I probably will get a kick under the table tonight..

I probably will get a kick under the table tonight for the following blog. Blog Warning!  The following blog (once again) contains the word “lacrosse” and descriptions of events that can happen during a lacrosse game. Have I lost you already? Tomorrow we will visit the garden and over the weekend we might even visit the beach on Long Beach Island. 

This morning I got into work late. Why? Well, I was tired from last night and the Garden State Parkway had a backup due to a three car accident. I figured I would work in the office today to A) Escape the 90 + degree weather and B) Not have to turn the a/c on at the house.   I probably should have worked from home. I had a time sensitive project that needed to be completed by 10 am.  I got it done, but just barely on time. After I had a chance to settle in and check my email I found an email from my DW. She rarely emails me and even more rarely emails me at my work address. She replies better than most.

To understand the email you will need a little back story. We watch a fair amount of college lacrosse on ESPN U during the season. One of the commentators is Paul Carcaterra. Paul usually works the sidelines.  The other major player is Quint Kessenich who is usually in the broadcast booth. During the game one of the features is the Sector SPDR player portfolio. The player portfolio is a quick snapshot about one of the dominant players in the game that is being broadcast.

I am aware that the best stories need the least lead in but without context (and maybe even with context) you won’t get it.  This was her email in response to my blog post It’s going to be a tough night for sleeping..


Paul here for our ….
     Sector SPDR player portfolio on attack man Lime Guy:
  Strong drive from X with both left and right shot.
   Able to develop torque and speed on shot due to flexibility in lower back and hips.
  Converted from defense to attack, therefore has a great awareness of defensive reactions to offensive moves. 
Back to you Quint in the studio
I smiled!  I never knew she was so creative.  It must be love (or the smell of my gear).
PS.   I added Lime Guy to the quote in place of my real name..  It would be funny (and rather odd) if she referred to my nom de plume!
Lake Placid 2011 (I'm # 35)

Lake Placid 2011 (I’m # 35)


It’s going to be a tough night for sleeping..

It is a little warm out, but with the window fans, the house should cool off.  But that is not the problem, as it were. If you are tired of reading about lacrosse you should click on “Like” and move on to another blog. At least for tonight.

We had enough (in the words of the organizer “dudes”) to play full field 10 vs. 10 lacrosse tonight. We even had three substitutes for each team. I missed a bunch of passes, threw all good passes tonight. A good pass gets to the player that you threw it to without hitting the ground first. I missed the goal or hit the goalie with three shots on goal.

Since we don’t keep score, the game only really had one highlight moment for me. Without being overly dramatic (not!), I caught a pass on the wing to the left of the goalie. I ran past my defender turning my back to him as I went by to protect my stick. Then I turned the other way to protect my stick from the other defender between me and the goal. After I got past the second defender I changed hands  (from right to left) and shot the ball into the goal!  It was one of those moments that keep me coming back for more.

Thank you to my teachers and my teachers – teachers..


2013-04-07 17.39.38

Summer returns, but not yet summer..

A confusing title for sure. The bottom line is this: it was nice and summer like last week. Mix in a couple of days of rain and grey, now the 90’s (not the Prince 90’s) are aiming squarely at us.  We are scheduled to play lacrosse tonight. I hope there are enough people to play. The temperatures on the field turf are usually 10 degrees warmer than off the turf.  What coach? Hydrate? Got it!

Monday was the end of the college lacrosse season. I am lamenting the fact that there won’t be any college lacrosse on tv until late January 2014. So, you ask, You are a fan of college lacrosse? I would say, Yes!  Then you might ask, Did you go to the semi-finals and the finals for the sport? No, would be my answer. Why not?  That seems to be a big topic in the lacrosse world this week. The attendance at the college lacrosse finals weekend is down 30 percent since 2007. I’ve read the articles here and here. Maybe you don’t care either way. Fair enough.

My excuses/reasons for not attending are as follows:

  • Cost – tickets, parking, gas, tolls, food at the stadium
  • Not location – heck they played 60 miles from our home
  • Holiday weekend – When you live down the shore, holiday weekends mean that you hunker down and wait out the tourists. Eventually they have to go back to work.
  • My favorite teams were not playing (Virginia, Hopkins or Maryland)
  • Excellent tv coverage of the D1 games (HI Def), fair coverage of the DII and DIII title games
  • I had yard work that I had been avoiding. Having help on Monday was key in getting the work done. I will prove more details and pictures later in the week.

I do feel guilty (a little) being a player and a vocal supporter of the game.  Maybe next year.

Here is a picture from August 2011. My DW and I attended a Chesapeake Bay Hawks professional game. The game was played in Annapolis, MD. Maybe Philadelphia is too close?



Tuesday that feels like a Monday..

I spent most of the day out of whack. Here in the US, Monday was a legal holiday.  Everyone in our family had the day off.  That made today the first day of the work week for all of us. Except for DS2 who is more part-time than full-time until the we get closer to July 4.  DS1 walked in the house at 9 pm after leaving for work at 6 am. And, he was driving the company truck.  I guess going home from your last delivery is better than heading back to the yard, then driving home. It probably saved him more than an hour tonight.  Hard work is good for the young. It builds character and serves to motivate you to move up in the employment food chain so you don’t have to work so many hours.

