Gone and never forgotten..

Yes, a bit melodramatic. The reality is the DS1 moved out on Saturday, September 14, 2013. He is sharing an apartment 45 minutes closer to work with some high school friends.  He will be back this weekend and next weekend since he has things going on in town that are good excuses for sleeping in his old bedroom.  When I asked him why he was moving out (several weeks ago when the move was announced), his response was that it was time. He pointed out that I was out on my own at age 18 or 19. I think he has a romantic idea of what it is like to be booted out of the house when you are 18 years old. Time and beer has softened the experience, but I would not wish those years on anyone. I survived as will he.

If you follow along with this blog, you will have figured out that we (DW and I) are again, empty nesters! The oldest has moved out, the younger two are away at college probably until Thanksgiving (at the earliest) and more likely until the end of the semester. We will see the college kids off and on during the fall. I unplugged the big screen, the cable box, the surround sound and the X-Box in the cellar since there is nobody in the house to use the electronics. Maybe I can save some money on my electric bill this fall.

Speaking of electric bills, the power in our neighborhood has been sketchy for the last month or so. The power has gone out four or five times since the beginning of August. The most recent power outage may have prompted the power company to solve the problem once and for all. Sunday morning at 2:45 am the power went out and the smoke detector in the house started beeping every few minutes. I contacted the power company via an app on my smart phone. They called the house 15 minutes to inquire if the power was out. Fortunately one of our phones is old school and works when the power is out.  After walking me through the stupid customer questions, they promised to dispatch a truck to investigate. At this point I was the only person to have reported the outage.

Looking up the street and down the street, I could see lights. Not in the middle of the street. That was odd since when we loose the power, most of our devolvement goes dark. The truck showed up at 4:30 am and drove around with a spotlight looking a the wires and the poles. After about 20 minutes the truck left. The app on my phone said the approximate restoration time was 6 am. Then 7 am, 8 am, 9 am, 10 am..  You get the point. At 9:30 two trucks showed up and they replaced the transformer on the pole across the street. Then like magic, the power came back on. Yea!

Here is a link to pictures I shot during the transformer replacement.  The pictures below are from the move on Saturday.



2013-09-14 15.44.48 2013-09-14 15.44.37

105 degrees and still alive!

Last night I took my first forge into the world of Hot Yoga.  After the 90 minute class the teacher singled me out and announced that I had survived 105 degrees and was still alive! I am more of a back of the classroom and follow along as best I can, type of student. I went into the class with an open mind. My DW had been attending this hot yoga class for the last five or six weeks and actually seemed to be looking forward to the class each week. I figured if she can do it, so can I!

Monday nights used to lacrosse nights for me. They hopefully will be lacrosse nights for me again.  I currently am in the PUP or IR list. (Physically Unable to Perform) or (Injured Reserve). As you may have read, if you finish reading the blog each day, I was recently diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. This is an irregular heart rhythm. Last Wednesday they shocked my heart in an attempt to “reset” my heart rhythm.  The procedure was successful, so far.  As part of the pre/post procedure medicine regimen, I am on several medicines including blood thinners. The concern with the blood thinners and lacrosse (a contact sport even at my level) would be internal injuries that could cause fatal bleeding. Not my idea of a good time. I am off the lacrosse field until at least Thanksgiving. If the atrial fibrillation behaves, I could come off the blood thinners and return to the lacrosse field.

This frees up Monday nights to do something other than sitting on my butt watching tv.  My DW suggested I bring a beach towel to cover my mat (soak up the sweat) and a bottle of water to drink.  We walked into the room after saying hello to the instructor and the thermostat was set to 105 degrees. WOW!  My DW said not to pay attention to the number. Over the course of the 90 minutes the instructor had, at one point, turned the heat up to 108 degrees.  I guess she was feeling a chill!  I did sweat.  My heart raced with the yoga moves. The hot yoga practice apparently has a specific routine that is done in each hot yoga studio. NJ, NY, Paris or India.  If you take a hot yoga class some or most of the class will be the same. My DW said the opening and closing could be different. The middle is the same.

I am still learning. The heat was not that bad. The moves and the pace of the class reflect the heat. The toughest thing for me was that it seemed that everyone else in the class had some experience and I had none. I really had to pay attention and look around for clues as to what we were doing and how the various moves were supposed to look. Am I going back? Yes. I need the exercise.  My DW put her head on my chest when we got home to listen to my heart. She did not have her stethoscope with her last night.  She said that the hot yoga class had “not broken” my heart.  That is a good thing!

Give it a try, only you can decide. I am glad I gave it a chance.  Maybe in a few weeks my story will change, I hope not.