It’s going to be a tough night for sleeping..

It is a little warm out, but with the window fans, the house should cool off.  But that is not the problem, as it were. If you are tired of reading about lacrosse you should click on “Like” and move on to another blog. At least for tonight.

We had enough (in the words of the organizer “dudes”) to play full field 10 vs. 10 lacrosse tonight. We even had three substitutes for each team. I missed a bunch of passes, threw all good passes tonight. A good pass gets to the player that you threw it to without hitting the ground first. I missed the goal or hit the goalie with three shots on goal.

Since we don’t keep score, the game only really had one highlight moment for me. Without being overly dramatic (not!), I caught a pass on the wing to the left of the goalie. I ran past my defender turning my back to him as I went by to protect my stick. Then I turned the other way to protect my stick from the other defender between me and the goal. After I got past the second defender I changed hands  (from right to left) and shot the ball into the goal!  It was one of those moments that keep me coming back for more.

Thank you to my teachers and my teachers – teachers..


2013-04-07 17.39.38

Summer returns, but not yet summer..

A confusing title for sure. The bottom line is this: it was nice and summer like last week. Mix in a couple of days of rain and grey, now the 90’s (not the Prince 90’s) are aiming squarely at us.  We are scheduled to play lacrosse tonight. I hope there are enough people to play. The temperatures on the field turf are usually 10 degrees warmer than off the turf.  What coach? Hydrate? Got it!

Monday was the end of the college lacrosse season. I am lamenting the fact that there won’t be any college lacrosse on tv until late January 2014. So, you ask, You are a fan of college lacrosse? I would say, Yes!  Then you might ask, Did you go to the semi-finals and the finals for the sport? No, would be my answer. Why not?  That seems to be a big topic in the lacrosse world this week. The attendance at the college lacrosse finals weekend is down 30 percent since 2007. I’ve read the articles here and here. Maybe you don’t care either way. Fair enough.

My excuses/reasons for not attending are as follows:

  • Cost – tickets, parking, gas, tolls, food at the stadium
  • Not location – heck they played 60 miles from our home
  • Holiday weekend – When you live down the shore, holiday weekends mean that you hunker down and wait out the tourists. Eventually they have to go back to work.
  • My favorite teams were not playing (Virginia, Hopkins or Maryland)
  • Excellent tv coverage of the D1 games (HI Def), fair coverage of the DII and DIII title games
  • I had yard work that I had been avoiding. Having help on Monday was key in getting the work done. I will prove more details and pictures later in the week.

I do feel guilty (a little) being a player and a vocal supporter of the game.  Maybe next year.

Here is a picture from August 2011. My DW and I attended a Chesapeake Bay Hawks professional game. The game was played in Annapolis, MD. Maybe Philadelphia is too close?