Vacation Daze 13, 14 and 15..

Time to wrap up the vacation blogs. I took the last week off trying to re-acclimate to living in New Jersey and being cold. We will visit the last week in the next blog.

Day 13

Day 13 was proclaimed “I’m not driving anywhere day!” in South Florida. I proclaimed it. Tuesday I drove to the airport. Wednesday I drove to the Everglades and the west coast of Florida. Thursday I drove back to the west coast of Florida to kayak. Friday, I wasn’t driving anywhere.  I worked on catching up on my blogs in the morning. After lunch I went by the pool to catch some sun, but there were no available chairs or lounges. Instead I went food shopping for Friday nights dinner. Then I packed since Saturday would be another all day driving adventure. Later in the afternoon some lounge chairs opened up so I went down to the pool to work on my short story about the killing of the last velociraptor in North America.  Once the sun went down I made dinner, watched some tv and called it a night. Pretty low-key as vacation days go.

Day 14

I was up at 5 am this Saturday morning. My destination, Orlando, Florida some 215 miles to the north. Why would I drive to Orlando on my last full day in Florida? You did ask that question after not going anywhere the day before. US Lacrosse held their Champion Challenge lacrosse tournament at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex next to Disneyland. Some of the top college lacrosse teams would be playing against Team USA and each other. This was a mens and womens event.  I emailed US Lacrosse and was added to the media list for the event. This got me into the park for free and also a lanyard proclaiming that I had field access to all the games! Good stuff. My camera got me into another event front and center.

The drive was mostly uneventful. There was a major accident 5 minutes from Weston that had the highway closed for about 10 minutes just as I started my drive. The rest of the time was set the cruise control and drive. I shot pictures at two mens games and two womens games.  For the day I shot 2700 pictures. I am still going through them. I will be offering them to US Lacrosse, Lax Power and Inside Lacrosse Magazine. Maybe I can get a picture published or shown on one of these websites.

The drive home was just as boring. I seem to have driven on most of the toll roads in Florida that Saturday.  I sure missed my EZ Pass when I had to shell out cash at every toll booth.  I got back around 10:30 pm and finished my rum bottle off and called it a night.  450 mile and four lacrosse games, I slept quite well that night.

Day 15

Time to go home. I work up early (yuck) and just figured that I would just get going since I could not fall back to sleep. I was going to drop off the bags, find some breakfast then return the rental car and wait for my flight. When I got to the airport at 8 am things were really busy. I dropped off the bags, gassed the car up and returned it, skipping breakfast. The security line was crazy long. Apparently six cruise ships came back the night before and everyone was flying home that Sunday. It was a good thing that I skipped breakfast. The first leg of the flight home was to Tampa. The plane was full. After Tampa we flew to Philadelphia, another full flight. Southwest must be making money. I haven’t flown on a Southwest flight that was not full in many years.

DS1 picked me up at the airport and we stopped at Tony Luke’s for a cheese steak before heading home. Sunday night we had a prime rib and potatoes dinner in honor of DS3’s getting ready to return to college. It also turns out that the brakes on front right of his car had malfunctioned during the preceding week and needed immediate work. Welcome home from vacation.. We dropped his car off Sunday night at the mechanics shop.

There you go. I spent 6 months planning that vacation and now its nothing but memories and about 5000 pictures.  Here are a few pictures with captions. Enjoy!


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