Twenty cent..

Not another rapper (pseudo – musician or singer). Twenty cent refers to how much the price of a gallon of gasoline has gone up in the last two weeks.  Has anybody noticed an oil embargo? How about super economic news? Or maybe that the United States is producing 80 percent of the oil that it consumes? And the price can jump twenty cents in two weeks? The gas stations used in this example are the two Wawa stations on Route 539 in southern New Jersey. Two Mondays ago driving to lacrosse the price was 3.23 per gallon for regular unleaded. Last Monday the price was 3.33 per gallon. This week the price is 3.43 a gallon. Do we live in some third world country? The key here is that Memorial Day weekend is coming up and the summer driving season is upon us. Time to make some extra money.  Have your gas prices jumped like this in the past two weeks?

Second item on the agenda tonight. I was playing lacrosse tonight. It is Monday so that should be no big surprise. I scored a goal tonight, that is a minor miracle all by itself. One of the last plays of the day I was contesting a ground ball with a player from the other team and he jumped up after the ball as I went for the ball with my stick. He suffered a soft tissue “injury”. He spent a minute or two on the floor trying to catch his breath.    We both went for the ball, I was in control of my stick, he jumped into it in an attempt to grab the ball and take off down the field.  My question is this, What do you say to the other player when you are involved in something like this?  I’m sorry that he is in pain. If I say “I’m sorry” am I admitting guilt in his injury? I was involved, but under control the whole time. If he had been wearing protection, he may not have felt as much of a sting as he did. He eventually walked off the field under his own power.  So, I really said nothing. Nobody pointed at me and said that it was my fault, in fact they said that he jumped into my stick and it was his own fault. I just don’t like to see someone hurt during the game.

Final item on the agenda. If you are traveling to Ocean County this weekend for Memorial Day you should bring (at least) these two things. Number one would be extra money to fill your tank with gasoline. The second thing would be some allergy medicine. The pine and oak trees are in full pollination mode. The shoulders on the parkway tonight were green. Green like the highway had been painted green for a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Here is a random picture with a caption, enjoy?


Goes well with cheese platters!

Goes well with cheese platters!

Return of the beast..

I was hunted by the beast all fall, winter and spring. I watched as my co-workers and extended family members were taken down by the beast.  Yes, they all got back up (after a few days/week). The beast is the winter cold or flu that rears its ugly head each year.  Cold and flu season in North America is from November to May. I guess in the Southern Hemisphere, the dates are reversed to match their cold seasons.  The Monday before Mother’s Day was when the beast caught me. I have spent the last two weeks coughing. Last Thursday I finally contacted the doctor since the cold had been kicking my butt for two weeks. I got some cough medicine with codeine that has limited the coughing. The cough medicine has also allowed me to sleep more that two hours at a time.

Mother’s Day was a bust here. Both (DW and I) were sick. I guess the best part was that DS2 came home from college for the summer. He has two job prospects that should bloom this week.  Usually I might include a prayer for wealth when saying my nightly prayers. This past week the prayer was for my health, forget the money. Being sick sucks.  I still have some congestion in my chest. My concern is that when the cough medicine runs out that the cold will come back. If that is the case I will be back in the doctor’s office.

Highlights of the last two weeks:

  • DS3 has finished his Sophomore year at the University of Scranton.  He will return there in the fall
  • DS3 has dropped out of the ROTC program. His grades and eye sight were two reasons that the Army was never going to give him money towards his education. He will take this extra time and work towards graduating in four years.
  • DS2 is done with his Junior year at Marywood University. He will be returning there in the fall.
  • DS2 is working on several compositions that he is submitting to international amature composer contests.
  • DS2 turned 22 years old.
  • DS1 is still working at the tree farm. He got a raise and two weeks of vacation after working there for a year.  His employer seems to be trying to show DS1 future opportunities in an effort to keep him from jumping ship this summer.
  • DW was the Nurse of the Month for her unit in April. And no, she did not get to park closer to the building! There is no monetary award, just a piece of paper and your name on a list.
  • The garden is pretty much planted. The lettuce and spinach are doing quite well. The tomatoes are showing some life after two weeks of dormancy due to the low overnight temperatures. I will probably have to put in the stakes and start tieing them off in another week or two.
  • Me, I played lacrosse jacked on cough syrup one night. I had no goals (duh!).  DS1 said “Dad, you don’t know how to play lacrosse with a buzz?”  This was a skill that I did not learn in college. Kids..

That is a short update from Manahawkin, NJ on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Here are a few pictures, enjoy!



Office Wrap Party – Scranton, PA..

We spent the past weekend in Scranton.  DS2 had a choir concert that we wanted to see.   The concert was Saturday night. The music was sung A Cappella. That just means that there were no musical instruments other than the voices in the choir. The music was the Mass, with various parts of the mass coming from different composers. Here is a link to the Marywood University website with more information about the concert.  The concert was in rotunda on campus. The singers sang from the second floor and the audience sat in chairs or the first floor level.   We (DW and I) both enjoyed the concert. I shot some video and pictures.

