Middle of the day post..

Work is slow today, both of my scheduled jobs cancelled out. One with a death in the family the other with a dead computer. I see a theme here, time to run faster, I guess.  Today is May 1, 2013. May Day as it were.  We had our first decent rain on Monday in quite awhile. I heard quite a bit of complaining in my travels about the one day of rain. My garden and lawn were quite happy for the soaking. Speaking of the lawn, I rented a tiller from Home Depot and tilled a third of the lawn. Last year I did a different third. Well, it would not make sense to keep tilling the same area, right?  I am halfway through raking the stones and clay out of the dirt. Hopefully by next Monday the dirt will be ready for seeding.

This weekend we are going to Scranton. No, not for the Office Wrap parties.  The Office tv show is ending its run and some of the cast are going to be in Scranton this weekend. There is a parade on Saturday afternoon.  This is an excellent opportunity for the local hotels to double their rates for the weekend. We, are going to a concert at Marywood Saturday night.  I suggested to my DW that while she was playing on the internet this morning that she look and see what silliness was going on in the city this weekend so that we could avoid (if possible) the crowds. Maybe we should go to the parade…

Monday night lacrosse belonged to the goalies. Or, belonged to the goalies that I tried to shoot on. Tonight we are going to Manalapan to play lacrosse outdoors under the lights.  Hopefully there will be enough players to play a decent game.  Children, DS1 drove out to Wheeling for the WJU men’s lacrosse team’s alumni game. He had a goal in the game. I have only briefly talked to him since he got back. He slept at a friends house Sunday night and was a ghost Monday and Tuesday nights. I thinks he is a little (a lot) beat from the weekend  and 15 hour days at work.

DS2 is in the middle of finals week. When we see him Saturday, he will be done with his junior year of college. DS3, not really sure what he is up to.  I expect that we will find out this weekend.   My DW has decided that Hot Yoga is not for her.  The gym where she goes changed her Monday night class from a regular yoga to a hot yoga class. She gave the hot yoga three weeks to see if she could handle the heat. The hot yoga got two thumbs down.  She has been getting back to swimming on Monday nights until the hot yoga fad goes away.  We are still enjoying regular, adult school yoga on Tuesday nights.

Pictures, only one this week. Crazy or what?  In this picture DS3 (on the right) is with his college roommate (L) and a girl at a bar in Wheeling, WV.  Thanks for reading!