Asbury Park Oyster Fest 2013..

When is an “Oyster Fest” not an “Oyster Fest”? Maybe when the event is held in Asbury Park.  In two weeks the Red Bank “Guinness and Oyster  Festival” will be held in Red Bank. Then, I will have another “oyster fest” to compare this one to.  I am not complaining. It may sound like I am getting ready to rant about the Asbury Park Oyster Fest 2013, but I am not. Tonight’s blog is a “review” of the festival. I spent over twenty years in the seafood industry and have worked a few of these festivals. I am no expert. I am a consumer with an opinion. And we all know about opinions. They are like, ummm (your butt), everyone has one, nobody wants to hear it..

Parking was a challenge for those attending the festival. I guess that is good for the city of Asbury Park. We drove around for 15 minutes until we found someone leaving a metered spot. Parking was three dollars for three hours. No big deal.  Entrance to the festival was three dollars (a  theme?). The entrance fee benefited the Boys and Girls Club of Asbury Park. A good cause, just a fee.  We (my DW and I) entered the festival around 5 pm on Saturday. I had my trusty camera to record the event. The first order of business was to find the beer truck. We had walked past about a dozen food trucks (some I would guess made famous by food tv) and had not found the beer truck. We saw a women with a beer and I asked her where the beer truck (s) were.  She was kind enough to point out that they (three) were in the complete opposite end of the festival.

We changed directions and walked towards the beer trucks looking at the various vendors and planning our eating adventure (post-beer truck).  As we stood in line we met the person with the best job at the festival.  As you waited in line, someone (a man) would come up to you and check your id. He had the discretion of looking at you and deciding, or asking to see your id. These guys enjoyed their jobs. I would guess they (at each of the three beer trucks) were single and working on meeting women. Me, they had no interest in my id. My DW and every other women in line, they got to show some id or the id checker spent a minute or two talking them up. I could do that job!

After we go our beer (wine for my DW) we continued our search for oysters (Asbury Park Oyster Fest, remember?). We found two vendors shucking clams and oysters. One had a huge line of people waiting. The other had a manageable line of people waiting.  In my mind an oyster fest would include more than two vendors selling shucked oysters. There was no choice of the type of oyster.  How many and how much were the choices. We got a dozen clams and a dozen oysters and found a spot to set our plates down and enjoy our feast. They were nice and cold and really good.

We also sampled a serving of Lobster Mac and Cheese. I will make this at home one Sunday for dinner.  What we got was good but, our portion was the last in the pan and may have been a little light and dried out. It was good. But for a ten-dollar snack, ouch, it was pricey.  And, here was another festival where they really did not have an ice cream vendor. There was a frozen gelato vendor, that was it. After we were done eating we went up to the boardwalk and found an ice cream place there. We sat on a bench on the boardwalk for almost an hour Saturday night watching the waves and the people walking the boards.

We saw a wedding on the beach as we were walking the boards. My DW and I have rarely been to Asbury Park. We live about an hour south so the trip up and back needs to have a reason.  We enjoyed our visit and will be back again as tourists.

Pictures, well of course!  Here is a link to entire folder via Drop Box.




Ah choo – bless you (x 2 or more) post 114..

I get blessed a lot these days. Yes, I was blessed with the children, I know that.  But I seem to have developed allergies of some sort over the last few years. So during the changing of the seasons I spend quite a bit of time sneezing. My DW puts up with the noise, she really loves me. There are times when she will look over and say, done yet?  And then wait for the last one to say Bless you. It is a good thing we found each other.

Driving to work my mind was wandering, thinking back over the past summer and early fall. I realised that I have not gone fishing once this year. Hmmm. For most people that might not seem like a momentous statement. Story alert! Back in an earlier time when I worked in the wholesale fish market in Philadelphia, I used to go fishing every Friday night between mid May and the beginning of November. A buddy of mine and I would fish for Bluefish each Friday night. We did this for about three or four years straight. This was during the early 90’s when the fish were plentiful and there were no limits on how many you could catch or what you could do with them.

Since we both worked in the wholesale seafood business (different companies) we would sell our catch each week and use the profits to pay for gear, trips, food, beer or whatever. Those were some crazy times fishing. Our best day fishing was one of our last trips. We (there were four guys on this trip)  fished on a head boat (a large, public boat, not privately chartered) for three hours one November morning. We caught over 1200 lbs of Bluefish.  One at a time, with a rod and reel. Needless to say we were quite tired at the end of the trip. The fish all went into coolers and got sold in Philadelphia the next day. That winter the NMFS created catch limits and lots of other details that effectively ended our Friday night adventures. We went a few more trips in the next few years, but  we never fished  with the same manic gusto that we had fished with previously.

