Enjoying a night off.

Today is Tuesday, March 26, 2013. We should be at adult school yoga tonight, but the instructor is on vacation this week.  That only means one thing, wine with dinner!  You can’t have wine with dinner and then go to yoga. Or, at least I can’t. Today was partly sunny, the forecast was for sunny and 50 degrees. Last year at this time we had already had several days in the 70’s here in NJ. Not this year.  Bitch, bitch.

Sunday was a fun day for us. My DW and I joined a website called www.HowAboutWe.com The premise is that they find “dates” that you can take your better half on.  Currently, they are only in NYC. I found them on Twitter and have been watching their offerings for the last month or so. This week they offered a deal on an appetizer, meal and pitcher of sangria at a restaurant called Taka Taka. The restaurant is a Mexican – Japanese Fusion Sushi restaurant.  The meal that we shared is called Shabu – Shabu. The table where you sit is glass-topped and in the center of the table is a heating element. They bring a pot of broth that gets heated on the heating element. Then you put the chives, mushrooms, lettuce, carrots, rice noodles, cucumbers and tofu into the boiling broth to make a vegetable soup. Then they bring paper-thin sliced rib roast that you take (using your chop sticks) and dunk in the boiling soup until the meat is cooked to your satisfaction.

DS3 and his GF rode the train and subway and met us at the restaurant. We had a lot of fun. The other neat thing the offer is sushi. There is a conveyor belt that goes around the entire restaurant. On the belt rides the plates of sushi. Each plate has a number (to identify what is on the plate) and the plates are different colors. Each different color plate has a different price. When the sushi comes around, you look at the number, consult your place mat for a description and if you are interested, you take the plate and enjoy! When the bill comes you pay by the number and color of the plates consumed. After lunch we dropped the kids off at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and went home.  Sunday in the big city, now that is surely different from grocery shopping in Waretown, NJ!

Here are a few pictures from Sunday’s adventure.




Figured I would stop by..

Heck, it’s my blog, I better stop by! I am the victim of one thing leading to another this week.  Here’s a quick run down (not excuses)!

  • Friday – worked from home,  went to Buckalew’s on LBI for dinner. St. Patrick’s Day nonsense. Food was ok. This was our first time on LBI since Sandy.  The island seemed quieter than normal.
  • Saturday – worked on FAFSA’s for the two college children, completed them.  Crappy weather. Made home-made fish n chips after my DW told me to stop looking for a restaurant that would cook them since I like mine the best.
  • Sunday – groceries, cooked mussels with white wine sauce for lunch and Guinness Irish stew for dinner. My family are not big corned beef eaters. Sunday was St. patrick’s Day.
  • Monday – worked, played lacrosse. I did not score any goals. The goalie had my number that night. He stopped three-point blank shots of mine.
  • Tuesday – worked, adult school yoga. We had our first Rita’s of the season.
  • Wednesday – dinner with DS1 since my DW was working at the Men’s Health Night at her hospital. We stopped by on our way home form the bar (restaurant) to say hello. First day of Spring.
  • Thursday – today, worked and cooked dinner. My DW had a union meeting at 5 pm today.  Today would have been my mothers birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Kids, hmmm…  DS1 worked. DS2 and DS3 continue to pursue their educations (right boys?).  Nothing really special this week. DS2 won some cologne in a raffle at his school. He bought tickets thinking it was perfume for his girlfriend.  I guess it is, in a way…

Pictures,  click here to see pictures from Men’s Health Night. Click here to see pictures from my trip to Pt. Pleasant Beach today.  There will be a few from each set below.  Enjoy!


First day on the job..

Am I the only person that wonders what the first day on the job for the new pope was like?  I saw the headlines, he said mass, visited the masses, blah, blah..  When I start a new job, one of the first questions are Where can I park my car (Popemobile)? Where is the bathroom? Coffee pot and water cooler?  These are the important questions when starting any new job. Then you have to fill out the HR paperwork, the 401 K paperwork, the insurance paperwork. Most of the day seems like paperwork. Hopefully you can find your way back the bathroom and coffee pot after the brief first tour. I wonder of the new pope had to do all these new employee rituals? 