Also on Saturday, the tv show, The Office, held it’s Office Wrap Party in Scranton.  My DW and I went to the parade. We aren’t big fans of the show but I figured we were in town, so why not go and experience the spectacle. And yes, I shot some pictures. I saved them in two groups. This link will take you to the pictures taken of the cast members in attendance.  This link will take you to the crowd pictures that I took. It was 75 degrees and sunny in a college town.  Enough said.  DS2 was not interested in the parade. DS3 had a paper to proof read then email in by 5 pm that day so he missed some of the parade.

After the parade we went across town to Marywood with DS3 to see DS2. They would never see each other if we did not get them together. DS2 and my DW walked around the lacrosse field and talked while DS3 and I spent an hour shooting and passing lacrosse balls.  We walked over to “The Rock” afterwards and took some pictures. The rock is a formation of two flat as a table rocks in the field between the lacrosse field and I 81. Each time we play on the field I look over at the rock and think that it would make for some neat pictures.  I will add a few of them at the bottom.  After the concert Saturday night we went to Coopers for a snack and a beer (or two). Both boys attended this function (there was free food – parents paid). College students know better than to skip a free meal!

Sunday we went to mass and watched DS2 play his trumpet with the choir. After mass we all got together one more time at the Buck Town Diner for lunch. Then we drove home and the boys went back to their lives. Monday night was lacrosse. I scored my first goal in a month! I was pretty excited. Tuesday was yoga. Tonight might be outdoor lacrosse depending on the weather and how I feel. I found a cold somewhere in the last 7 days. Cough, cough and cough.

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

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Here’s an extra for the week..

Thursday night here in Manahawkin. We just finished dinner. DS1 was home on time tonight with the big red company truck.  We had steak and onion rings for dinner.  And a really decent bottle of Merlot from California called 181 Merlot from Noble Vines.  We got to hear about DS1’s exploits in West Virgina last weekend. 

My DW says “Come see this video..”  Interesting words from a women that does not usually share videos with me.  In this video, the male with the beard in the front left is DS2.  Marywood University did a “Harlem Shake” video for finals week.  The university has been very creative over the last three years during finals week.

So, here is the video, volume is important to get the full effect.  Enjoy!

Harlem Shake @ Marywood University

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Middle of the day post..

Work is slow today, both of my scheduled jobs cancelled out. One with a death in the family the other with a dead computer. I see a theme here, time to run faster, I guess.  Today is May 1, 2013. May Day as it were.  We had our first decent rain on Monday in quite awhile. I heard quite a bit of complaining in my travels about the one day of rain. My garden and lawn were quite happy for the soaking. Speaking of the lawn, I rented a tiller from Home Depot and tilled a third of the lawn. Last year I did a different third. Well, it would not make sense to keep tilling the same area, right?  I am halfway through raking the stones and clay out of the dirt. Hopefully by next Monday the dirt will be ready for seeding.

This weekend we are going to Scranton. No, not for the Office Wrap parties.  The Office tv show is ending its run and some of the cast are going to be in Scranton this weekend. There is a parade on Saturday afternoon.  This is an excellent opportunity for the local hotels to double their rates for the weekend. We, are going to a concert at Marywood Saturday night.  I suggested to my DW that while she was playing on the internet this morning that she look and see what silliness was going on in the city this weekend so that we could avoid (if possible) the crowds. Maybe we should go to the parade…

Monday night lacrosse belonged to the goalies. Or, belonged to the goalies that I tried to shoot on. Tonight we are going to Manalapan to play lacrosse outdoors under the lights.  Hopefully there will be enough players to play a decent game.  Children, DS1 drove out to Wheeling for the WJU men’s lacrosse team’s alumni game. He had a goal in the game. I have only briefly talked to him since he got back. He slept at a friends house Sunday night and was a ghost Monday and Tuesday nights. I thinks he is a little (a lot) beat from the weekend  and 15 hour days at work.

DS2 is in the middle of finals week. When we see him Saturday, he will be done with his junior year of college. DS3, not really sure what he is up to.  I expect that we will find out this weekend.   My DW has decided that Hot Yoga is not for her.  The gym where she goes changed her Monday night class from a regular yoga to a hot yoga class. She gave the hot yoga three weeks to see if she could handle the heat. The hot yoga got two thumbs down.  She has been getting back to swimming on Monday nights until the hot yoga fad goes away.  We are still enjoying regular, adult school yoga on Tuesday nights.

Pictures, only one this week. Crazy or what?  In this picture DS3 (on the right) is with his college roommate (L) and a girl at a bar in Wheeling, WV.  Thanks for reading!



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