Twenty cent..

Not another rapper (pseudo – musician or singer). Twenty cent refers to how much the price of a gallon of gasoline has gone up in the last two weeks.  Has anybody noticed an oil embargo? How about super economic news? Or maybe that the United States is producing 80 percent of the oil that it consumes? And the price can jump twenty cents in two weeks? The gas stations used in this example are the two Wawa stations on Route 539 in southern New Jersey. Two Mondays ago driving to lacrosse the price was 3.23 per gallon for regular unleaded. Last Monday the price was 3.33 per gallon. This week the price is 3.43 a gallon. Do we live in some third world country? The key here is that Memorial Day weekend is coming up and the summer driving season is upon us. Time to make some extra money.  Have your gas prices jumped like this in the past two weeks?

Second item on the agenda tonight. I was playing lacrosse tonight. It is Monday so that should be no big surprise. I scored a goal tonight, that is a minor miracle all by itself. One of the last plays of the day I was contesting a ground ball with a player from the other team and he jumped up after the ball as I went for the ball with my stick. He suffered a soft tissue “injury”. He spent a minute or two on the floor trying to catch his breath.    We both went for the ball, I was in control of my stick, he jumped into it in an attempt to grab the ball and take off down the field.  My question is this, What do you say to the other player when you are involved in something like this?  I’m sorry that he is in pain. If I say “I’m sorry” am I admitting guilt in his injury? I was involved, but under control the whole time. If he had been wearing protection, he may not have felt as much of a sting as he did. He eventually walked off the field under his own power.  So, I really said nothing. Nobody pointed at me and said that it was my fault, in fact they said that he jumped into my stick and it was his own fault. I just don’t like to see someone hurt during the game.

Final item on the agenda. If you are traveling to Ocean County this weekend for Memorial Day you should bring (at least) these two things. Number one would be extra money to fill your tank with gasoline. The second thing would be some allergy medicine. The pine and oak trees are in full pollination mode. The shoulders on the parkway tonight were green. Green like the highway had been painted green for a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Here is a random picture with a caption, enjoy?


Goes well with cheese platters!

Goes well with cheese platters!