It is funny how that random thought whelps a story from my past. Children, pretty quiet. The oldest child  texted after dinner asking if we set a table for Elijah. When they were children we would set an empty plate every now and then for him. I texted back saying the chair and the place setting were done, but not a table. Then I asked him if Elijah was bringing friends this time? He responded that you never know. That’s the truth, you never know. He’d better hurry up because I’m going out to play lacrosse tonight. DS2 texted that the zombie walk was off for him. I don’t have any details why. I let DS3 know that we were a no go at this point.  I was sitting on the fence about going. Picking them up and driving back and forth would have been a real pain.

Picture time then I have to get dressed. Tonight’s picture come from 2007 when my DW and I went to Florida for a few days without the children. I saw this bird on the pier and it reminded me of the 60 Minutes commentator, Andy Rooney.  Enjoy!


Andy Rooney Bird

Who knew 113 was such a popular number for a post or..

The following was snipped from Wikipedia.

In telephony

The information above relates to the number 113 in relation to the telephone. Hmmm. I never considered that the world does not use 911 for emergencies. I really can’t say that I ever gave the concept any thought what so ever before tonight.  Just goes to show that you are never too old to learn something new. Now retain that information, there is a certain sliding scale towards zero as you get older.  I better not ever dial 113 when I am in Iran. I’m just saying.

Enough silliness. My DW worked the second half of the day since they did not have any cases in the morning. Me, I was busy all day doing my current job, ignoring my “new” job at least for the day. The prime directive has not come via email so far. Whatever. I brown bag my lunch, do you?  When I first started working at the job in 2002 I would buy lunch every day. Then I got wise (or so) and started brown bagging and leaving the building every day. Now with the price of gas and whatever, I find myself eating at my desk, trolling the internet between bites. I’m sure that is not healthy. The company is too small to put in any fitness equipment or take a long-term view about employee health and fitness. 

We (DW and I) did go to the gym tonight before dinner. She likes to swim, my shoulders won’t take the stress. I rode the bike and did the treadmill while she swam.  It was a nice break for both of us. Then we had a late “for us” dinner at home.  We are trying to work this empty nest thing as much as possible. Like I told her tonight, I wanted to get married to spend time with her. Then the kids interrupted the romance. Now they are all a text message away.  We are enjoying the time together.

Children, DS1 an dI traded texts. I sent him something from Amazon for his house. I can’t say what since he might (just once in a million years) read my blog.  He will have to wait for the brown truck on Friday. I am certain this will get some use. DS2 has not checked in yet today. He and I have to hash out the Zombie Walk for Saturday.  DS3 has popped up on Facebook several times today. Seems that they ran the ROTC kids pretty hard the first day back from vacation and he puked during the run. I commented asking if he had a rough night. He said no, just a lot of running. He may join us for the Zombie Walk as well

Wrapping up tonight with the customary picture. Tonight’s picture come from 2009 when DS3 attended SLS (Summer Leadership School) at Fort Dix. For a week the Jr ROTC kids do military suff on Fort Dix. This was his second year and he was in charge of his group. He learned about parenting teenagers that week. LOL.  Enjoy!

DS3 and his Mom June 2009



Walking Dead Season 2 starts after post 110..

More zombies. What is with the fascination about zombies? Maybe we think we are smart enough or lucky enough to escape the event that causes all this to happen. But in reality, if there was to be such an event, we would all be part of the hungry horde.  Not a fun thought, just the reality.  So this Saturday will be “practice”  being part of the hungry horde. I will bring my camera so there will certainly be some pictures to share.

Facebook is a little like Twitter, except that more of the people I know post things on Facebook. I am still opposed to it, but I am yielding ever so slightly towards posting more, reading more and watching my brains melt into an unrecognisable goo.  Not really, but I need at least a slight resistance to the force. I did see a picture of my sister-in-law, her husband and senior son at Senior Night recently. Having been there as a parent and the photographer, I was happy to see them recognised as senior parents.  