Today our company celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Many of my fellow employees (including me) work from home on Fridays so today was good day to have solid attendance in the office. Not on time attendance, but bodies in the building by say, 11 am. The company president wanted corned beef this year. His wife hates the smell and taste of corned beef so having a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at work would enable him to get his corned beef and keeps his wife happy. I brought my turkey cooking set up and boiled the water. He, CP (company president) brought the corned beef in two boil bags from a local butcher. We put the corned beef in the cold water, brought it to a boil, turned the heat down and simmered for three hours.

While the corned beef was cooking we had the appetizer course. We had fruit, shrimp, smoked salmon, cheese slices, irish soda bread,  and various crackers and flat breads.  With the corned beef we had potatoes, cabbage and salad. We also had a dessert course which included an ice cream pie (for National Pi Day) and pistachio pudding .  Missing today was a pint of Guinness. This was the first of these celebrations that was dry, no alcohol. I’m not sure if no one thought to bring some or there was an edict against it. I think with all that food and a pint of Guinness, I would have been out in my car taking a nap!

See the pictures below from our celebration.  Enjoy!


New Pope and a trip to the beach..

Today the Catholic Church got a new pope. I’m sure you saw the news everywhere,  I certainly did. I will admit to watching the announcement being broadcast live on the internet. I wonder if that was a first.  I don’t remember the same excitement (?) with the choosing of the previous pope.  I did not get the job, that is the bottom line. I guess I’m not old enough to be pope. That is what I will keep telling myself.

I have been absent from the blogging world as of late (as you may have noticed).  April’s challenge will be to post something relevant, every day for the entire month.  This month, I’m just not there yet. I do have a short story to share, I have some minor editing to do then it will get whelped and sent out into the world. Chris, interested in some light english language editing? Not content (hopefully), just grammar?  Let me know.   This one feels special to me.

Today I went to the beach in Belmar, NJ to eat my lunch and take some pictures.  I have included some below and this link will take you to the Drop Box folder with all 55 pictures.  The beach in Belmar was hit pretty hard by Sandy.

Yoga last night was good!

Enjoy the pictures and smile everyday! 



Signs of Spring..

Today is March 6, 2013. Tonight on the east coast we have another storm that is forecast to bring rain, high winds and coastal flooding to New Jersey.  The wind at times sounds like a freight train going past the house.  This is a good night to be indoors. The forecast also calls for a little bit of snow. Somehow, Washington, DC (south of us) has been getting snow all day, just rain here.  Warmer in the north, colder in the south. Welcome to the wacky world of weather.

Signs of spring..

  • The first crocuses of the year blossomed last week in the sunshine. A picture of them is below
  • DS2 is home for his spring break. We found out that spring break was upon us when the university tweeted wishing the students a nice and safe week off. We are usually more on top of things with our children. Picture below.
  • DS1 has a new truck to drive at work. His company purchased a flat-bed tow truck to move the larger trees that the driver might need mechanical help loading and unloading.  Picture below.
  • DS3 spent the weekend on LI visiting his girlfriend. He successfully navigated the roads in and around New York City. No pictures below (asked, did not get any)
  • Adult school yoga started last night. It was fun to get back to breathing and stretching (at the same time). We had four new students this week. It was nice to see a few new faces.  And, it was nice to see the usual group that attends this class.
  • The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Scranton is this weekend. It’s interesting that Marywood seems to send their kids home during the parade week and the University of Scranton (downtown, parade central) keeps their kids in school for the same week.
  • Girl Scout cookies, a sure sign of spring!
  • Monday night lacrosse moves to an hour later, I had a goal Monday night!

 Enjoy the pictures and smile!