Keeping it light and festive..

The dreaded end of the world failed to materialize yesterday.  Duh!  I was prepared for the current outcome having completed the necessary Christmas shopping and bill paying for the month.  We did go out to dinner Friday night to celebrate that last meal together.  DS1 was not available for this meal. He and his co-workers had their Christmas party Friday. I got the owner of the restaurant to take a picture of us. That picture will be below.  I worked from home Friday and my DW worked a half day since they did not have many cases.  Monday she is on call just in case there are cases that need to be done.

Friday while I working from home I looked up from my computer and saw some type of hawk sitting on the railing of the back deck. I shot a picture with my cell phone. I could not get the big camera out before the bird flew away. In the backyard near where the hawk was sitting, I had put out bird food which attracts the squirrels and small birds in the neighborhood. All looking for something to eat during the cold winter months. I don’t feed them in the spring, summer or fall figuring that they can find their own food. The hawk was looking for one of the small birds for his dinner.  Needless to say, the small birds and the squirrels where hiding while the hawk was in the back yard!

Today is Saturday, December 22, 2012. Just another Saturday here for us. We woke up this morning with all three kids asleep in our home. It’s a good feeling to look out the front window and see that all the cars are out front. Hey, you never know.  Food.. Breakfast was eggs, lunch was soup from COSTCO, dinner was cheeseburgers and cheese noodles. Yum! We also had fresh mozzarella – tomato – fresh basil.

I replaced my MR. Coffee espresso maker this week after I killed it. The coffee production had really slowed in the last week so I took upon myself to clean the machine. I inadvertently filled the machinery compartment with water, which basically killed the machine.  I went to Target to buy a new one and found a newer (cheaper) model. I brought this home and it did not work correctly. The seal between the coffee holder and the machine was poor and the pressure forced the water around the espresso holder. Total crap.  I took it back and no, I did not want to try a replacement, thank you. Stay away from MR Coffee model #ECMP55.

I bought this model from Amazon. The learning curve has been slight. The coffee, pretty good.  I’m happy in the morning again. 

Here are a few pictures from the last two days.  Enjoy!


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