Trying to fool the Grim Reaper..

Grim Reaper, Father Time – whatever name you might give to getting older and slowing down. Well, not this past week or this week so far.

  • Monday, June 24, played 80 minutes of lacrosse – no goals, one assist
  • Tuesday, June 25, yoga – we also met a bee keeper and learned about bee colony failure
  • Wednesday, June 25, 3.5 mile bike ride after dropping the van off at the mechanic. Oh, 649.00 dollars and three days later the van was back running again
  • Thursday, June 27, my birthday, rode my bike 35 miles
  • Friday, June 28, drank beer – I needed the carbohydrates
  • Saturday, June 29, rode my bike 13.5 miles
  • Sunday, June 30, rode my bike 35 miles
  • Monday, July 1, rode 1 mile (really) and played 80 minutes of lacrosse scoring two goals
  • Tuesday,  July 2, rode 7.3 miles at lunch time  and did an hour of yoga with my DW tonight

It’s been a busy week for sure. The Map My Ride app that I have on my phone is running a Tour De France challenge this month. The challenge is to ride your bike everyday that the guys on the tour ride their bikes.  That is why I rode a mile yesterday, just to keep up with the challenge.  The rest of the week will be crazy with the 4 th of July holiday.  I hope to get out each day and get some miles under my belt.

Did I ever mention that my job gets in the way of my personal life?  LOL!

Thanks for reading!  And thank you to all the Facebook and Twitter people that wished me a Happy Birthday last week.

Here are a few pictures with captions.  Enjoy!


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