The drought is over..

I haven’t had the opportunity in quite a few weeks to write these words. I think the last time I scored a goal on a Monday night playing lacrosse was in early December. The college kids came home, the pace of the game changed. Then we were off for two weeks for the holidays. Back for a week then off to Florida for two weeks. Phew! But, I did score the last goal of the night tonight. Since we don’t keep score (officially), the last goals wins it, right?  Works for me.

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. Did you watch the game? We did, my DW and I. DS1 was at a friend’s house and DS2 and DS3 are away at their universities. Empty nesters watching the Super Bowl. We had wings (of course), deviled eggs, 6 layer dip from COSTCO, lime chips and shrimp cocktail. I ate a years worth of 6 layer dip last night. It’s a wonder that I could play lacrosse tonight.  The power outage last night was pretty well-timed, don’t you think? I am glad Baltimore won.

Upcoming events include:

We’re packing quite a bit into this short month!

Here are a few more random pictures from the last two weekes.  Enjoy!


PS: Funny, the pictures all turned out to be of birds tonight..

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