LimeGuy birthday morning..

Reading the title you can figure that today is my birthday. As such, I took the day off as a personal day. I get five sick/personal days a year. Today I took one of them.  I was up at 7 am, my usual work day time. DS3 asked me why if I had the day off was I awake at 7 am?  I told him I could not sleep. The adventures of the day beckoned. (Sounds like a good answer anyway).

I decided laying in bed this morning that I would ride my bike to the Barnegat Lighthouse and back today. The round trip distance is 35 plus miles. The two biggest challenges of the ride (other than the actual distance) are crossing the Manahawkin Bay Bridge on a bicycle and the inevitable winds on Long Beach Island.  The bridge is not bike friendly as you will see in the pictures I took from the top. The winds, I hoped to get my ride in before the wind picked up.

Thursday roll call here at the house found only DS2 and I not working. Everybody was out of the house by 7:15.  I was dressed and out of the house on my bike by 8 am. The ride onto Long Beach Island of the bridge was not too bad. What the two children that regularly travel onto LBI failed to share was that the inbound lanes and the outbound lanes had been compressed around the bridges. This left absolutely no room for a bike and two cars. I got through that section but was none to pleased to have traversed it.

The trip up (north) the island was uneventful. I sopped at the Barnegat Lighthouse and had a drink and a snack. I took some pictures and started heading home. About a mile from the light house I ran over an industrial staple and promptly had a flat tire. Guess which tire? If you guessed the back tire, you would be correct. I got off the bike on the bay front of Barnegat Light and sat on a park bench and changed tubes removing the staple from the tire. I took pictures if the view that I had while working on my bike. At least it was not raining and I was on the side of a busy highway. After the tire issue I stopped at a gas station and completed inflating the tire and rode home. The wind was in my face and was building the entire way as I rode south.

Up and over the bridges, no problems. The inbound side was scarier. DS2 and I went out for lunch (2 beers and a cheeseburger) after I had cooled down and had showered.  The beers were to hydrate and replace the carbs that I expended this morning. The burger, why that was the protein of the meal!

Pictures and such.  Several pictures with captions are below. Here is a link to the entire group of pictures from today’s ride. Here  and here are links to the Map My Ride APP that recorded the ride.  Enjoy!



Summer Solstice Yoga in Times Square ..

Or for you social media people out there #SolsticeTSq . Friday, June 21 was the summer solstice. As we all know the summer solstice is the day that we have the longest period of sunlight of the year.  Now every day until December 21 (or so) the sunlight portion of the day will be less.  The science lesson is now over. See the internet for more information (or not). This year was the 11 th annual Summer Solstice in Time Square. The first year they had three people doing yoga in Time Square. This year split among five different classes during the day they had over 16,000 people participate. That is crazy! We were there.  Here is a link to their website.

Our class was the last one of the day, 7:45 pm to 9 pm. Yoga through the sunset and the onset of the night.  It was not dark after the sun went down. There are so many electronic billboards and signs that it is never dark in Time Square. Our day started out with driving 85 miles to Secaucus to take the train into New York’s Penn Station. We arrived in Penn Station around 5:30 pm. We were like salmon swimming upstream since the end of the day commute was in full swing and we were headed the opposite direction as the commuters.  We walked up 7 th Ave to 44 th Street  and found a Summer Solstice Yoga class in progress. I shot some pictures of this class and then we went to find a sandwich to eat while we waited for our class to start. We ate our dinner sitting on our rolled up yoga mats on the sidewalk of 44 th street.

Our yoga class got loaded into the penned off area around 7 pm and we all got lined up. In our section we had over 600 people. We sat and talked, looked around, took pictures and marveled at being in Time Square. Our space was right next to the Armed Forces recruiting center. If we turned around we could see the post where the ball drops on New Years Eve.  All during the next two hours we were part of the side-show that is Times Square.  People would lean on the barricades and take pictures and talk in dozens of different languages.

