Two car wrecks and a Buffett concert from 1977..

The Jimmy Buffett concert of the week this week is from Central Park, NYC recorded in early August, 1977. I was a sophomore in high school that year. I don’t remember the concert being advertised. But then I was only 16 years old. The concert can be heard several times this week by going to Radio Margaritaville on the internet. If you have a Sirius/XM radio, you can go to channel 24. It was fun to listen to an old concert on the radio tonight.

The two car wrecks, that is a different story altogether. Neither of them included anyone that I know (thankfully).  We (DS3 and I) saw the first wreck Monday night on the way home from lacrosse. We were driving home through the woods (and fog) when I saw several cars on the side of the road with their flashers on. I slowed down and moved to the middle of the two lane highway to avoid whatever was going on. As we went by we saw a small car on its side wedged up against a roadside billboard.  There were cars and people everywhere. The cars were sitting, the people were just standing around, talking. No police, fire, EMS or tow trucks. We drove 5 minutes further east and never saw any emergency vehicles.

The second wreck was a two car deal on the GSP near MM 96 northbound this morning.  Traffic was backed up for ten miles while the tow trucks and state police sorted things out. Funny thing about this morning, I left home ten minutes early (don’t know why) and got to work 30 minutes late.  I still beat most of the people I work with to the office.

Tonight was the last night of adult school yoga for the year. We start-up again in February or March.  We (DW and I) both enjoyed tonight’s class even though the library where class is held was a little warm.

Pictures, two from the summer.  Enjoy!


IMG_0002 IMG_0011