RTX 2013..

What is RTX 2013? Heck, I had to do a Google search myself. RTX 2013 is “Where Gaming meets the Internet” Why are we interested? Well, DS2 is there for the next three days. Where is there?  There is Austin, Texas.  Last year DS2 decided he wanted to go so he bought the ticket and arranged his own airfare. He flew from LGA to IAH to AUS.  Now LGA would not have been my departure airport of choice, but the airfare deal made it worth it for him. And, he drove himself to the airport.

He is staying with the son of my older brother. The son lives in Austin. He picked DS2 up at the airport and is providing a couch to sleep on. Last night they went to Lake Travis to swim and watch the fireworks.  This morning DS2 is off to the convention center for RTX 2013.

Are you there at RTX 2013 or in Austin and want to meet up with DS2? Shoot me a message and I will help you get connected (if possible).

Here are a few pictures from his trip that he sent last night.  Enjoy!


IMG950915 IMG950922 IMG950923 IMG950924 IMG955540 IMG959556