At 7:45 pm our class started. We started out on our backs, looking up at the sky.  Talk about way cool!. Over the next 75 minutes the instructor took us through various yoga posses. He was in a different area of Time Square but we could hear him and they had instructors and spotters to keep you on track if you lost your way. In several quiet moments of meditation you could hear the sirens  and the other noises of the city. At other times, I did not hear the noise or notice the lights. I heard the voice of the instructor and followed the instructors in our area. Then the instruction was given to go back onto our backs for the final pose. I leaned over to my DW and asked what time it was. She said it was 8:55 pm. Five more minutes to go. Where did the time go?  Talk about getting lost in your yoga head space..  We finished up, took some more pictures and left our yoga pen to walk around Time Square.

We walked back down 7 th Ave to Madison Square Garden. New York’s Penn Station is under the garden. We walked to the NJ Transit section and waited for the next train to New Jersey.  20 minutes later we were in Secaucus and heading home. We stopped at Rutt’s Hut for a few hot dogs on our way.  That visit is detailed in a different blog post.

An outstanding night, for sure. If possible, we will go back again next year.

Pictures, here are a few.  This link will take you to the Drop Box folder containing all the pictures.  Also, two Vine video’s can be found here and here.


Cultural Icon or late night dive..

That is the question.  Maybe the title should have been “You are here for the relish”. Either way, this is not the definitive blog about Rutt’s Hut.  Far more information can be found searching on the web. Here is a link to the Wiki page for Rutt’s Hut. This blog will walk you through a Friday night visit and the mighty “Ripper”.   The hot dogs that they sell are called “Rippers” since the skin rips during the cooking (deep-frying) process.  The hot dogs come either plain or with cheese. That is it. They have containers of their special relish and brown mustard on the counter so you can top your Ripper whichever way you want.

We walked in this past Friday night on our way home from doing yoga in Time Square. That topic will get its own blog entry.   We (DW and I) pulled into the dimly lit parking lot, not exactly sure if the business was open. The attached bar had lights on and the entrance to the hot dog section also seemed to have lights.  In the parking  lot there were a few couples smoking and auditioning for a part in a rendezvous later in the evening. I’m sure you get the picture.

We walked into the brightly lit hot dog stand and were greeted by the counter man. There were counters to lean on and eat.  No chairs or tables. There were only two other customers when we walked in. “What will you have tonight?” was the counter man’s question. I said one dog with chili and cheese. He looked at me and said “We don’t put chili on the hot dogs. I can sell you some on the side and you can add it to your hot dog.” Hmm, I said to myself. Then he continued, “You are here for the relish” and he pointed to the metal containers sunk in the counter. I opened one of the containers to see the relish.  Ok, then give me one with just cheese.

The counter man asked my DW “And for you?”  She replied one dog with sauerkraut.  He got that same look on his face and said “We don’t put sauerkraut on our hot dogs, I can sell you some on the side. You can get sauerkraut anywhere, you come here for the relish”.  I looked at my DW, she said ok, then one plain? We got our two dogs and a bottle of water. The counter man asked “First time here?” I told him that the last time I was there I was probably 19 or 20 years old. And I did not really remember the visit. He said “Drunk that night, were you?” I said, just a little bit, bet you have seen that before and we both had a good laugh.

We ate our dogs and watch more experienced customers come in and order their dogs correctly. I went back for a second dog, this time plain. I wanted to taste the relish without the cheese sauce. We took three dogs home for the boys and a coffee cup of relish to go with.

And yes, you do go there for the relish.

Here are a few pictures I grabbed off the web. I was wrapped up in ordering and such and missed taking pictures.  Enjoy!

The old man buries one..

Like campers around a campfire, we gathered last night, standing over our lacrosse gear bags.  The air was cool and pungent with the smell of sweat and under-washed lacrosse gear. We had just finished playing lacrosse in Manalapan. DS3, DS1, the Weatherman and the Lime Guy.  22:00 hours and everybody had a smile on their face.

