway through raking the stones and clay out of the dirt. Hopefully by next Monday the dirt will be ready for seeding.

This weekend we are going to Scranton. No, not for the Office Wrap parties.  The Office tv show is ending its run and some of the cast are going to be in Scranton this weekend. There is a parade on Saturday afternoon.  This is an excellent opportunity for the local hotels to double their rates for the weekend. We, are going to a concert at Marywood Saturday night.  I suggested to my DW that while she was playing on the internet this morning that she look and see what silliness was going on in the city this weekend so that we could avoid (if possible) the crowds. Maybe we should go to the parade…

Monday night lacrosse belonged to the goalies. Or, belonged to the goalies that I tried to shoot on. Tonight we are going to Manalapan to play lacrosse outdoors under the lights.  Hopefully there will be enough players to play a decent game.  Children, DS1 drove out to Wheeling for the WJU men’s lacrosse team’s alumni game. He had a goal in the game. I have only briefly talked to him since he got back. He slept at a friends house Sunday night and was a ghost Monday and Tuesday nights. I thinks he is a little (a lot) beat from the weekend  and 15 hour days at work.

DS2 is in the middle of finals week. When we see him Saturday, he will be done with his junior year of college. DS3, not really sure what he is up to.  I expect that we will find out this weekend.   My DW has decided that Hot Yoga is not for her.  The gym where she goes changed her Monday night class from a regular yoga to a hot yoga class. She gave the hot yoga three weeks to see if she could handle the heat. The hot yoga got two thumbs down.  She has been getting back to swimming on Monday nights until the hot yoga fad goes away.  We are still enjoying regular, adult school yoga on Tuesday nights.

Pictures, only one this week. Crazy or what?  In this picture DS3 (on the right) is with his college roommate (L) and a girl at a bar in Wheeling, WV.  Thanks for reading!



Beer 30..

Saturday evening DS1, the weatherman, another brother (needs a catchy pseudonym) and I went to the Morristown Brew Fest.  The event was billed as “unlimited beer tasting” for four hours.  If you paid an extra 20 dollars you could get in an hour earlier and get some “free’ food and “special” beers not available to the general public.  We choose the cheap (50 dollar) way out. My OB (other brother) lives in Randolph about 15 minutes from the Morristown Armory.  His wife drove us to the festival and shared their home for the night so we would not have to travel home after drinking. Thank you! The festival website can be found here.  There were a few problems with the delivery of the goods on Saturday. The organizers (as you can read on their website) had problems with the ticket scanners. They attempted to verify each of about 3000 tickets manually. You can guess how that went.

How it went was that we arrived at 4:35 for the event and stood outdoors in the cold for 1.5 hours in a line with 2000 other people.  When we finally got to the entrance, they had people checking id’s, that went pretty quick. The pinch point was that the one entrance was also the exit.  And lining both sides of the entrance/exit were lines of people waiting for the bathrooms. Hmm. The entrance was a double door, one side closed. So everybody in line entered the building one person at a time.  Once I got through the door, they just took my ticket and did not check it.  The people in line were well-behaved. The wait would have gone better if someone from the festival had come outside and explained to the people in line what the problems and solutions were. We would have felt less in the dark.   See some news coverage here and here.

Inside, warm, not too crowed and very loud. Sometimes my misspent youth comes back to haunt me. I don’t do will in loud crowds. The beer selections were great. I had all the beer I wanted. I waited many times in a line two or three people deep. But the lines were quick, the people pouring had smiles (for the most part). My son, and brothers all had stories to share by the end of the night. My brother worked one table while the lady working the table went to the bathroom. My son had somebody give him 10 dollars for food, I guess he looked hungry.  We had a good time. Will we go next year? I’m not really sure. I have been to two of these things (one in Manhattan and this one), this event had a good selection of beer.   Pictures, of course!


