While we were not looking..

This blog reached the 600 blogs milestone with the last published blog. That is pretty crazy! There should be an award or a cocktail for anyone that has read all 600 blog posts.  Tomorrow night (October 3, 2013) at  7 pm at the Margarittaville Cafe in Atlantic City. The first round will be on me!  How is that for brave?  We will be there for dinner and cocktail.

Last weekend we (DW and I) were in Scranton, Pa. once again. This week it was the Marywood University Parent’s Weekend. No 5 k run/walk with Marywood. They brought in an amusement park slide and a ferris wheel. Along with two trailers of “boardwalk” games. The best part was the rides were free as were the games. 

Saturday morning we met up with DS2 and his GF. The GF’s family from the North Country were also down for the parent’s weekend. There were two small children traveling with them. These two little girls captivated the attention of the adults for most of the weekend. So far we have avoided contracting any of the “children” germs.  Really, we don ‘t have and are not usually exposed to children, so we avoid the colds and such that seem to travel through the school systems. Not currently our turn.

Saturday night was dinner at a chinese buffet followed by a casino night at the university. I was doing well at poker when DS2 started losing and using my chips. My stockpile of chips was rapidly depleted. We had a good time and a few laughs. Sunday morning was mass with DS2 playing his trumpet.  My DW sang with the choir this week. She sang in high school and college. Her opening gig with the choir was during a packed mass on a parents weekend. She did great. They invited her to come back and sing the next time we are in town.

DS3 was on Long Island visiting his GF for the weekend since it was her birthday weekend.  DS1 was back at the house (while we were away) due to a high school friend getting married locally. The house looked about the same Sunday afternoon when we got home.

Me, I’m still on the sidelines from lacrosse. No contact sports until at least Thanksgiving. We have been doing yoga four nights a week lately. I also got an unlimited monthly pass and am making the best of it. The last three Monday’s have been the hot yoga class where the average temperature during class is 105 degrees. I actually like that class.  I get to sweat and am expected to sweat.

Here is a link and another link to the pictures I took during parent weekend.

I will include a few “choice” ones down below.  Thanks for reading!



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