During the drive home from Wheeling this morning we hooked the cell phone up to the in-car bluetooth (rental car) and spoke for about 45 minutes with DS2. We caught up with him on his weekend at a Music Therapy “convention” on LI, Ny and other things going on in his life. It was nice to check in with him and see what was good, bad or ugly in his life.  We had a lot of the same conversation the night before with his older brother. In an attempt at a  trifecta I texted the youngest to see about a repeat of the in-car phone call. He responded hours later that the cell service was **crackel**crackel** bad where he was spending the weekend and that he was lucky to receive text messages. He may be the recipient of a parental intervention soon. Scranton is only three hours away.

The drive from Wheeling to Manahawkin is about 420 miles, more or less. We drove home with few issues until the last ten miles of the ride. I stopped for a traffic light that went yellow and was yellow when I stopped for it. I got behind a person with several bumper stickers that let me know that 55 in a 55 was all I was going to get. I said to my DW, this is my lesson in patience today. So we behaved, not passing during two “fair” opportunities. The road we  were on is one lane in each direction with various passing zones.  Then at my last possible passing zone  the spacing of the oncoming cars was iffy, not critical, but iffy. I decided to just take a deep breath and relax. At the next intersection a senior citizen pulled out of the senior complex and drove erratically at 40 miles an hour in the 55 mph zone. Breathe, breathe. I mean, I drove 410 miles with little or no drama and here we go. So this weaving car exits into the next senior complex and my friend in front continues on their way. I caught the next three lights and finally got off the highway and into my development. Up two streets, catch the light (hard to belive) and make the right on the street where we live. Home free… Yes, but still some drama. Halfway up the hill (I’m going 25, it is a residential street and I live here)  a two or three-year child wonders out of the front yard of a house and into the road. Not an adult (or anyone else) in sight. I weaved away and slowed further down and drove past the next few houses into my driveway shaking my head.

All is well that ends well, but uggg on the drama. Here is a picture from my bithday in 2008. Everybody open wide!


My birthday June 2008


NJ Zombie Walk planning for post 106..

Last night I cranked out the first page or so of my novel. The novel will consist of several books about the Musician and his life. The books will be epic tales of the struggle between good and evil. When will the next pages come out, I’m not really sure. I may start another blog site for the book since Word Press has a book writing format that you can use for your blog. Again, I am not sure. But, this year is the third annual NJ Zombie Walk in Asbury Park. Click here for the website. I have read the stories and seen the pictures in the newspaper for the last two years. Each year we were too busy with high school sports and band.  Hopefully this is our year.

The general plan at this point is to go to the thrift store and purchase some clothes (for cheap) to have zombified (a word?) by the professional makeup artists on the day of the walk. DS3 is unavailable, DS2 is interested. He and I need to work out the details but we may both drive to Stroudsberg Saturday morning 10/23. We will then head back to Asbury Park with DS2 and any of his friends that are interested. When we get there we will get our makeup done then partake in whatever is going on. If you go to the website you will see that they have really ramped up the things to do. Then at 5 pm the walk starts and we zombies will invade Asbury Park.

After all than invading we will be hungry. We will eat somewhere in Asbury Park still in costume. After dinner we will drive DS2 back to his car in Stroudsberg and then either sleep there or drive home. He will have about a 50 minute ride back to school. The other possibility is that I convince the Marywood Student Activities Crew to sponsor a bus or a few vans and the school brings DS2 and his friends saving all of us the driving.  What will the Limeguy wear to the NJ Zombie Walk 2011? Hard to tell. It all depends on what the thrift store is selling at the right price and fit.

Does this sound like fun?  Ok, quite a bit strange, but really, just harmless fun. If you want to meat (get it) up with our group of zombies, email me or leave a comment and as we get closer we can coordinate our activities. On the bright side, my mother in law will be in Virgina that weekend so there is nothing to worry about!  Just kidding, she will be away but she might actually understand the humor.

Children, everybody is busy. College must really be hard work.  That is a good thing I guess. DS2 had pizza for dinner and is enjoying Music Therapy clinical sessions. He continues to struggle with Aural Skills. DS3 is in math extra help class tonight. He continues to struggle with Chemistry and Math. If anybody knows of a winter inter session where they offer physics 101 or it’s equivalent, let me know. So far Stockton, Montclair State, Brookdale Community don’t offer it. I don’t know about Ocean County College, I have an email out to them. DS3’s school has Physics 101 (or 140, there) but the cost per credit is 900.00 plus room and board. Can you say ouch!. 

Picture time once again. This picture is from



Jackson Square, New Orleans