How did your Sunday go?..

Bamm!  Who needs Emeril?  Tonight’s blog comes to you from Weston, Florida.  We (DW, DS3 and I) are here on vacation. If you were 19 would you have wanted to go on vacation with your parents?  I’m not sure of the answer if I were asked that when I was 19. Those were different time.

The day started out at 4 am. Up and showered and out of the house by 4:45 am. It was really foggy in New Jersey and the general local area.  While driving west towards the airport in my silver van (252,353 miles) I was involved in a motor vehicle accident.  I was the fifth car in line getting ready to enter into the circle (roundabout) at Route 70 and Route 206. There were no cars coming north on 206 so the line of cars I was in heading west on Route 70 proceeded into the circle.

The rule in circles (at least in New Jersey) is that the vehicle in the circle has the right of way. When it was the car in front of me’s turn, a state trooper approached the circle from the south.  He was not yet in the circle. I saw the car in front of me slow down, I looked to my left, the trooper was just entering the circle, we still had the right away. I looked back forward and the car in front of me was stopped. Dead stopped. My old van does not have ABS and when I slammed on the brakes I slid into the back of the car that was stopped.  The air bags did not deploy, so the impact was less than 5 miles per hour.

Needless to say, the state trooper saw the whole thing. He had us drive off the circle into a business so that no more accidents would happen.  Behind me was DS3 driving his mothers van. He and her van are fine. It turns out that the person in front of me was a paramedic and stopped to give the trooper the right of way. He did not have his lights on nor was he in any hurry. I got a ticket for careless driving. The officer said that the women had the right of way but decided to let the trooper go first. I guess that may not have been the best decision. My van was un-drivable.  The hood, the radiator and the bumper were messed up.

I was able to make my flight in Philadelphia. I called my mechanic’s towing service and they towed the van to a local body shop. I guess on Monday or Tuesday I will find out what the cost of repair will be.  In retrospect I should have asked the trooper for a case number and the contact information  from the person I hit. I will be calling the insurance company tomorrow without any of this information. The other car had very minor damage to the rear bumper.

Now, we are in Florida. The sun sets here about an hour later than at home. We spend that hour in the pool playing frisbee and soaking in the hot tub.  

Me, the king of pictures, did not take nay pictures of my van this morning!  What was I thinking?  Here is a picture of DS3 and I at lunch in a pizzeria in Fort Lauderdale.  Enjoy!


2013-01-13 12.42.27