Post Number 500..

Bamm, just like that. 500 posts. This one took four days to write.  Working from where we left off, life has been a little hectic.  Friday was my last vacation day for 2012. The company where I work, you either use your vacation days or loose them. No buy backs or carry over from year to year.  And, only a true dunce would let vacation days “expire”.  What did I do on my December vacation? Well, I did chores around the house. I got my hair cut. And my employer sponsored Christmas party was held.  The party was held at the Shipwreck Grill in Belmar, NJ.  The have great seafood and steaks. I had oysters for my appetizer and filet mignon and sea scallops for dinner. Yum!!  Friday evening while I was out, DS2 returned from college for his Christmas break.

Saturday was also a busy day doing various chores and shopping. DS3 came home in the afternoon from college for his Christmas break. Saturday morning I cut the base off the Christmas tree and brought it in the house. A bonus of having a son in the tree business?  Why, a huge tree that was free!  This Christmas tree is the hugest, fullest, tree we have ever had.  My DW, DS2 and DS3 did a great job putting the ornaments on the tree after I strung up the lights.  Saturday night there we no leftovers from dinner. This is the first time since back in August when the two younger boys went away to school. Saturday night DS1 went to Atlantic City to attend the birthday party of one of his friends.  He was not the designated driver!

Sunday, started off slow. I made breakfast for the family. We figured out that DS1 came home early Sunday morning instead of staying in Atlantic City. His designated driver was not feeling well and want to go home. DS1 was under the weather until well into the afternoon. DS2 went grocery shopping with us. This in interesting in that he worked the last three summers in the deli located in a supermarket. He went cold cut shopping with me. I got to hear a few deli “horror stories” while we waited for our food. Dinner Sunday night was flounder and lobster francese. Again, no leftovers!

Monday (today), was a grey, Scranton – like day. I worked in the office. DS1 went to work. My DW went to work. DS2 and DS3 enjoyed their time off. Tonight DS3 and I went to play lacrosse in Robbinsville.  DS3 had two goals. I had two assists and no goals. One of DS3’s goals was on a pass from me! Pretty sweet. There were quite a few college kids there tonight. I stopped playing at 9 pm. The college kids and some of the adults continued to play until 10 pm. I was having trouble seeing the ball and the college kids were throwing the passes much quicker than I could catch them. My DW went to yoga tonight.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!




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