Other news,

  • DS3 went to the University of Scranton, ROTC Military Ball with his girlfriend this weekend.  I have not spoken to him about the experience. There is a picture at the bottom.
  • DS2 and his girlfriend celebrated Valentines Day and 5 months of dating this weekend. There is a picture below.
  • Friday night we (DW and I) went to the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank to see Pink Martini. We saw them a few years ago in Central park (NYC). They were pretty good Friday night. At the end of the night, my DW and I counted ten different languages that they sang songs in!  Pretty impressive.  There is a picture below from that concert.
  • Dinner Friday night was at the Dublin House in Red Bank.  Nice place, skip the fish and chips. The other things we ate were good.  Note to the bartender at the Dublin House, second floor, a black in tan is so named because it is poured with the light beer on the bottom and the dark beer on the top. Mixing them together and serving them mixed kills the concept. Practice, practice.

Here are the pictures, enjoy!


Wednesday post (needs a better title)

Rain, snow, dark of night. Not a cute (inaccurate) rhyme about the postal service. Just the state of affairs here in New Jersey this Wednesday night.  The blessing of living on the cost (usually) is the lack of snow in the winter time. This year has followed that rule pretty well. Two years ago we got just as much snow as the rest of the state. Not this year. So, yes, tonight, rain, snow, ice and of course, darkness. A good night to stay home and read a good book. It must be warm in Key West tonight. Scott Kirby has shorts and a tee-shirt on while performing at the Smoking Tuna Cafe. See the Tuna Cam here.

If you are keeping score with us this week, we have two more deaths to report. Well.. My DW’s mom’s brother died on Sunday. His viewing is tomorrow night and the funeral is Friday.  His obituary can be found here.  Another of DS1’s college teammates had a death in their family. The grandfather died Sunday as well.  That makes 5 in the last week. Related to DS1 =2, related to DW = 1, related to DS2 = 1 related to me = 1. It would appear the people that know DS3 are either in good shape or are next on the chopping block.  It has been pretty crazy. I have become fairly adapt at finding obituaries online. Not a skill I will list on my next resume. 

 Other than that, same old thing. DS1 has been working everyday (Monday – Friday). DS2 performed at the  first jazz dance at Marywood on Sunday night.  He seems to be doing ok. DS3 will have company from his LI girlfriend for the weekend up at school.  My DW and I continue to go to work and keep the house clean while the oldest seems to do his best to undo our efforts.  I made home-made Farmer Cheese this week. My mother used to make it when we were kids.

Today is Ash Wednesday. Yesterday was… Fat Tuesday.  I watched some of the craziness in New Orleans via several webcams in the French Quarter. One day we will be part of that silliness.  My DW wants to go for the last hour so she can watch the police clear the streets at midnight. 

Here are a few pictures from this week. Enjoy!


Sunday morning..

It is Sunday February 10, 2013 here in New Jersey. Sunny and cold.  Our possibly planned trip to Scranton to see the boys yesterday did not happen. One of the reasons for the trip was to avoid working on our taxes and the kids FAFSA paperwork.  It isn’t that the process is complicated, I do both every February. It is just tedious.  So, instead of spending money avoiding the inevitable (the taxes part), I just got them done. Four tax returns both federal and state. Now I have to review them, fill in the two or three missing pieces and send them off.  The FAFSA’s may get started today.  Next weekend will be quite busy.

Speaking of the inevitable (the death part), we (the LimeGuy family) seem to be slightly surrounded by people passing away this week. Thursday, I got a phone call from a childhood friend that his oldest sister had passed after fighting cancer for 18 months. This makes the second sister he has lost to cancer. The wake is Monday and the funeral is Tuesday. The obituary can be found here.  Saturday morning, DS2 told me that the father of the girl he drove home from college in December had died of a heart attack that (yesterday) morning. Funeral plans are unknown. I expect to be in Cherry Hill at some point this week to support our son and his friends. And to round it out, the father of one of DS1’s college lacrosse teammates died on Thursday out in Ohio.  What a week!