The Weatherman was busting the chops of DS1 since his father had almost scored a goal on him while he was playing  defense and his father was playing attack. For my part of that I caught the ball and turned and shot hitting the top cross-bar then the side post. If the ball had traveled maybe a half-inch lower or to the right, I would have had that goal. DS1 heard from a few guys that night how he would never live down having his father score on him.  I did score dodging from the right of the goal and shooting with my left hand.  I had the only goal by any of the four family members that played last night.  It still feels good.  Next week I may get shut out and be back to my old self.  Today, I will enjoy the ride!

This morning’s paper had a picture of Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) with a birth year and a death year. He was born the same year as both my DW and I.  Yikes!  I guess a follow-up movie or show are now out of the question. I read on the Internet (so it must be true) that he died in the bathroom.  Didn’t Elvis die in the bathroom?  Note to self: Don’t die in the bathroom. No matter what, pull up your pants and get out of the bathroom.  I wonder statistically what percentage of the people that die each year meet their demise in the bathroom.  Where do you want to be when it is your turn? This Zac Brown song (You Tube video) jumped off the Pandora page today. He sings about being found with a guitar in his hands. A romantic notion for a musician. And a pretty good song!

While the boys were out playing lacrosse, my DW went to another yoga class. She is working on trying them out (as many different classes) with her unlimited pass for the next 30 days.  As part of my attempts to keep current with the world of social media I am playing with this Vine video app. Here are six seconds from my office yesterday.

Here is a picture from last summer’s drive to Lake Placid. When you see this sign, it is time to get off the highway!



Hot or Not, visit # 2..

Tuesday night yoga seems to have moved to its home from the high school to Hot or Not in downtown (really, there is a downtown) Manahawkin.   I wrote about this yoga studio last week and one of the lasting impressions was that the not hot room was 82 degrees.  I went home with a sweat stained t-shirt that night.  My DW went there the next day and the same instructor asked if she had scared me away. We had attended the previous night on a freebie pass. My DW told her that the room was a little too hot for me. What she also did not tell the instructor was that I was playing lacrosse that night and unable to attend.

We walked in tonight and my DW paid for a months unlimited yoga. Me, I paid for just one session. I probably will buy a ten card (ten visits at a slightly reduced cost) and go once a week during the summer. The instructor saw us and said hello. She remembered what my DW had said about the room temperature. She told us that the room was at 74 tonight. We did our yoga. I did not look at the thermometer.  I did sweat, but not like last week. The nice thing about this class is that we are getting a good re-teaching of the yoga basics. We can do most of the various poses that we encounter, we need help fine tuning them. This class will provide that fine tuning.

Friday, we are doing yoga in Times Square from 7:45 pm to 9 pm.  That night should be an adventure.

Here are a few pictures to wrap up the blog for tonight.  They were taken last Friday as a predicted thunderstorm arrived in our neighborhood. The storm had been hyped for two days and blew through in ten minutes. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,


Happy Father’s Day 2013..

Tonight I guess I am joining the chorus of bloggers that are writing about their Father’s Day experience.  But really, I’m not. Today was Father’s Day, and I was wished a Happy Father’s Day at some of the various places we went today.  I get it. But, really, for me, every day is Father’s Day. I’m not being silly, it’s just that why do we need one day to honor our fathers or mothers?  My DW is my best friend each day, my children do what they seem necessary each day. The middle child like to debate me on various topics. When the debate is not going his way, then it certainly is not  Father’s Day!  Me, I just roll with it.

Today is Sunday, June 16, 2013. As you read above, it is Father’s Day in the US. I got my cards and we had a great dinner tonight. It was nice to have all the children home tonight.  We ate out on the deck until the mosquitos chased us inside. During the day I went for a bike ride.  I tested out a new app (to me) called Map My Ride.  A link to my ride can be found here.  My bike had a flat tire in the last 1.5 miles so my DW came and picked me up. I could have walked home from there but after 16 ish miles, I was not really interested. I pulled the tire off my bike and removed the tube.  I am taking the wheel into the bike shop for a new tire and a new tube. Nothing less makes any sense.

