Happy Father’s Day 2013..

Tonight I guess I am joining the chorus of bloggers that are writing about their Father’s Day experience.  But really, I’m not. Today was Father’s Day, and I was wished a Happy Father’s Day at some of the various places we went today.  I get it. But, really, for me, every day is Father’s Day. I’m not being silly, it’s just that why do we need one day to honor our fathers or mothers?  My DW is my best friend each day, my children do what they seem necessary each day. The middle child like to debate me on various topics. When the debate is not going his way, then it certainly is not  Father’s Day!  Me, I just roll with it.

Today is Sunday, June 16, 2013. As you read above, it is Father’s Day in the US. I got my cards and we had a great dinner tonight. It was nice to have all the children home tonight.  We ate out on the deck until the mosquitos chased us inside. During the day I went for a bike ride.  I tested out a new app (to me) called Map My Ride.  A link to my ride can be found here.  My bike had a flat tire in the last 1.5 miles so my DW came and picked me up. I could have walked home from there but after 16 ish miles, I was not really interested. I pulled the tire off my bike and removed the tube.  I am taking the wheel into the bike shop for a new tire and a new tube. Nothing less makes any sense.

Over the last week I have played lacrosse twice. I have not scored any goals. We (DS1, DS3 and I) spent over an hour today working on lacrosse skills. Maybe this will translate into a few catches and goals next week.  

Here are a few pictures…  Enjoy!