Easy money..

The mail came over the weekend while we were away in Scranton.  The mail consisted of  the usual collection of bills and advertisements. It’s probably a good thing that Christmas time and the election season are not at the same time. Can you imagine how much crap you would get in your mailbox if the politicians were competing with Christmas for our attention?

Mixed in with the Christmas cards was my check from the county for working the election! That helps pay for Saturday night’s extravagance with the boys and their friends. The other “windfall” was a card from the lady who lives behind us. You might remember her as the person (or someone in her house), that called the town on me to get me to clean up a tree that fell from another neighbors yard, into my yard, into her yard and taking out part of her fence. I rented a chainsaw and cleaned up the mess. My DW helped me put the fence back together. During this work in her yard, “grandma” chatted me up quite a bit.

In her card were two – twenty-dollar bills!  Found money, baby!  I still wish that they had handled their concerns differently. Whatever. I spent the 40 dollars on lacrosse tonight. DS1 came to lacrosse to play with us in probably the first time in over a year. I was on attack and he was on defense, different teams. There was part of the game where he was covering me. Maybe he choose to cover me when he needed a break!  I had fun. It is always fun to play lacrosse with my boys. I did not have any goals or assists tonight. I did have two shots, both went wide.

The Scranton boys are prepping for finals this week. One will be home Friday night, the other on Saturday.   Friday night at dinner, DS2, DS3 and I decided not to share our moustaches until Christmas.  My DW asked me at dinner tonight about the scruff under my nose. DS2 has a decided head start since he has not shaved his moustache in over a year. DS3, dude, are you still in?  I asked DS1 tonight during a lull in the action if he was interested. He said no, he can’t grow a moustache.

Pictures tonight, I took none of them.  All of these came from DS2’s Face Book page.  Share and share alike!  Enjoy!


brian_1 brian_4 brian_3 brian_2

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