My ears are burning..

No, nobody is talking about me. Maybe though, the annual report said nearly 10,000 hits in 65 countries last year! Yikes! But really, a hat would have solved this problem before it ever happened.  On New Years Day I wrote about my DW deciding to do the Leslie Sansone Walk a Mile a Day for a Year Challenge. We walked Tuesday around the block and I took pictures of Christmas trees by the curb. Wednesday, yesterday,  my DW did her in the house walk to a walking tape before I got up. I guess she was motivated.  I walked my mile at lunch time, outdoors. It was 32 degrees with a wind chill in the mid 20’s. Yuck.  If it was easy everyone would start and continue with something like this.

Tonight, neither of us had walked yet. After our steak on the grill and salt potato dinner with a glass or two of wine, it was time to walk. We walked the steak bones over to a neighbor’s house who has two dogs. Nobody was home so the bones went in his trash can. We waked our mile. The temperature was 28 degrees when we got home. We stopped and talked with the “old man walking”. This old guy (80 years old), has been walking around the block for the last ten years at least.  We always wave and honk when we go by. He walks 3 miles in the morning, 2 miles at night and does 700 crunches a day. Does not drink nor smoke.  He sure must be healthy. He commented on my lack of a hat tonight.  Maybe tomorrow I will wear the hat.

Other news..  I got in my van at lunch time to go and get a hot dog with my coupon.  Right after I started the van, the low voltage light came on. That’s a bad sign. I decided to drive home at lunch time since after work I would need the headlights. Headlight plus a low voltage problem equals getting stuck somewhere. I made it home fine. The battery terminals had quite the corrosion on them. I removed the cables from the terminals, cleaned them with a wire brush and hooked the battery back up. Problem solved, for now. I think my three-year battery might be more than three years old.

I signed up with several of the “deal” websites looking for deals for when we are in Florida later in the month. Tonight’s picture is of one of those deals.  My question is What board certifies a psychic?  See the picture..  Enjoy!



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