More events and efforts..

Odd title. Sometimes I just don’t know where they come from! Time for the bullet points, here we go..

  • DS1 had the July 4th off, worked July 5 and 6. Went fishing on the beach July 7. He did not catch dinner. Thankfully the Shop Rite has lobsters on sale this week.
  • DS3 was in Long Island visiting his girlfriend. He got back home Sunday, July 7 at dinner time. His girlfriend, her friend and DS3 went to the Warp Tour at the Arts Center for a few hours. Then they came here for dinner and to sleep. DS3 worked on Monday, the ladies went home around 1 pm (back to LI)
  • DS2 spent the weekend in Austin, TX. Thank you to his cousin for providing a couch and someone with local knowledge (and a car). DS2 returned home Monday around dinner time. He was back to work today.
  • DW is sick. Nasty, coughing, fever (like I had in May) sick. It started Saturday and by Monday morning it was full-blown. She will hopefully return to work on Thursday.
  • Me, I have been riding my bike everyday. I am part of a bike riding challenge during the Tour De France. The challenge is to ride each day the riders in France ride. So far so good. I played lacrosse Monday night and had a goal and an assist. Tonight, I went to yoga without my DW (sick). I was the only male in the class. I think they were surprised that I went to class without her.
  • The garden is starting to produce. We have picked cucumbers, tomatoes and blueberries. Hopefully by next week we will have enough cucumbers to start making pickles. We also should have yellow squash for the weekend.
  • The next scheduled organized ride will be Sunday, July 28 in Millerton, NY.  Check out
  • It has been hot for the last two weeks.
  • We went to Barnegat fireworks this year. A mile walk from the car to the dock (each way). I guess I needed the exercise.

Here are a few pictures from the last week, enjoy!


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