Signs of Spring..

Today is March 6, 2013. Tonight on the east coast we have another storm that is forecast to bring rain, high winds and coastal flooding to New Jersey.  The wind at times sounds like a freight train going past the house.  This is a good night to be indoors. The forecast also calls for a little bit of snow. Somehow, Washington, DC (south of us) has been getting snow all day, just rain here.  Warmer in the north, colder in the south. Welcome to the wacky world of weather.

Signs of spring..

  • The first crocuses of the year blossomed last week in the sunshine. A picture of them is below
  • DS2 is home for his spring break. We found out that spring break was upon us when the university tweeted wishing the students a nice and safe week off. We are usually more on top of things with our children. Picture below.
  • DS1 has a new truck to drive at work. His company purchased a flat-bed tow truck to move the larger trees that the driver might need mechanical help loading and unloading.  Picture below.
  • DS3 spent the weekend on LI visiting his girlfriend. He successfully navigated the roads in and around New York City. No pictures below (asked, did not get any)
  • Adult school yoga started last night. It was fun to get back to breathing and stretching (at the same time). We had four new students this week. It was nice to see a few new faces.  And, it was nice to see the usual group that attends this class.
  • The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Scranton is this weekend. It’s interesting that Marywood seems to send their kids home during the parade week and the University of Scranton (downtown, parade central) keeps their kids in school for the same week.
  • Girl Scout cookies, a sure sign of spring!
  • Monday night lacrosse moves to an hour later, I had a goal Monday night!

 Enjoy the pictures and smile!


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