Our Memorial Day dinner was steamed little neck clams, cheeseburgers and cheese noodles. There were about 75 clams in the pot Monday night. The five of us sat down to eat and the clams were gone in less than three minutes!  That part of the meal was nearly a contact sport. The burgers and noodles came a little bit later and the sharks were more behaved. There was no lacrosse last night for me. The indoor league starts back up next Monday night. Tonight we (DW and I) attended the last adult school yoga for the school year. Adult school yoga will start-up in late September or early October. Tomorrow night we will (weather permitting) play lacrosse outdoors in Manalapan.

Here is a picture from September 2011 where we took part in walk over the Manahawkin Bay Bridge. Enjoy!



A top ten, of sorts..

Today is Sunday, May 26, 2013. I encountered several “experiences” today that has prompted me to create this top ten. This is a personal, yet telling, list. Last week the youngest child came home college. We now have five adults living in a three bedroom, one bath ranch. The house thankfully has a finished basement. No matter:

The Top Ten Ways You Know Your Children Are Home From College:

10. There always seems to be somebody in the bathroom

9.   There is no place to park your car in front of the house

8    The shampoo is empty, and not replaced with a full one (My DW and I use different shampoo, duh!)

7.   The bar of soap in the shower is gone, obviously not replaced with a new one.

6.   The  shaving cream is empty.. (see # 7)

5.    The razor is dull .. (see # 7)

4.    The grocery bill is suddenly twice what it was the week before. (What did we buy?)

3.    The music and tv are on and playing until after 1 am

2.    The liquor store bill is triple what is was just two weeks ago.

1.     There is some help with chores, groceries and yard work. Some..

And all of this is priceless..



August 2011 - The Boyz

August 2011 – The Boyz

No recipe needed, I guess..

Tonight’s dinner was a straight, off the cuff, wing it, kind of meal. For me, a recipe is a guideline – possible ingredients  and the proportions of one ingredient  in relation to another. Much like a science experiment. This morning we stopped at Sally’s – Ahern Fish Market on the way to the grocery store. I was in the mood for a seafood dinner but, I was not sure what I wanted.  I know the owner and the employees from a previous life when I worked in the wholesale seafood business. I usually take a look in the case to see if anything catches my eye. Today they had three small mako shark steaks, and none in the back. At that point I decided it would do something with those shark steaks.

After grocery shopping we stopped back at the fish market. We bought the mako, some swordfish, blowfish tails, clams and mussels.  Still, no direction. I was thinking about making a Cioppino, which is a seafood stew with a red sauce. I wanted something with a white sauce. In the end I made the following for dinner. I cooked some pancetta in a frying pan. Pancetta is an italian bacon. This gave the pan some flavor. I cut up the swordfish and mako into bite sized chunks. The blowfish I cut into two slices, removing the bone. After the pancetta had cooked I added the seafood to the frying pan. I added some Tony Chachere’s seasoning.  While this was cooking I made a roux with flour and butter. To the roux I added seafood stock from the grocery store and some white wine. How much of each? I was winging it!

I took the sauce, the seafood and added them to a larger pot. Then I added the clams, the mussels and some greek seasonings. I put a lid on the pot and turned the temperature down. I cooked some brown rice and when the rice was ready, the clams and mussels had opened. Oh, while the rice was cooking I added some fresh spinach, scallions and fresh parsley. All of which came from the garden.  

The meal was a hit. DS1 and DS3 grabbed some sour dough bread to soak up the sauce.  My DW enjoyed it as well.  DS2, he is working this evening from 4 to 10 pm. I saved him a plate. 

Here is a picture of DS2’s dinner. He did not get any mussels since he does not like them.  The mussels are in a leftover dish waiting for tomorrow or Tuesday.


2013-05-26 19.12.15

Cold front..

We have finally arrived at the Memorial Day weekend here in the US. This is a three-day weekend for many of us. My DW and I are off from work until Tuesday. DS1 has to work tomorrow and then he has two days off. DS2 has to work tomorrow and yes, DS3 starts his summer job tomorrow at 7 am. Bright and early, as it were. By 7 am tomorrow everyone except for us old people should be at work. I think I like that.

This morning the temperatures were in the mid 60’s and humid. Around noon time today a cold front brought rain and wind to the Jersey shore. The temperature right now 8:45 pm is 46 degrees. I am concerned about some of our plant and the cold weather.

Dinner was pizza and shrimp cocktail. We stayed home this Friday night. We did sign up for a free month of Netflix today. We got a new smart tv last weekend.  We never had Netflix before so we will see if the service is worth the 7.99 a month.

Short and sweet tonight. A picture seals the deal. Enjoy!


A turtle on the Hillsbrough River - Feburary 22, 2013

A turtle on the Hillsbrough River – Feburary 22, 2013

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