More bike riding nonsense..

This past Sunday at 5:45 am I found myself standing outside the local bagel store waiting (not patiently) for them to open the doors so I could get my breakfast and head north to Queens, NY for the 6 th Annual Tour De Queens.  The Tour De Queens was just like the Tour De Brooklyn that I rode in back in June. Except for the one ride being in Queens and the other in Brooklyn.  Let me say right here that is was hot!

 On the ride into Queens I got stuck for 15 minutes as they set up a  construction zone with barrels and cones on the BQE.  I hate the BQE.  I can’t say that I have ever had an easy ride on that road.  The ride started out in Astoria Park.  As we lined up for the ride we were looking up at the Tri Boro Bridge above and the East River to our right.  Parking? That was a joke. Near the park there were not enough spaces for the people that live there not to mention the 1250 cyclists that invaded their little corner of paradise that Sunday morning. Driveways and fire hydrants were the sentinels of the empty curb spaces. I did finally find a spot and get dressed and checked before the ride started.

The ride is (as described last month) a 20 mile parade of 1250 bike riders with full NYC police support. The police lead the parade and closed the intersections as the bikes were ready to cross the intersections.  I rode in the front 200 riders for most of the day. I would guess that once the intersections were closed they stayed closed for the better part of 15 minutes.  The total distance of the ride was 20 miles. On the Map My Ride course sheet, you can see the actual course that I rode on Sunday.

I had a few interesting moments on Sunday. I rubbed wheels (my front to their back wheel) twice. Neither time anyone crashed. I saw three people crash on their bikes. One guy bounced off a parked car, the other two lost control and fell to the pavement with less than a mile to go left in the ride. We rode past the entrance to Rikers Island (the NYC prison). We rode past an entrance to La Guardia International Airport.  We got “showered” by a fire hydrant with a shower cap installed. And I got a really nice shirt as a souvenir.

Pictures, yeah well, I took a few. Here are a few and here is a link to the Drop Box folder with the entire set.




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