Welcome back..

91 days from Cardiovert to playing lacrosse.  Yup, I was back on the lacrosse field last night. The doctor cleared me to play two weeks ago and I finally got the chance.  It was pretty neat to be back on the field with my friends. It was a little nerve-racking as well.  I looked at returning to the field like riding a bike. Even if you don’t do it everyday, you still remember the fundamentals.

How did I do? Well, I did score a goal on my first night back. I missed the goal on about five shots. I caught almost all of the catchable balls that were thrown at me.  I got planted on my butt during one of the shots, I just got back up.  All in all, a good night. Did they take it easy on me since I had not been there since August? Probably, but not in any overt way.

Lacrosse returns to the blog.


Family picture

Family picture


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