Not your usual Sunday mass..

This Sunday we traveled to Scranton, Pa. to visit our college children. DS2 attends Marywood University and DS3 attends the University of Scranton.  The 10:30 am mass required us to be out of bed at 6 am and on the road by 7 am to arrive at Marywood University by 10 am.  I like having the 30 minute cushion in case something happens during the drive.  DS2 plays the trumpet during mass and his GF is in the choir.  Two for one!

We usually sit on the left side of the chapel since that is the same side as the choir. In years past, the students sat on the right side. Why? I have no idea. This year the “student section” was on the left.  We sat right in the thick of it  (as it were). Three quarters through the mass, the young lady standing if front of us collapsed on the chair in front of her. Hmmm… I looked at my DW and she looked at me.  Shit! This is the real deal!

We got her off the back of the chair where she was draped and eased her down to the floor. My DW told me to straighten her legs out, they were folded in an odd fashion underneath her. My DW was asking her if she had any history of seizures. The girl was not really verbal or responsive. I lifted her head off the floor and her eyes rolled back into her head. She was pale and sweating. Then her eyes came back to center and she looked up at me. I said “Welcome back”

She seemed stable (kind of) so we helped her off the floor back into a chair. My DW was kneeling in front of her holding both wrists trying to get a pulse. My DW was telling the girl who she (DW) was and that she should look at her and breathe, “Come on” (DW said) “breathe with me”  The girls lost her color again and slipped back out of consciousness. My DW looked at me and mouthed “We need help” Yup, but what do I do in the middle of mass? Who do I call? What would the university want me to do? I looked up at the organist who is a Sister in charge of the music ministry. I mouthed to her “We need help”

Just then the President of the University walked up with a bottle of water and some tissues. She was in the chapel for mass and had seen some of this going on. Within a minute or so, campus security was also there. A quick decision was made to call for an ambulance since the girl was slipping in and out of consciousness. 

Mass continued as this went on.  We went up for communion, one at a time. I went first then my DW went up. The priest asked her before giving her communion “Are we ok back there?”  She told him that things were under control.  As mass ended, the rescue squad and the local police department arrived.  The girl looked a little better, but really was not responsive to the questions that the paramedics were asking her. The decision as made to transport her to a local hospital.  During the time before the rescue squad showed up, the girl in a awake moment, mentioned that she may be hypoglycemic. And, she had not eaten since the night before.

She went off the ambulance with one of the Sisters to the hospital. We heard Monday morning that she was ok.  Her parents live in Maryland, so I’m sure they had several tense hours driving up to Scranton.

Right place, right time.  I guess my DW and I were supposed to be in Scranton on Sunday.  We are still a little unnerved by the whole thing. And very thankful that she is ok.