We, DW and I, shoveled the little bit of snow that fell, clearing pathways and the plow pile in front of the driveway.  The weather forecast for Monday is calling for a high of 50 degrees. That should clean up the snow that is still on the ground.  We bought a new printer for the house at COSTCO yesterday. A HP 7520 ink jet printer. The printer is web-enabled. What does that mean? It means that we can send emails to the printer and they will print at the house. If the email is a picture, the picture will print on the photo paper. If the email is a document, then plain paper is used. I added an app to my phone and tested it out yesterday. I took a picture that DS2 sent me in a text, shared it to the E Print app and then printed it, from my phone!  Nice! Tech people and their toys.  It is also convenient for my DW to print her coupons.

Pictures you say? Well, I said pictures..  Here you go.  Enjoy!

This link will take you to the Saturday snow pictures from our neighborhood.

Oh, partner yoga tonight 6:30 to 7:30 pm, dinner will be late..


Marywood University Saturday morning after the snow

Marywood University Saturday morning after the snow

Kicked to the curb..

Not me, nor any of my children!  Nor my DW for that matter. The subject is the Christmas tree. Yesterday, New Years Eve, my next door neighbor had their tree out at the curb. The town will pick the Christmas tree’s up with a special truck and grind them for mulch.  Not this week, though. Our tree is still up. I think it is coming down this weekend. In two weeks we head to Florida for some time and the tree won’t last until we get back. My next door neighbors have four children and may have put their tree up closer to Thanksgiving than we did. I guess four or five weeks in the house might be the average lifespan of the tree.

My DW is participating in the Lesley Sansone’s Walk a Mile a Day for a Year Challenge.  Click here.  My DW found the walking videos on You Tube. She does them two or three times a week when the house is quiet and she has some free time. Today, to kick off the challenge, my DW and did our mile walking around the neighborhood. I, of course, brought my camera. The subject of the pictures was to be Christmas trees already kicked to the curb.  I also shot some pictures of the furry (and not) animals that were eating at the buffet in the backyard this morning.

Kids, DS2 is at home. He went to a New Years Eve party with some friends from high school. He had a good time. DS1 was in Hudson, Ohio with some WJU lacrosse buddies celebrating the new year.  We traded texts this evening, he is headed back to Pittsburgh tonight and is a little bit (a lot, maybe) hung over from last night. DS3 is still out on Long Island with a girl that he goes to university with. We spoke last night after midnight. He sounded like he was enjoying himself.

Last night, low-key for the parents. Veal for dinner, LSU (they lost) football on the tv. We had out midnight champagne toast and blew off some fireworks.  We were in bed by 1:30 am.

Here are some pictures from our walk around the block today.  The Drop Box of the pictures can be found here. Enjoy!


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2012 in review or Happy New Years!

First off, to those that have read and visited my blog, THANK YOU!  Yes, I’m shouting. 

Below is the end of the year report that detail where you are all from, how many times you visited, or if you have been naughty or nice.


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Two posts in one day, what’s with that..

Today in the mail DS1 got his official diploma from Wheeling Jesuit University. WOW!

There you go.  We were wondering if they were ever going to send his diploma. He played four years of DII lacrosse starting all four years. He went back for a fifth year, one semester to take care of a few classes he missed during the four years. Then in November of 2011 they discovered another class that needed to be passed so he could graduate. He took that class at the local community college this spring. He passed the course and sent his transcript to WJU.  Today, they sent the diploma.


In 24 hours we sat in the rain listening to steel drums, drove through a huge thunderstorm to rescue DS3 who beat up his car, rescued the car from the impound lot unscathed, DS3 started a new job this morning and DS1 is officially a college graduate. Me, I’m emotionally exhausted. We are going out to celebrate! And we have lots to celebrate. Tomorrow is another day.

Here are pictures of DS1 with his diploma.  Enjoy! Really enjoy!


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