Chased by the sunrise..

Hurling west, 454 mph toward Chicago, eyes closed, IPod charged,headphones plugged in.  The opening strains of Thunder Road enter my ears. A huge smile and a slight tear forms in my eye.  Traveling Jones once again. 

A 6 am departure out of Newark (or any airport) has advantages to departures later in the day.  For one, your plane should already be there.  Another might be not having to wait to takeoff, like being number 20 in line for takeoff.

Disadvantages would include waking up at 4 am. We also watched the mobile de-icer truck spray the plane at the jet way before we could head out to the runway.  There was frost on the wings.  The jet way to A15 in Newark is decorated for Halloween.  DS2 and I got a chuckle out of the decorations.  Bravo Southwest!

Chicago beckons with the intrigue of a new college and possible graduate school for DS2.  He would like to continue his education after undergraduate graduation studying Music Composition for TV, Movies and Theater.  I think his dream job would be to write music for video games.

It is now nearly 7:20 am and the sun has not yet jumped over the horizon. I’m too cheap to purchase the WI-FI, so I will post when we land.


10.28.13 I edited the blog to change/add pictures and fix some grammar issues. Blogging on the phone is a challenge. Thanks for reading!

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