Small town parade..

Stafford Township, where we reside, celebrated their Founder’s Day today.  Here is a link to their website. We used to have children marching in this parade. Now, we see some of the same teachers and parents marching, but all of our children were at work today.  After the parade we walked around the venders mart since we had time and not much planned for the morning. We bought two hand painted wine glasses from a local artist. She gave us her card (which I lost). I found her on Face Book while Googling her. Her page can be found here.  In her case maybe having a page for you modeling business, your painting business and your social life might make sense. Just speaking as a 52-year-old father of three men. Her glasses can be seen below. She does custom work as well.

We also bought wind chimes from Hippie Bling. She also has a Face Book page which can be found here. Her page is more on the professional artist variety. Both ladies are graduates of the local high school where we live.  A picture of the wind chime can be found below.

After the parade we went to Home Depot and COSTCO. With the kids home we go through “things” faster than normal. Lunch was fried chicken the DS2 brought home from work. He fried the chicken up this morning. He works at the Acme on LBI.  I worked in the garden after lunch tying up the tomatoes. I should have done that last week.

Yesterday we had about 3 inches of rain fall. We had some very minor flooding in the cellar. It filled a spaghetti pot, that is it. I will have to dig a hole in the ground and patch the leak from the outside since sealing from the inside has not been 100 % effective.

Pictures, for sure. Here is a link to all the parade pictures I took. Enjoy!