Hot or Not, visit # 2..

Tuesday night yoga seems to have moved to its home from the high school to Hot or Not in downtown (really, there is a downtown) Manahawkin.   I wrote about this yoga studio last week and one of the lasting impressions was that the not hot room was 82 degrees.  I went home with a sweat stained t-shirt that night.  My DW went there the next day and the same instructor asked if she had scared me away. We had attended the previous night on a freebie pass. My DW told her that the room was a little too hot for me. What she also did not tell the instructor was that I was playing lacrosse that night and unable to attend.

We walked in tonight and my DW paid for a months unlimited yoga. Me, I paid for just one session. I probably will buy a ten card (ten visits at a slightly reduced cost) and go once a week during the summer. The instructor saw us and said hello. She remembered what my DW had said about the room temperature. She told us that the room was at 74 tonight. We did our yoga. I did not look at the thermometer.  I did sweat, but not like last week. The nice thing about this class is that we are getting a good re-teaching of the yoga basics. We can do most of the various poses that we encounter, we need help fine tuning them. This class will provide that fine tuning.

Friday, we are doing yoga in Times Square from 7:45 pm to 9 pm.  That night should be an adventure.

Here are a few pictures to wrap up the blog for tonight.  They were taken last Friday as a predicted thunderstorm arrived in our neighborhood. The storm had been hyped for two days and blew through in ten minutes. Enjoy!

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