Suddenly summer in New Jersey..

Well, another week has passed by, between blogs.  I want to take just a moment to thank everyone that read the story that I posted the last week. I understand that 2000 words is way too long for a blog post. But, it seems to be a good length for a fictional (mostly) short story. Tonight as I am writing this, we are experiencing our first thunderstorm of 2013.  Not the crazy kind of storm that we have in August and September, just some flashes, booms and so far very little rain.  The temperatures for the last two days have finally been in the 70’s. The next two days are supposed to be colder and unsettled (cloudy and rainy).

Saturday I turned over the dirt in the garden to kick off another growing season. I added cow manure to the soil and planted 19 romaine lettuce plants and 8 spinach plants.  The rest of the plants will get planted in two weeks when the weather will be more consistently above 40 degrees during the overnight hours.  We planted two flower boxes of petunias, one purple for my DW, the other yellow and black, for me.  We also planted some fresh herbs in a window box on the back porch.

Sunday, my DW and I traveled to NYC once again. This week we drove up to the train station in Secaucus, NJ and took the train one stop into New York’s Penn Station.  We walked west to around 30 th and 10 Ave where we picked up the High Line. The High Line is a 1 mile elevated linear park that runs from 30 th street south to about 14 th street. The High Line was built on what was elevated train tracks. The walk was pretty easy, the crowds always seemed to be heading towards us, like we were salmon swimming upstream. 

After our walk we traveled to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn via the subway. My DW and I are re-learning how to get around NYC.  We both grew up about 20 miles from the city and I traveled into the city many times in my late teens.  In Williamsburg we walked around and enjoyed a decent meal at a restaurant called Station. I had a funky burger and my DW had mussels with a white wine sauce.  after lunch we walked around the Bedford Ave area of Williamsburg for an hour or so. The warm weather really brought out the crowds.

I had a good night playing lacrosse Monday night. My body was tired from gardening on Saturday and walking on Sunday. I was able to score my first goal in about four weeks.  Tuesday night we went to adult school yoga. Part of the class was spent doing couples yoga.  This is fun since we get to do yoga with our partner and laugh and smile.

Here is a link to the pictures from Sunday’s walk in NYC.  I will also include a few pictures at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for reading and have good week!


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