The old man buries one..

Like campers around a campfire, we gathered last night, standing over our lacrosse gear bags.  The air was cool and pungent with the smell of sweat and under-washed lacrosse gear. We had just finished playing lacrosse in Manalapan. DS3, DS1, the Weatherman and the Lime Guy.  22:00 hours and everybody had a smile on their face.

The Weatherman was busting the chops of DS1 since his father had almost scored a goal on him while he was playing  defense and his father was playing attack. For my part of that I caught the ball and turned and shot hitting the top cross-bar then the side post. If the ball had traveled maybe a half-inch lower or to the right, I would have had that goal. DS1 heard from a few guys that night how he would never live down having his father score on him.  I did score dodging from the right of the goal and shooting with my left hand.  I had the only goal by any of the four family members that played last night.  It still feels good.  Next week I may get shut out and be back to my old self.  Today, I will enjoy the ride!

This morning’s paper had a picture of Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) with a birth year and a death year. He was born the same year as both my DW and I.  Yikes!  I guess a follow-up movie or show are now out of the question. I read on the Internet (so it must be true) that he died in the bathroom.  Didn’t Elvis die in the bathroom?  Note to self: Don’t die in the bathroom. No matter what, pull up your pants and get out of the bathroom.  I wonder statistically what percentage of the people that die each year meet their demise in the bathroom.  Where do you want to be when it is your turn? This Zac Brown song (You Tube video) jumped off the Pandora page today. He sings about being found with a guitar in his hands. A romantic notion for a musician. And a pretty good song!

While the boys were out playing lacrosse, my DW went to another yoga class. She is working on trying them out (as many different classes) with her unlimited pass for the next 30 days.  As part of my attempts to keep current with the world of social media I am playing with this Vine video app. Here are six seconds from my office yesterday.

Here is a picture from last summer’s drive to Lake Placid. When you see this sign, it is time to get off the highway!



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