Over the last week I have played lacrosse twice. I have not scored any goals. We (DS1, DS3 and I) spent over an hour today working on lacrosse skills. Maybe this will translate into a few catches and goals next week.  

Here are a few pictures…  Enjoy!


Looking forward..

What is that old saying? Tell God your plans and watch him laugh? Or something like that.  With reservations, here are a few upcoming things in the Lime Guy universe.

  • June 15 – Mac Mcanally will be playing a free concert on the beach in Atlantic City at 4 pm. There is a “special guest” listed on the website that the various Jimmy Buffett websites say might be Jimmy.
  • June 21 – my DW and I will be in Time Square to do yoga during the summer solstice.  We will be part of the 7:45 – 9 pm class. Afterwards, not really sure. A light bite and a beer and then back home to the Jersey shore
  • June 27 – Lime Guy turns 52 years old!
  • July 7 – Tour De Queens bike ride
  • July 28 – DS1 turns 25 years old!
  • July 30 – Scott Kirby will be performing at the Tuckahoe Inn in Beasleys Point, NJ
  • August 8 to August 12 – Lake Placid, New York for the Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament
  • August 25?-  DS2 returns to Marywood for his senior year
  • August 25? – DS3 returns to the University of Scranton for his Junior year

Come September 1 we could revisit this blog and see how the summer really went!

Yesterday my mini van turned 260,000 miles. The bottom of the doors are showing some rust and corrosion. But, it starts and stops (or it did this morning).

Last night my DW and I went to a new (to me) yoga studio. Our Tuesday night adult school yoga is done until October so we are looking for a yoga class on Tuesday nights for the summer. The studio is called Hot or Not Yoga. The concept being that they have a room for hot yoga and a room for not hot yoga. The opposite of hot yoga might (you would think) be cool yoga. The room was 82 degrees last night.  That is almost hot yoga in my mind. The class was free with passes that we got at the Founder’s Day parade. My DW wants to go back.  I am undecided. The studio is expensive. Maybe she can go and I will walk or practice lacrosse with whichever of my lacrosse children that is available.

Sunday, DS3 got up early and took the train to NYC to spend the day with his girlfriend. She lives quite a way out on Long Island, so meeting in the city is a halfway point.  He shared a few of the details from the day. It seems like they had a good time. DS2 is traveling to Copenhagen, NY today to visit his girlfriend for a few days.  I’m glad my girlfriend is right her in town.

Here are a few pictures with captions, enjoy!

Thanks for reading and welcome aboard to the new people following this blog!


Small town parade..

Stafford Township, where we reside, celebrated their Founder’s Day today.  Here is a link to their website. We used to have children marching in this parade. Now, we see some of the same teachers and parents marching, but all of our children were at work today.  After the parade we walked around the venders mart since we had time and not much planned for the morning. We bought two hand painted wine glasses from a local artist. She gave us her card (which I lost). I found her on Face Book while Googling her. Her page can be found here.  In her case maybe having a page for you modeling business, your painting business and your social life might make sense. Just speaking as a 52-year-old father of three men. Her glasses can be seen below. She does custom work as well.

We also bought wind chimes from Hippie Bling. She also has a Face Book page which can be found here. Her page is more on the professional artist variety. Both ladies are graduates of the local high school where we live.  A picture of the wind chime can be found below.

After the parade we went to Home Depot and COSTCO. With the kids home we go through “things” faster than normal. Lunch was fried chicken the DS2 brought home from work. He fried the chicken up this morning. He works at the Acme on LBI.  I worked in the garden after lunch tying up the tomatoes. I should have done that last week.

Yesterday we had about 3 inches of rain fall. We had some very minor flooding in the cellar. It filled a spaghetti pot, that is it. I will have to dig a hole in the ground and patch the leak from the outside since sealing from the inside has not been 100 % effective.

Pictures, for sure. Here is a link to all the parade pictures I took. Enjoy!


Rant, rant..

