A top ten, of sorts..

Today is Sunday, May 26, 2013. I encountered several “experiences” today that has prompted me to create this top ten. This is a personal, yet telling, list. Last week the youngest child came home college. We now have five adults living in a three bedroom, one bath ranch. The house thankfully has a finished basement. No matter:

The Top Ten Ways You Know Your Children Are Home From College:

10. There always seems to be somebody in the bathroom

9.   There is no place to park your car in front of the house

8    The shampoo is empty, and not replaced with a full one (My DW and I use different shampoo, duh!)

7.   The bar of soap in the shower is gone, obviously not replaced with a new one.

6.   The  shaving cream is empty.. (see # 7)

5.    The razor is dull .. (see # 7)

4.    The grocery bill is suddenly twice what it was the week before. (What did we buy?)

3.    The music and tv are on and playing until after 1 am

2.    The liquor store bill is triple what is was just two weeks ago.

1.     There is some help with chores, groceries and yard work. Some..

And all of this is priceless..



August 2011 - The Boyz

August 2011 – The Boyz

No recipe needed, I guess..

Tonight’s dinner was a straight, off the cuff, wing it, kind of meal. For me, a recipe is a guideline – possible ingredients  and the proportions of one ingredient  in relation to another. Much like a science experiment. This morning we stopped at Sally’s – Ahern Fish Market on the way to the grocery store. I was in the mood for a seafood dinner but, I was not sure what I wanted.  I know the owner and the employees from a previous life when I worked in the wholesale seafood business. I usually take a look in the case to see if anything catches my eye. Today they had three small mako shark steaks, and none in the back. At that point I decided it would do something with those shark steaks.

After grocery shopping we stopped back at the fish market. We bought the mako, some swordfish, blowfish tails, clams and mussels.  Still, no direction. I was thinking about making a Cioppino, which is a seafood stew with a red sauce. I wanted something with a white sauce. In the end I made the following for dinner. I cooked some pancetta in a frying pan. Pancetta is an italian bacon. This gave the pan some flavor. I cut up the swordfish and mako into bite sized chunks. The blowfish I cut into two slices, removing the bone. After the pancetta had cooked I added the seafood to the frying pan. I added some Tony Chachere’s seasoning.  While this was cooking I made a roux with flour and butter. To the roux I added seafood stock from the grocery store and some white wine. How much of each? I was winging it!

I took the sauce, the seafood and added them to a larger pot. Then I added the clams, the mussels and some greek seasonings. I put a lid on the pot and turned the temperature down. I cooked some brown rice and when the rice was ready, the clams and mussels had opened. Oh, while the rice was cooking I added some fresh spinach, scallions and fresh parsley. All of which came from the garden.  

The meal was a hit. DS1 and DS3 grabbed some sour dough bread to soak up the sauce.  My DW enjoyed it as well.  DS2, he is working this evening from 4 to 10 pm. I saved him a plate. 

Here is a picture of DS2’s dinner. He did not get any mussels since he does not like them.  The mussels are in a leftover dish waiting for tomorrow or Tuesday.


2013-05-26 19.12.15