Rant, rant..

Yes, Blogger Warning: The following is a rant. If you are not interested, just click on the like button (really) and move along, quietly.  LOL


Ok, Sunday afternoon I was driving on Staten Island heading towards New Jersey having just finished riding in the Tour De Brooklyn. I’m a little bit sunburned. Actually I am quite sunburned. I am reasonably hydrated from the Gatorade and water that I consumed before, during and after the 20 mile ride through Brooklyn.  I am in the left lane, fourth car in a group that is traveling above the speed limit, not excessively, but above the limit. In the right lane there were two vehicles. One was a taxi cab, the other was a black Honda Odyssey with NY EMT plates.

The Honda passes all of us in the right hand lane coming up hard on the bumper of the taxi. The Honda hits the breaks and swerves into the left lane where there was not more than the size of the van between vehicles. Everyone in the left lane is immediately on the brakes hoping that the van fits in the space between cars and that nobody wrecks their car. The swerve maneuver works out for the Honda. Then he opens his drivers window and throws out a cigarette butt onto the highway. Up goes the window and he speeds away swerving back into the right lane ahead of the taxi.  As we resumed our pace we caught up and over took the Honda. There was the driver with his head down texting away.


People like that give New York (or New Jersey or wherever you are from) drivers a bad name.

If you own a Black Honda Odyssey with NY EMT plates and were driving on 440 towards New Jersey on Sunday around 2:15 pm, you are a …………

I will let you fill in the blank.

Now, a deep breath


Beach in Belmar, 6.5.13

Beach in Belmar, 6.5.13

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