Passing the time..

Life seems to have settled down during the last two weeks from the go – go -go last few months.  Vacation season for us is mostly over and the spring gardening season is trying it’s best to not arrive.  Last weekend it rained for three days with our northern neighbors getting snow. Maybe we can ship some of this excess water to California.  They have quite the drought going on out there.

I have been back to playing lacrosse on Monday and some Wednesday nights. Monday nights are far more competitive than Wednesday nights. The real attraction to playing on Wednesday is that DS1 also plays. Sometimes we are on the same team, some times not. Playing against him makes my game better.  This past Monday night I scored three goals in the last fifteen minutes of the game. I spent the first 45 minutes trying to catch the ball and not succeeding. Something clicked during the last fifteen minutes and I caught the ball and scored three times. The rest of the “older crowd” was excited for my success.

I have been visiting my deceased MIL’s house about once a week for the last few months.  I start her car, walk around the house making sure that the doors and windows are all intact.  So far so good.  Visiting there is like living through a post apocalyptic movie. By that I mean on December 23, the world stopped at her house. The calendars all say December. The towels in the bathroom are of the Christmas motif. The decorations, such that they are, Christmas. On her dresser is a birthday card for one of her grandsons. He would have received that card on Christmas.   Next to that card are several cards that the daughters would have received at Christmas.  The car sits in the driveway. It has not been off the street where she lived since at least December 3. The clocks are all on Eastern Standard time, Daylight Savings time never arrived.   The whole scene is just plain eerie.

This weekend we are on the road again. DS2 has his last Wind Ensemble concert as a Marywood University undergraduate.  Graduation is on Mothers Day. It is hard to believe how fast time passed since I took him to the university to audition for a spot at the school.

Pictures, I have a few.. (sung to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody)..



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  1. schroederjf
    Apr 03, 2014 @ 15:48:48

    It is surreal, and tough to move on. We moved Laura’s mom into our house 2 months before she died, and Alex stayed at her apartment since he was displaced. Afterward, we had to move relatively fast because the siblings were all in town, so we wanted to get things distributed. What we ended up with is still mostly in boxes in what was once our den, and I don’t know how much will ultimately be discarded. Trying to parse the apartment (and the house after her husband died years ago) is mostly an inspiration to simplify. All of that precious stuff is nearly worthless. We had an appraiser look at what we thought might be valuable stuff – some was, but most was more sentimental than anything, and really most of the meaning was lost along with her. We did get everything out within a month, but it was hard.

    I hope DW is coping all right. The loss was intensely difficult for Laura, much worse than either of us expected. I’d say it took close to a year for her to pull out of her sorrow.


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