Red Bank Guinness and Oyster Festival 2013..

Sunday, September 22, 2013 was the Red Bank Guinness and Oyster Festival 2013. We went. Did you?  If you recall, I posted a review about the Asbury Park Oyster Festival here about two weeks ago.  We stopped in Red Bank driving home from Scranton and parents weekend. Traffic getting to festival from the Garden State Parkway was a challenge. We were lucky to find a parking spot right next to the festival. The traffic jam made a 10 minute ride last about 40 minutes. That should have been a clue. It was a clue, we just ignored the  clue.

No parking cost, that beat Asbury Park. The entrance fee was 5 dollars per person. Asbury Park was 3 dollars, advantage Asbury.  The Red Bank festival was packed. They could have had twice the space and still they would have been packed. There were bands playing at each end of the parking lot/festival grounds. Food vendors, three beer trucks and two business shucking clams and oysters. We walked around the festival, a lap around, if you will. I like to see what the choices are before spending my money. Within five minutes of fighting through the crowd, the person in front of me stopped short and the walker behind me, ran into my back spilling their beer on my leg and camera.  Yum. And gave me a dirty look for causing him to spill his beer!

People in the crowd were not friendly. There is no other way to describe the festival. Advantage Asbury Park. Maybe if there was more room, people would have been nicer to each other. Other observations would be that this was a younger, “hipper” crowd.  I would expect to see a crowd like this in Brooklyn on a sunny and warm September afternoon.  There were many more people drinking at this festival. I’m sure they were drinking at the Asbury Festival, but they seemed more noticeable in Red Bank. And strollers.. we got run over by strollers.

I had my Guinness and half-dozen oysters. My DW had a cup of clam chowder. Both were real good. We grabbed a hot dog from the Wind Mill and headed home. The festival was just too intense of us.  There were more food trucks at the Asbury Festival.

Here are few pictures from the festival.  Will we go back? Probably not.


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