Yes, Blogger Warning: The following is a rant. If you are not interested, just click on the like button (really) and move along, quietly.  LOL


Ok, Sunday afternoon I was driving on Staten Island heading towards New Jersey having just finished riding in the Tour De Brooklyn. I’m a little bit sunburned. Actually I am quite sunburned. I am reasonably hydrated from the Gatorade and water that I consumed before, during and after the 20 mile ride through Brooklyn.  I am in the left lane, fourth car in a group that is traveling above the speed limit, not excessively, but above the limit. In the right lane there were two vehicles. One was a taxi cab, the other was a black Honda Odyssey with NY EMT plates.

The Honda passes all of us in the right hand lane coming up hard on the bumper of the taxi. The Honda hits the breaks and swerves into the left lane where there was not more than the size of the van between vehicles. Everyone in the left lane is immediately on the brakes hoping that the van fits in the space between cars and that nobody wrecks their car. The swerve maneuver works out for the Honda. Then he opens his drivers window and throws out a cigarette butt onto the highway. Up goes the window and he speeds away swerving back into the right lane ahead of the taxi.  As we resumed our pace we caught up and over took the Honda. There was the driver with his head down texting away.


People like that give New York (or New Jersey or wherever you are from) drivers a bad name.

If you own a Black Honda Odyssey with NY EMT plates and were driving on 440 towards New Jersey on Sunday around 2:15 pm, you are a …………

I will let you fill in the blank.

Now, a deep breath


Beach in Belmar, 6.5.13

Beach in Belmar, 6.5.13

Tour De Brooklyn 2013..

Sunday I rode with 1300 of my closest friends in the 9 th annual Tour De Brooklyn. The ride is sponsored by and benefits Transportation Alternatives.  They are an advocacy group for walkers, bike riders and people that use the public transit in New York City.  I first encountered them a few years ago when my brother the weather man and I rode in the Five Boro Bike Tour.  I did not know any of the 1299 (or so) other people that rode in the Tour De Brooklyn. The organizers told us at the beginning of the ride that were riding with 1300 of our closest friends.  That might be a tough sell in NYC. But, we were all there for the same reason, to ride our bikes in a “parade” though Brooklyn.

The ride was about 20 miles long. The pace, a leisurely 7 or 8 miles per hour. When you are used to riding around 14 or 15 miles an hour, that pace is sometime painful. You still have to pedal the same distance, it just takes longer. The demographics of the ride? Funny you should ask. There was every size, shape, color or bikes, helmets, shoes, outfits and people that you can imagine. I took nearly 200 pictures before and at the rest stop of the riders and their bikes. I will post a few of the interesting ones down below. Here is a Drop Box link to the folder with all the pictures.  Enjoy!  Maybe if you or someone you know rode in the tour, you picture might be in that collection.

Thoughts about riding for 3.5 hours with 1300 other bike riders:

  • The start and stops (beginning, water break, restart and finish) are the scariest part of the ride. Everybody wants to go or stop at the same time.
  • Can you imagine riding 20 miles in a skirt, tube top and high heels? More of a question for the women readers (I hope!)  But then it was NYC!
  • How about bringing your dog with you on the ride. The dog rode in a back pack getting out now and then to smell the fire hydrants
  • Maybe riding with your four better than best friends is great way to spend a Sunday morning but riding four across and talking with 1000 bike riders behind you isn’t the best plan. Two at a time is good for an easy conversation, bike ride. That way the rest of us can get by.
  • Being thankful that the person you saw wipe out in the last mile of the ride was not you
  • Wondering what the crowds in some of the “downtown” stretches of Brooklyn thought about the 1300 bikes riding down the middle of their streets, closing off the cross-streets and cross-walks for I’m guessing 15 minutes at a time, or more.
  • It was fun to part of something bigger than just my normal day-to-day
  • Bring sun screen next time

I had fun. So much fun that I signed up for the Tour De Queens. That ride goes off July 7.  Maybe I will meet some of my 1300 Tour De Brooklyn friends over in Queens.

Here are a few pictures from the ride, enjoy!