Discover Hudson Valley 2013..

Sunday I rode my bike in the Discover Hudson Valley 2013 bike ride.  There were several distances that you could choose to ride. They were 15, 33, 50, 75 and 100 miles. I decided that the 33 mile ride would be in my distance ability. I read the brochure and was unsure of my ability to complete the course due to the total elevation change listed on the website for the 33 mile ride.  I finally decided Sunday morning to “just do it” and stop analyzing the ride before I ever got on the bike. I was up at 5 am and on the road by 5:45 am. The ride started in Poughkeepsie, NY which is 162 miles (uphill) from where I live on the Jersey Shore.

I was there and checked in on time to start the ride at 9 am when the 33 mile riders were supposed to depart. The big departure was more of a “go when you want” as opposed to everybody lining up and rolling at the same time. The ride festival and check in were held in a park alongside the Hudson River. Straight above the park site was the Walkway Over the Hudson. This is a pedestrian bridge that used to be a train bridge. Their website can be found here.  The views off the bridge were amazing.  We rode across the bridge and back as part of our 33 mile ride.

There were three rest areas spread out over the course of the ride. The number of hills seemed (and still seems) disproportionate to the downhills.  That is not physically possible since we started alongside the river and finished alongside the river.  There were many gently rolling hills to be conquered and a few steep downhills to be enjoyed.  I got back to the river in 3.5 hours and got my shirt (the real reason to ride, besides the story) and headed back to my van (about a mile away – yes, uphill). As I sat on the back bumper of my bike enjoying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it started to rain. I lucked out for sure. Of the 1600 plus riders, I would guess most of them were still out on the roads.

At the festival they had a smoothie tent set up where you (the rider/participant) could make a banana, strawberry and orange juice smoothie (no rum that I could see). The only catch was that the park did not have electricity. To run the blender you had to pedal the stationary bike to generate electricity to run the blender. I passed. 

I have an app on my phone called Map My Ride which tracks speed, elevation and other stuff during  a bike ride.  Here is a link to the Map My Ride from the Sunday ride.   I rode on Thursday (my birthday) the same distance, 35 miles. The birthday ride was down the shore and had a total elevation change of 291 feet for the 35 miles. Most of that was going over the Manahawkin Bay Bridge, twice. The Discover Hudson Valley 2013 ride had an elevation change of 1089 feet for the same 35 miles! 

I shot some pictures, more in the beginning and less towards the end.  Here is a link to all the pictures.  Below you will find a few pictures with captions.  Enjoy!


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