I probably will get a kick under the table tonight..

I probably will get a kick under the table tonight for the following blog. Blog Warning!  The following blog (once again) contains the word “lacrosse” and descriptions of events that can happen during a lacrosse game. Have I lost you already? Tomorrow we will visit the garden and over the weekend we might even visit the beach on Long Beach Island. 

This morning I got into work late. Why? Well, I was tired from last night and the Garden State Parkway had a backup due to a three car accident. I figured I would work in the office today to A) Escape the 90 + degree weather and B) Not have to turn the a/c on at the house.   I probably should have worked from home. I had a time sensitive project that needed to be completed by 10 am.  I got it done, but just barely on time. After I had a chance to settle in and check my email I found an email from my DW. She rarely emails me and even more rarely emails me at my work address. She replies better than most.

To understand the email you will need a little back story. We watch a fair amount of college lacrosse on ESPN U during the season. One of the commentators is Paul Carcaterra. Paul usually works the sidelines.  The other major player is Quint Kessenich who is usually in the broadcast booth. During the game one of the features is the Sector SPDR player portfolio. The player portfolio is a quick snapshot about one of the dominant players in the game that is being broadcast.

I am aware that the best stories need the least lead in but without context (and maybe even with context) you won’t get it.  This was her email in response to my blog post It’s going to be a tough night for sleeping..


Paul here for our ….
     Sector SPDR player portfolio on attack man Lime Guy:
  Strong drive from X with both left and right shot.
   Able to develop torque and speed on shot due to flexibility in lower back and hips.
  Converted from defense to attack, therefore has a great awareness of defensive reactions to offensive moves. 
Back to you Quint in the studio
I smiled!  I never knew she was so creative.  It must be love (or the smell of my gear).
PS.   I added Lime Guy to the quote in place of my real name..  It would be funny (and rather odd) if she referred to my nom de plume!
Lake Placid 2011 (I'm # 35)

Lake Placid 2011 (I’m # 35)


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